The Etteilla Tarot: Wands Meanings

Compared to the RWS interpretation, the Wands suit is where you will find the most variation. In general, Wands are said by Etteilla readers to symbolise stresses; Wands and Swords are mostly negative and Cups and Pentacles are mainly positive. Keep these differences in mind when you are learning the interpretations for the Etteilla Wands.

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    How to read the Wands in a Grand Etteilla Tarot card deck! Also known as the Book of Thoth. Post includes all of the upright and reversal Wands interpretations and is suitable for beginner and experienced Tarot card readers

Ace of Wands

Unfortunately, the Ace of Wands is a highly negative card in the Etteilla method of reading Tarot. It will signal which do not work out well at all. Great misfortune and loss will be experienced.

Reversed, all is not as it seems in the seeker’s life. The seeker may be rushing into things before they check the facts. If the seeker wishes to avoid any ill fortune, it is best they seek the assistance of other people; they should not attempt anything on their own.

2 of Wands

In the Etteilla method, the 2 of Wands can signal heartbreak. The seeker will most likely suffer depression because of this. However, they will make the situation worse by blaming others for their predicament instead of taking full responsibility for where they have gone wrong.

Reversed, an ex-lover or long lost family member will make a reappearance in the seeker’s life. Happiness and euphoria will be experienced.

3 of Wands

Usually, this card is indicative of a new business or endeavor. Success is guaranteed if the seeker works hard to make their plans a reality. Working with others will be the best way the seeker can achieve their goals.

Reversed signals an increase in the financial sense; money in the bank. In the seeker’s life, there will be progress, less stress and more emotional satisfaction. The seeker may find themselves working with others who are on the same page.

4 of Wands

In the Etteilla method, this card signals a period of socialization and meeting other people. It is a good omen for any endeavor. The seeker will be viewed positively by those around them. A sense of community will not go unnoticed by the seeker.

Reversed, there will be success after much hard work and recognition by peers. The seeker can expect an increase in all that is satisfactory: love, money and happiness.

5 of Wands

With this card, there will be investments into what the seeker wants to achieve. The investment could be financial or in the form of time. At this period, the seeker can expect to take significant risks which may or may not pay off.

When reversed the seeker’s hopes and dreams will be dashed. There will be the end of something which was once essential to the seeker. Usually, this card reversed also signals conflicts.

6 of Wands

The 6 of Wands represents the home and all of the comfort it brings. There will be an increase in responsibility and sense of responsibility. The focus will be on family, thoughts about the future and all that entails.

When reversed there will be great rewards if the seeker puts the effort into what they are trying to accomplish. However, there could also be significant failures if the seeker does not invest in pulling off what they start. In general, this card spells fantasies of a better life.

7 of Wands

This card, represents a change in circumstances, usually for the better and most likely related to the seeker’s career. They can expect an increase of influence and possible rise of social status.

When reversed, the seeker will be indecisive about what they want. Different areas of the seeker’s life will be on shaky ground.

8 of Wands

In the Etteilla method of reading Tarot, the 8 of Wands represents success and pleasure from the good things in life. There will be a beginning of new endeavors or a new spark in old ones. The seeker can expect trips to the country. This card is a good indicator of marriages, homes and children.

Reversed this card represents the need or drive to right a wrong. There will be insecurities on behalf of the seeker. They can expect a time of emotional upset.

9 of Wands

There will be delays and setbacks which were not accounted for. Ill fortune in many areas of the seeker’s life. Traditionally, this card is associated with natural disasters and severe weather.

Reversed indicates there will be setbacks which are out of the seeker’s control. Goals will not be realized.

10 of Wands

In general, this card is negative. The seeker will be the victim of malice, slander and cannot trust those around them. Deceitful was by those they have trusted is inevitable. Enemies have made plans to ruin them; they should remain vigilant.

Reversed this card is also negative. This is not the right time for achievements; more hard work is needed. Success is a possibility in the future but not at this time.

Page of Wands

Upright, the page of wands represents a young person who is in search of something. Usually, they are looking for a relationship or a job.

Reversed, the Page is somehow trying to interfere with the seeker’s plans in some way. This Court in this position can represent a love rival.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands represents a person delivering news or information to the seeker in the Etteilla method of reading Tarot. Typically, this person will be a friend or relative.

Reversed, this card speaks of gossip about the seeker which is being spread by the Knight. In this case, the gossip will cause problems between friends and relatives.

Queen of Wands

The Queen represents an important woman in the seeker’s life, typically, a mother, wife, girlfriend,etc. This lady is said to be understanding of the seeker’s actions. She is said to be a right alley.

Reversed, this card speaks of a popular female friend who is well liked in the community.

King of Wands

A man with power and influence offers advice to the seeker. The King will be a good alley that the seeker has on their side. Also, they will help the seeker with their words.

When reversed, the King will help with their wallet; the seeker can expect to gain financial aid from the King.

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 Illustration: This post explains how to read the Grand Etteilla Tarot Wands, one of the most ancient and vintage types of Tarot deck in the world. The cards have minimal style illustrations compared to other Tarot art. Here, you can learn the meanings for these cards, which differ from the modern Raider Waite Smith style of reading. This article explains.  

Illustration: This post explains how to read the Grand Etteilla Tarot Wands, one of the most ancient and vintage types of Tarot deck in the world. The cards have minimal style illustrations compared to other Tarot art. Here, you can learn the meanings for these cards, which differ from the modern Raider Waite Smith style of reading. This article explains.