The Etteilla Tarot: Coins Meanings

In modern times, Tarot reader often give the Pentacles suit a bad name; it is associated with money, earthy possessions and, sometimes, greed. However, back in the times of Etteilla, the Pentacles were considered the most luckiest suit. The Ace of Coins in the Etteilla system is actually the most fortunate card to receive for a reading. Some of the Pentacles vary wildly from modern interpretations but some have remained unchanged which is good if you are just starting your Etteilla journey.

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    How to read the Coins aka Pentacles in a Grand Etteilla Tarot card deck! Also known as the Book of Thoth. Post includes all of the upright and reversal Coins aka Pentacles interpretations and is suitable for beginner and experienced Tarot card readers!

Ace of Coins

The Ace of Coins (or Pentacles) is said to be the best card in the pack by Etteilla readers. Happiness, love success and all things positive are indicated. Some readers say the appearance of the Ace, can override other negative cards in a spread depending on the positioning of other cards.

Reversed, The Ace of Coins is still positive. The seeker can expect substantial financial increases. Problems will begin to fade.

2 of Coins

The two of Coins predicts embarrassment. Quarrels with others will create obstacles. The seeker can expect inconveniences and niggling stresses. Things could be worst, but they could be better.

Reversed, the seeker can expect news out of the blue, traditionally, in the form of a letter. This news will be from an unexpected source.

3 of Coins

The seeker can expect to meet an important, well-known person. They will find themselves rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. These individuals will have an influence on the seeker’s life in some way.

Reversed symbolises that the seeker is irritating those around them. The seeker will come across as annoying and immature to others; an increase in maturity is needed.

4 of Coins

The seeker can expect new opportunities which may result in positive or negative consequences: this depends on surrounding cards. Also, a traditional interpretation predicts the seeker will receive gifts.

Reversed, the seeker can expect setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances which are out of the seeker’s control. Delays should be prepared for in advanced. There will be a decrease in energy and zaz around this time.

5 of Coins

The 5 of Coins indicates a husband, wife, lover, etc. it is said to be the card of love. Kindness, peace and contentment in relationships. Surrounding cards give clues as to the relevance to the reading.

Reversed the seeker will have an inability to move forward. They will have difficulty defining what they want. The seeker may find that their enthusiasm for their aspects of their life has faded and this is the source of their unhappiness. New interests are needed.

6 of Coins

The 6 of Coins is a card which is concerned about the future. Seeker is too concerned about what will be instead of being present. The seeker should live for now not the future.

Reversed predicts that the seeker will set high goals and try hard to achieve them. For the best result, the seeker should be mindful not to get swept away by fantasy, stay grounded!

7 of Coins

In the Etteilla system, the 7 of Pentacles spells financial troubles. Money will be borrowed and sacrifices made. Personal relationships will be affected by outside pressure and money.

When reversed, financial worries will be greater than when the card appears upright. The seeker can expect problems with borrowing and spending.

8 of Coins

The seeker can expect someone new coming into their life with this card in a reading. Usually, this person is a dark haired female. They will indulge the seeker or who the seeker will take under their wing and offer them guidance.

Reversed, this card represents someone who is unwilling to spend. This person may be the seeker or someone who is involved with them in some way. Lack of generosity can be expected.

9 of Coins

The 9 of Coins in the Etteilla system is similar to other systems in the sense it represents the rewards of hard work. The beginning of a business or new hobby which will pay off in the future is also a probable interpretation. There will be good news for relationships also; they will be harmonies. Overall, it’s a good card to get.

When reversed the seeker should watch for deception and possible fraud. They may have loaned money to a friend or family member which they will not get back. In general, the seeker is to keep associates at arms length

10 of Coins

Generally, the 10 of Coins is a good omen in the Etteilla system. However, its relevance depends on surrounding cards. This card represents the state of the seeker’s house and home.

Reversed, this card predicts success, good luck and contentment. It is possible that this gain will affect a family for generations. The seeker can expect fortune with this card.

Page of Coins

The Page of Coins represents student in the seeker’s life (or a person of interests life). The Page will be developing their life in some way through either school, work or business.

The Page will have lost opportunities when reversed. The card in this position symbolizes financial problems and dreams dashed for the Page.

Knight of Coins

The Knight of Coins represents a man who is willing to help. He has the best interests of the seeker at heart. Most likely he is a friend.

Reversed, the Knight represents an end of friendship with him. In this case, the Knight cannot be relied on; the seeker can expect to be let down.

Queen of Coins

The Queen represents a woman who has high social status and (possibly) money. She will be extremely confident. Her appearance in a reading will signal that she is offering someone assistance.

When reversed, the Queen will be a woman who lacks confidence. She will do things which are morally questionable and will not be a good influence on the seeker.

King of Coins

The King of Coins represents a man of money or science. He may be a banker, a doctor, he may be anyone who has either good financial resources or influence. The appearance of this card signals that the seeker (or person of interest) will receive some support from the

When reversed typically, this is financial but may be otherwise. When reversed, the above applies but the King is a bad influence in some way. The seeker should try to distance themselves from the King.

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 Illustration: This post explains how to read the Grand Etteilla Tarot Coins or Pentacles, one of the most ancient and vintage types of Tarot deck in the world. The cards have minimal style illustrations compared to other Tarot art. Here, you can learn the meanings for these cards, which differ from the modern Raider Waite Smith style of reading. This article explains.  

Illustration: This post explains how to read the Grand Etteilla Tarot Coins or Pentacles, one of the most ancient and vintage types of Tarot deck in the world. The cards have minimal style illustrations compared to other Tarot art. Here, you can learn the meanings for these cards, which differ from the modern Raider Waite Smith style of reading. This article explains.