Lenormand 3x3 Spreads

For this post, we’re going to look at 3×3 Lenormand squares! These squares, I believe, are the best way to get answers when you ask a specific question. It will involve everything we have learned so far in previous posts and also some techniques such as mirroring and the role of significators which we have not yet covered. Firstly, let’s look at signifiers as this is a good place to start.

 3X3 spreads are not too complicated like grand tableaus but can give you a bit more detail compared to a string spread. As long as you know the meanings, you can do this layout (and this post includes a free PDF cheatsheets to help you)


Anyone who knows my style of readings knows that when using Tarot, I tend not to use Tarot significators too much as I save them for spreads which require them only such as The Celtic Cross. However, in Lenormand, I believe that significators are essential, especially in 3×3 Squares and in Grand Tableau Readings.

Using significators in Lenormand is easy. All you do in 3×3 Squares is place the significator in the middle of the square (other readers may do it differently). The significator you use is based on the thing you want an overview about and is pretty straight forward. Here are some examples to give you an idea:

A question about love: the heart card is used.

A question about finances: the fish card is used.

A question about career: the fox is used.

A question about a woman: the lady is used.

It really is that straight forward. Now let’s look at mirroring.


Mirroring is a technique which is used to get more information out of a spread. To find out what cards mirror a particular card, you just have to look at a card directly opposite the one of interest. For example, in a reading where you get

key – house – rider, the key would mirror the rider, and you can read these as a pair.

In 3×3 squares, you can use mirroring to get more detail in your Lenormand reading (which is always a bonus). 

Now that the basics are covered, below I will now show you how to perform a 3×3 square reading in a question which involves my volunteer seekers potential boyfriend.

Choosing A Significator

In this reading, the seeker wants to know if a particular man would make a good mate. Some would use the heart card to signify the relationship but seen as this question is just related to the man I’m keen to just use the Gentleman card as my significator. If it was a question which involved them both “how can we make our relationship improve” then I would use the heart.

I located the Gentleman card and placed it to one side. I shuffled the cards as normal (I always shuffle the seeker's cards). With the significator pre-placed in the middle (the significator is always placed in the middle). I got this:  

Notes on Placement

I always place cards from left to right, top to bottom. I understand that others may place theirs top to bottom then left to right or even just randomly. Anyway is perfectly expectable; there is no right way. The main secret to being a good fortune teller isn’t really a secret; it is just that you do things in your own way and own style. As long as the reading speaks to you, this is fine.

The Interpretation

I’m going to show how we can get different interpretations from the different rows and columns. I will give a couple of examples on how mirroring works also.


(CrossChildClover): Firstly I would point out that this male carries significant burdens from his childhood (Cross – Child). I would say though that in recent years, this is something which luckily he has improved on (Clover).

(StorkGentlemanMice) Being directly next to the Gentleman signifier, I would argue that Stork and Mice (as well as Ring and Child) are the things about this man which are either most important or obvious on first meetings of this man. I would say that family and travel (Stork) are of utmost importance to this man. He probably has family spread across a large distance. However, this man has problems in his family. He probably has relationships with his relatives which have deteriorated over time (Mice). This will be obvious in the first couple of meetings with this man; it bothers him enough to bring it up and causes him stress. If this is significant enough to come up in a reading, chances are the seeker may find herself involved in future family disagreements.

(BouquetRingHeart) Luckily for the seeker, this man is the romantic type. He will be the dates and flowers type. He will also appreciate (Bouquet) a commitment from the seeker (Ring) which is the key to his heart (Heart).


(Cross – Stork – Bouquet): Again, the man carries burdens from his past which are related to his family but lately he is dealing with this. However, because of his past, he likes to be made to feel important in a relationship. This is achieved by a woman doing little things to show her appreciation for him (Bouquet).

Also in relationships, the man is the type of person to sacrifice his own happiness in order to make a potential lover happy (cross mirrors the bouquet).

(Child – Gentleman – Ring) As with the Stork and Mice, the Child and Ring reflect what is apparent from this man during first meetings. The seeker may have his own child from a previous relationship (the seeker confirms he does). The man is committed to his relationship with his child (Child – Ring). In relationships, he probably expects this woman to be committed to his child also.

(Clover – Mice – Love) Luckily we’ve saved the most difficult interpretation for last. Because of the Clover and Mice, I will argue that the seeker and the man have already had a previous relationship as friends which have developed into something more with time (Heart). The seeker confirms this, though she says that she always wanted more from him but until recently he was reluctant. However, the seeker doesn’t realize that this has worked in their favor (Clover). I informed the seeker that without the friendship base and without knowing her better, the relationship might not have developed at all. I tied this in with the rest of the reading by guessing that his reluctance to jump into a relationship with a stranger is probably due to family issues. Because Clover mirrors the Heart card, for now, the future looks promising for the couple.

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Cards used in the header of this article is The Tattoo Lenormand. Cards in the body of the post are cards which I designed.