Lenormand Bear Meaning and Combinations

15. Bear

Keywords: Authority figures, bosses, parents, personal finances, strength, power, heavy, lifestyle, force, bears or places where bears are common.

General Bear Meaning

There are several interpretations the Bear card can take for your seeker (the person getting the reading). The Bear can either be an authority figure, your seeker’s physical fitness or even their personal finances. The meaning of Bear is mostly dependant on your seeker’s question or cards it is combined with but don’t worry you will know the right definition to use when you see it!

It is typical for Bear to be a female authority figure. However, I do not really like this interpretation because I think of males as being Bears. None the less, there has been the odd time I have used this meaning with success so possibilities shouldn’t be written off. In general, I read the Bear to represent any authority figures, not just females. If your seeker has a male boss, they will appear as a Bear.

Sometimes personal finances will manifest as the Bear. If your seeker is in business, you can take Bear to be the money in their current account and Fish to symbolize money in their business bank account. 

Some readers read the Bear as representing lifestyle. If your seeker is making changes to their health and fitness and has recently signed up for a gym membership, the Bear will appear. This card can also serve as a warning for them to take better care of their health.

As with all Lenormand cards, Bear has a literal interpretation which is that of a real life bear. In addition to this, you can also read the card as signaling places where bears are common. As a matter of fact, I once saw the Bear as representing Canada when a client of mine emigrated there.

Specific Bear Meanings

Love Meaning: I have found that Bear can mark the interference of family members in a seeker’s relationship. 

Career Meaning: Bear can symbolize your seeker’s boss and the impact they have on the seeker’s life.

Business Meaning: Bear (and what is combined with it) can show how your client acts as an authority figure in their business. Other times, Bear will be the effect the business has on your seeker’s personal finances. 

Positive: For positive readings, Bear will represent authority figures who are a favorable influence on the seeker.

Negative: For negative readings, Bear will represent authority figures who are a bad influence on the seeker.

Bear Combinations

Bear + Rider: Arrival of a new authority figure

Bear + Clover: An authority figure grants the seeker luck

Bear + Ship: Foreign bosses

Bear + Home: The seeker's parents, the seeker as parents

Bear + Tree: The head of a family, the seeker's ancestors

Bear + Clouds: Powerful confusion

Bear + Snake: A strong enemy

Bear + Coffin: An unhealthy lifestyle

Bear + Bouquet: Gift for a teacher, parents etc.

Bear + Scythe: A boss's death

Bear + Whip: Arguments among authority figures

Bear + Birds: Small chit chat with authority figures, lunch with the boss etc.

Bear + Child: An elder's child (such as an aunt, uncle etc.).

Bear + Fox: A job in the health and fitness industry

Bear + Stars: A promotion

Bear + Stork: An authority becomes pregnant

Bear + Dog: A powerful ally

Bear + Tower: Heads of state, kings and queens

Bear + Garden: Rubbing shoulders with important people

Bear + Mountain: Lifestyle becomes a problem

Bear + Ways: Authorities make choices

Bear + Mice: Health scares serve as powerful motivators for fitness

Bear + Heart: Heart health, cholesterol levels

Bear + Ring: Commitment to a healthy lifestyle

Bear + Book: A secret authority (such as a secret shopper)

Bear + Letter: Signing contracts, partnering with powerful people

Bear + Man: A strong man

Bear + Woman: A health conscious woman

Bear + Lily: An older man with influence

Bear + Sun: Rising above peers

Bear + Moon: A reputation for hard work

Bear + Key: An important matter, person or influence

Bear + Fish: Money from parents

Bear + Anchor: Stable influence

Bear + Cross: Too overweight

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Lisa Boswell is an award-winning psychic reading teacher who currently resides in Scotland. Through her website DivinationAndFortuneTelling.com she teaches both experienced and would be diviners how they can predict the future. 

Born into a Romany Gypsy family of fortune tellers, Lisa has had an active interest in the occult from a young age. She specialises in teaching predictive divination, easy mediumship and fortune-telling. Learn more here


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    Art Illustrations: Lenormand Bear combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Bear combinations.

Art Illustrations: Lenormand Bear combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Bear combinations.