Lenormand Garden Meaning and Combinations

20. Garden

Keywords: Parties, barbeques, socialising, your circle, the public, meetings, networking, society, actual gardens, gardening.

General Garden Meaning

Garden is a nice, fun card which can take on several different meanings. Whichever interpretation you use depends entirely on the context of the question, or what House Garden falls into in a Grand Tableau.

In general, Garden represents your client’s social circle and who they hang around with. While Dog is concerned with their friends, their social class, acquaintances and peers are represented by The Garden card. In fact, society, in general, can appear as Garden.

It is rather common for Garden to symbolize parties, barbecues, and get-togethers. Sometimes, these rendezvous will be in real life gardens but they can also be in clubs, pubs, anywhere your seeker frequents.

Another, similar interpretation for Gardens is that it represents meetings and networking. If your seeker is in any social clubs or societies, these will appear as Garden. Even groups online can be represented by Gardens.

In literal readings, Gardens will be real life gardens. If your seeker has a particular talent or need for gardening, then gardening as a pastime is a sensible interpretation. 

Specific Garden Meanings

Love Meaning: If your seeker is in a relationship, then Garden can be the company they keep and who they socialize with as a couple. If your seeker is single, then Garden advises they get out more and meet new people (they may meet their next lover at a social event).    

Career Meaning: In career readings, Garden stresses the importance of social connections to your seeker’s job.

Business Meaning: In a business reading, Garden represents a need to network.

Positive: In a nice reading, your seeker will enjoy networking and meeting new people, if the Garden card comes up. 

Negative: In a negative reading, Garden can mean that your seeker finds socializing is a burden to them.

Garden Combinations

Garden + Rider: Arrival of guests

Garden + Clover: A literal garden

Garden + Ship: A boat party

Garden + Home: Your seeker’s garden

Garden + Tree: Growing trees

Garden + Clouds: Bad weather during a barbeque

Garden + Snake: A snake in the grass (someone who is close)

Garden + Coffin: The end of a party

Garden + Bouquet: Pruning flowers

Garden + Scythe: An accident at a party

Garden + Whip: Strife among friends

Garden + Birds: Social media groups

Garden + Child: A mommy/daddy/ group

Garden + Fox: A liar in your seeker’s social circle

Garden + Bear: A weightloss group

Garden + Stars: Networking with important people

Garden + Stork: Change of social circle

Garden + Dog: Close friends, family friends

Garden + Tower: Change of social status

Garden + Mountain: Problems with public image

Garden + Ways: Decisions about gardens

Garden + Mice: Mice or rats in the garden

Garden + Heart: Meeting a lover at a party

Garden + Ring: Commitment to a party

Garden + Book: A book club

Garden + Letter: An invite to a party

Garden + Man: A public man

Garden + Woman: A social woman

Garden + Lily: An older man who gardens

Garden + Sun: A party outside

Garden + Moon: Female friends

Garden + Key: A key in the garden

Garden + Fish: Networking for business

Garden + Anchor: Security is found in their social standing

Garden + Cross: Social circles which cause burdens

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    Art Illustrations: Lenormand Garden combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Gardens combinations.

Art Illustrations: Lenormand Garden combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Gardens combinations.