Lenormand Moon Meaning and Combinations

32. Moon

Keywords: Recognition, reputation, cycles, emotions, psychic ability, intuition, magic, creativity, the moon, the ocean.

General Moon Meaning

Moon is not unlike The Moon in Tarot in the sense that some of the ‘psychic’ interpretations are similar. However, try not to fall into the habit of using The Tarot Moon interpretation all of the time: this is Lenormand! The Lenormand Moon has some kind of cool meanings which I have found to be both reliable and accurate so do not abandon them.

Often, this card speaks of any recognition you will receive and also symbolises your reputation. Think of how The card Moon shines the spotlight in the dark. How other people view you will be relevant when Moon appears. Whether you have built up a positive reputation or a negative one is dependent on context and the cards the Moon is combined with.

Apparently, Moon can symbolize your psychic ability, intuition and similar jazz. Around the world, the moon is associated with females, emotions, and hormones because of its 28-day cycle. In fact, things which come and go and happen in cycles is a common interpretation for the Moon card. As the ocean washes in and out, you can read this card this way. (Check out this post for more on Moon symbolism)

Sometimes, this card can represent your feelings. If you know something is not quite right due to your woman’s intuition, then expect the moon in your reading.

Specific Moon Meanings

Love Meaning: In love readings, Moon can represent the wants of the females in a relationship. Sometimes, it can reflect how society perceives the partnership. If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, these emotions can manifest as Moon.

Career Meaning: Sometimes, the Moon card can mean that your job is in a traditional ‘female’ occupation or that you deal a lot of women customers. Alternatively, you will have to use your intuition to navigate the workplace.   

Business Meaning: Moon usually comes up in business readings because it speaks of your reputation and the name you have for yourself. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is dependent entirely on context.   

Positive: The Moon can symbolise being well-known for good things. This card can also mean that you will put your creativity and psychic abilities to good use.  

Negative: The Moon appears as a negative when you are well-known for negative things. You may be associated with something you would rather not be. Sometimes, it can mean that you use your psychic ability or, even, magic for evil means.   

Moon Combinations

Moon + Rider: Recognition approaching

Moon + Clover: Positive reputation

Moon + Ship: A boat

Moon + Home: A psychic family

Moon + Tree: Hormones

Moon + Clouds: Confusing emotions

Moon + Snake: Suspicion

Moon + Coffin: Hormonal trouble

Moon + Bouquet: The gift of psychic ability

Moon + Scythe: Magic/intuition used for evil

Moon + Whip: A period

Moon + Birds: A lesbian couple

Moon + Child: A female child

Moon + Fox: Creativity

Moon + Bear: Strong emotions

Moon + Stars: Fame, celebrity status

Moon + Stork: Psychic development

Moon + Dog: A pet fish

Moon + Tower: Standing out, being recognized 

Moon + Garden: Recognition out in public

Moon + Mountain: Being known for something long term

Moon + Ways: Using intuition to make decisions

Moon + Mice: Stressful cycles, menstrual problems

Moon + Heart: Love of the psychic world

Moon + Ring: Commitment to intuitive development

Moon + Book: A spiritual book

Moon + Letter: Psychic messages

Moon + Man: A famous man

Moon + Woman: A psychic woman

Moon + Lily: The menopause

Moon + Sun: Great achievements, incredible success

Moon + Key: An important opportunity

Moon + Fish: Creative business

Moon + Anchor: The ocean

Moon + Cross: Mainstream spirituality

Tired of spending your life Googling Lenormand card combinations? Then feel free to download the Lenormand Card Combinations PDF Guide below! It’s, fun, it’s free and instantly downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer!

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    Art Illustrations: Lenormand Moon combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Moon combinations.

Art Illustrations: Lenormand Moon combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Moon combinations.