Lenormand Whip Meaning and Combinations

11. Whip

Keywords: Things which happen repeatedly, pain, arguments, strife, discord, abuse, physical, sports, whips.

General Whip Meaning

One of the main things Whip represents is things which happen repeatedly. That toxic relationship your seeker keeps going back to? That bad habit they just can’t kick? That job they leave and then return to? All of these situation harbor the energy of the Whip.

Sometimes, this card can be marvelous because it can mean that something will repeat for the better. Some people may receive the Whip when they get their luck coming in threes. As with all cards, the interpretation is highly dependent on context.

In general, the Whip card is sinister. It often appears as physical pain, not to mention emotional discomfort from arguments and strife with loved ones. If your seeker is experiencing discord at home, they will more than likely pull the Whip.

The Whip can take on a sporty meaning: it predicts sports, competition, and showmanship. Even less frequently (but still possible) Whip can be a literal whip. Is your seeker into 50 shades? That Whip knows their erotic tendencies!

Specific Whip Meanings

Love Meaning: Whip can mean that your seeker suffers abuse in their relationship. For single seeker’s, Whip will embody the fact that they keep choosing the same type of person for relationships. 

Career Meaning: Whip can represent competitiveness at work or will signal the fact that their job is labor intensive.      

Business Meaning: In a business reading, Whip can express a resentment the seeker has towards their business. Sometimes, it can mean that they keep making errors which are not resulting in growth.  

Positive: In a positive reading, Whip will symbolize strokes of luck. 

Negative: For more morbid readings, Whip means that your seeker will be either emotional or physical pain. 

Whip Combinations

Whip + Rider: News from an estranged person

Whip + Clover: Strokes of luck, such as luck in 3's

Whip + Ship: Disagreements over travel plans

Whip + Home: Discord at home

Whip + Tree: Abuse in a family

Whip + Clouds: A conflict which causes confusion

Whip + Snake: Arguments with enemies

Whip + Coffin: Conflict laid to rest

Whip + Bouquet: Gifts given repeatedly

Whip + Scythe: Serious psychical abuse

Whip + Birds: Arguments on social networking websites

Whip + Child: Child abuse

Whip + Fox: Psychological abuse, a sociopath

Whip + Bear: Abuse of power

Whip + Stars: An abundance of opportunities

Whip + Stork: Contractions

Whip + Dog: A trainer

Whip + Tower: A gym membership

Whip + Heart: Abuse of a partner

Whip + Ring: Physical commitments

Whip + Book: Secret conflicts

Whip + Letter: A fitness plan

Whip + Man: An argumentative man

Whip + Woman: An abusive woman

Whip + Lily: Sexual abuse, sex as a weapon

Whip + Sun: Repeated accomplishments

Whip + Moon: Consecutive awards, recognition etc.

Whip + Key: Significant abuse

Whip + Fish: Multiple income streams

Whip + Anchor: Consistent arguments

Whip + Cross: Physical pain

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    Art Illustrations: Lenormand Whip combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Whip combinations.

Art Illustrations: Lenormand Whip combination cheat sheet for beginners. Can be used with any card deck and as a reference for when you're learning the meanings and as a reference if you're still coming up with your own Whip combinations.