Why your Divination isn't Working

Why your method of divination or fortune telling isnt working and you cannot predict the future. Why is your Tarot or lenormand cards not giving you answers? Why are you finding astrology difficult? How can you give better readings? 

Why your method of divination or fortune telling isnt working and you cannot predict the future. Why is your Tarot or lenormand cards not giving you answers? Why are you finding astrology difficult? How can you give better readings? This post explains

Despite the fact I have practiced Divination nearly my entire life, I haven’t always been good at it. Divination is a skill which you must constantly level up and improve on, otherwise you can fall short. The expert or would-be expert diviner must always be adapting, always pushing to do better.

Unlike other types of skills, the ability to divine is something which can come and go for no obvious reason. There has been times when I have ‘lost’ my ability to practice a particular method of divination, seemly overnight.

About 4 years ago, after 15 of years of practice, I randomly lost my ability to read Tarot. The worst part was, I realised while I was at a paying client’s house performing a reading. I knew the meanings of the card, but they stopped speaking to me and I couldn’t nail the reading. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

At the time, I didn’t know what it was which caused me to loose my reading capability but it scared the shit out of me. Not only was I freaked out but I lived with both the fear and shame of having lost my abilities.

If you have been reading for a long time, or you’re a professional, you may not want to go posting around Facebook groups for help. Or if you’re brand new you might not understand why a method of divination isn’t gelling with you and not know where you can turn for help.

Don’t fear, I have some tips for what you can do if a method of divination isn’t working for you. Get divining and give these a bash!

The Method of Divination isn’t Right for you

Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to be able to practice every method of divination. There will be some types of fortune-telling you will rock and others which will not even let you get your foot in the door.

If you’re a newbie to a type of reading and feel blocked every time you sit at your reading table, then it could be a sign that the type of divination you’re trying to master isn’t right for you.

I truly believe that everyone can perform divination. However, because we all think differently, have separate talents and abilities, not everyone can do every type fortune-telling. You may find you’re practically amazing at astrology but suck at Tarot.

So, what should you do? In these situations, I recommend you stick with your chosen method for a little while. However, if you’re finding you’re not making progress, then it may be time to move on to another method more fitting for your personal talents. Don’t worry, there are literally hundreds of methods of divination, you’re sure to find a good half dozen you’re killer at.  

It’s Time to Move on to a New Method of Divination

Believe it or not, this is what happened to me. I truly believe I was blocked from reading Tarot because I was destined to learn Lenormand.     

Not long after the incident where I forgot how to read Tarot, I was scheduled for a job interview at a psychic shop. Part of the interview involved reading the owner. I. Was. Shitting. Myself.

Knowing fine well I couldn’t read Tarot anymore, I mentally began to go through the other methods of divination I knew but, to be honest, I felt kind of blocked with them as well. So here I was, about to be tested and had no clue what the hell I was doing.

Two days before the interview, I hit Google. I was on Wikipedia looking up methods of divination I could quickly learn and perform for the meeting. Sacrificing goats for their liver or setting bon fires was out of the question. One by one, I crossed each method off my list. Time slipped away.

As luck would have it, I was addicted to Facebook groups at the time. Trying to escape my problems, I was in some spiritual development group where a couple of German born American readers were talking about Lenormand. Up until this point, I never heard of Lenormand, it didn’t even appear on my extensive Wikipedia search (which was a big thing because, back then, Wikipedia was life).

Seeing the crazy amounts of detail which readers could get from Lenormand influenced me enough to learn before the interview. Believe it or not, the method clicked into place so easily for me, I mastered the system in 2 days. AND I got the job. Not long after this incident, my ability to read with Tarot magically came back.

If, almost overnight, you begin to struggle with a method of divination, you could be in a similar situation to the one I was in. Perhaps your spirits, the universe etc. is pushing you towards mastering a new type of reading. Therefore, experiment with different fortune-telling systems and see if that makes a difference to your reading ability.

You Don’t Know the Meanings

When I teach divination, I have 3 pillars I like to work on. If a student is struggling with a method of divination, usually it is because one of those pillars is off balance and needs worked on. The first pillar, is the meanings pillar.

Let’s be honest, most types of divination is made up of meanings and interpretations. If you don’t know the meanings and interpretations, then you’re going to struggle with the method of reading. You have to get the foundations down.

Struggling with an interpretation or two (or 10) can put a block on your ability to practice a method of divination. If you’re praying to God that this card doesn’t come up, or that thing isn’t mentioned, it adds too much unneeded stress to an already stressful situation. You could essentially be putting your intuition on lock down.

Everyone has that one Tarot card meaning they struggle with. That symbol which fills them with dread. Those two planets they struggle telling a part. It is human nature to stumble when trying to digest tonnes of information. Swallowing thousands of years worth of interpretations is never easy and the more detailed the system you’re trying to conquer, the harder it gets. (If you’re curious, Justice was my ‘problem’ card, I always confuse Jupiter and Saturn and am forever struggling to interpret the meaning of ducks and yet, duck dreams seem to always come up for me, unbelievable).

 If there are meanings you just don’t get, then one of the reasons why could be because the meanings you’re trying to learn just aren’t gelling for you. If this is true for you, you will have to make up your own interpretations so they are easy to remember. And don’t worry, the divination police isn’t following you. Nobody gives a black cat on Friday if you read the 7 of Wands as representing love or the 6 of Cups as symbolising confusion; it is what works for you is what matters.

Your Techniques are Lacking

Another ‘pillar’ which I teach, is techniques. In most methods of divination, how you read and get more detail is just as important as how you interpret.

If you’re issue is that you can perform a method of divination BUT you feel as though you have hit a wall, then your reading techniques may need worked on. For example, in Tarot you can use significators to get more details in your Tarot reading as opposed to wasting your life googling more and more interpretations. Therefore, if you’re struggling with the level of detail in your reading, work on your reading ability.

Your Spiritual Development Needs Worked On

A lack of good and proper spiritual development is probably the number one reason why most diviners struggle with their divination, that is why spiritual development is pillar number three I am about to discuss.

Divination is not a stand alone practice.  If you want to be a good diviner, development of your psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities is essential otherwise, you’ll be like a headless chicken constantly wondering what the hell you’re doing.

If your method of divination isn’t working for you or has stopped working for you, a large percentage of the time it is because your psychic abilities are blocked in some way.

One thing you can do to remedy this, is to pray to an ancestral spirit to assist you in your divination. It doesn’t have to be a spirit you remember meeting, you don’t even need to feel like you have had a relationship with them. The first spirit who pops into your head, even if you thought of the words “great grandma” will do. Pray to them for help with your readings, and see what happens. 

Finally, if you would like to know more about me, my work with fortune-telling and my crazy life running a divination business, feel free to stalk the madness on Instagram!

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 How to tell why has my tarot, astrology, bones, runes, dowsing, ouija, lenormand, cards, dreams, crystals, cartomancy or oracle cards stopped working? An illustration for beginners - divination and fortune telling

How to tell why has my tarot, astrology, bones, runes, dowsing, ouija, lenormand, cards, dreams, crystals, cartomancy or oracle cards stopped working? An illustration for beginners - divination and fortune telling