Psychic Business Report: June 2018

Happy July everyone! I know I say this all of the time, but I am super surprised at how quick June has went; it was literally here then gone. Probably because this month I have had lots of fun!

As always if you’re new to ‘Psychic Business Reports’, these are basically blog reports of my website and business, ‘Divination & Fortune-Telling’. I have been reporting how the site has been doing pretty much since I launched the site last year. Although the website is over a year old I only monetized it properly in April (once it hit its one year birthday). I spent the first year of Divination & Fortune-Telling’s existence just creating good content and driving in traffic. 

 Blogging and website report which shows how I am growing my divination and fortune telling business successfully to over 195,000 hits per month. The tips and tricks in this report will help you if you are selling Tarot, astrology, intuitive, spiritual, yoga, palmistry, tea leaf, bone, mediumship or any other type of reading.

My business is essentially separated into two parts, one where I give readings and the other Divination & Fortune-Telling, where I make money from teaching, e-books and courses. I have been giving face to face readings as a full-time job for nearly 5 years. However, I only report on how Divination & Fortune-Telling is doing, because this is a brand new business and I can discuss how the site has grown from the ground up and why. 

At the start of year two in business I set out 15 goals which were related to my business which I wanted to achieve before the start of year three. In these reports, I discuss how I am doing with them, what my stats are like etc. 

It is funny because as I write my reports, I can see how my goals have changed and evolved. Years ago, I used to be super self-conscious about looking inconsistent and going back on my plans. But the reality is if you’re in business (and want to stay there) you have to constantly adapt based on new information which comes to light otherwise you won’t survive. I guess change is a theme of this month’s report. 

So, here is a breakdown of how I am doing for my 15 goals. 

Site and Influence

Goal: Get 1 Million Site Hits Per Month

This month, Divination & Fortune-Telling received approximately 195,000 site hits which is an increase in 35,000 hits from last month which is rather good considering there isn't much new content on the site. I must say, however, I am rather bummed that I didn’t hit the 200,000 mark but there is always next month. 

Right now, my site hits naturally grow by at least 30,000 hits per month without me doing much. This sounds great but my goal is to hit the 1 million per month mark by April next year, which means that I will be short by half a million hits if I leave the site the way it is. Therefore, I better get my finger out and get growing the site! 

If you’re wondering, my website is actually pretty highly ranked. According to Similar Web, my site is ranked as one of the top half a million websites in the world for traffic, but because these calculators can be a bit slow I am probably more likely in the top quarter million websites. If you’re curious how yourself or a competitor is doing you can head over there and be nosey haha. 

Another thing which happened this month which I want to mention is that my sales more than tripped from previous months. Increasing sales is something which I think I will talk about in future blogposts, so stay tuned for that! 

(Total 195K hits of 1Mill Goal)

Goal Increase Subscribers to 10,000

Ugh I did so shit at this goal this month. In fact, this goal took up so much of my time and energy that I didn’t make progress on my other goals. 

Because of new data protection laws (GDPR), customers in the European Union can’t download free guides and be added to your email list without explicit permission. They must give you permission to be sent information about promotions, special discounts and things of that nature. 

The newsletter provider I was with was not GDPR compliant, so (while they got organised) I had to switch to a generic MailChimp sign up box. Changing over 200 pages on my website and swapping out the code was a piece of work. I was with MailChimp for about 2 weeks, until my regular newsletter provider became compliant, and then I switched back. 

My site’s free guides are the main way which I attract subscribers so to not have them for a good month did have an affect on the growth of my newsletter. This month, I only seen an increase by about 250 subscribers which is great considering the circumstances but I am hoping this increases next month now everything is going to be back to normal. 

(Total 3674 subscribers of 10,000 Goal)

Goal: Write Weekly Newsletters for Subscribers

I managed to stick to my goal of writing weekly newsletters. However, one of my newsletters only went out to European subscribers but the rest went out to just my general list. 

This month, I also did an email series on animal symbolism in Tarot which consisted of 3 emails. This series was actually a ton of work but it was a lot of fun and is something I will consider doing again. 

I was promoting a promotion on my Wild Diviner Masterclass in June which seen the course be available for better than half price for a week or so. This promotion meant that I have many new students which is great and many of them came from my newsletter (another reason why a newsletter is always a good idea!) 

(Total 9 of 56 Newsletters Goal)

Goal: Make 12 Guest Appearances

I didn’t make any guest appearances this month (womp womp) and, for a large percentage of the month I actually even forgot I had this goal. 

I know that I really should be submitting more. Guest posting and appearances in blogs, podcasts etc. is the number one way you can increase your audience and improve your Google ranking. I know this. But I just got so wrapped up in fixing the code on my site that my plan to submit to places just flew out of the window. Obviously, in the coming months I am going to make this more of a priority. 

(Total 2 of 12 Guest Posts Submitted) 


Goal: Publish Another 4 E-Books

This month, I didn’t publish any new e-books. I have actually written an e-book which will be available either today or tomorrow, but during June I never got round to selling or marketing the ‘Psychic in Business E-Book’.

I had this idea to make the e-book a part of a bundle which would include the book and some other products. However, I never really got round to creating and uploading the products and there was tech and marketing issues I had to think about. 

The students which I had read the e-book did not (for their own reasons) want to learn about the other things in my hypothetical bundle. They weren’t at that part in their business journey yet. All that they really cared about was learning how to sell their readings, fix their mind-set and diversify their income (the 3 main areas the Psychic in Business E-Book covers). 

I noticed that this had become a bit of a pattern which meant that selling the benefits of the e-book and the other things in the bundle would prove to be rather difficult. And if my goal wasn’t focused all this meant was that my sales pages would suffer. 

Sales pages are much more affective if you can focus your energy on advertising one thing. Do not ever overwhelm your audience. I actually see this on other readers sales pages and it is something I even talk about in the e-book. For example, Tarot readers who offer too many spread options. I therefore thought I better take my own advice and just make the e-book available on its own. I have some ideas for other business related things to offer in the future but, for now, I am defo just going to concentrate on selling the e-book on its own. 

(Total 0 of 4 E-Books Published)

Goal: Publish a Print Book

I didn’t make any progress on writing or publishing a print book this month. Right now my main focus is creating things for my site, but I will get a move on with this goal in the coming months. 

(Total 0 of 1 Books Published)

Goal: Publish another 20 Blogposts. 

I managed to publish a new blogpost “How to Learn Divination (Somewhat) Quickly” which I had sent out to my newsletter subscribers first, a week or so before anyone else got to see it. 

The email series which I wrote about the animals of Tarot will all become blogposts. However, I was so busy with the promotion of The Wild Diviner Masterclass I never actually got round to making them blogposts (there are 3 all together). 

A lot of work goes into making blogs and blogposts. You have to create the posts, spell check them, create the images, create the images for Pinterest, optimise the posts for search engines, optimise them for Pinterest, insert links, format headings, insert newsletter code etc. This month, I just didn’t have the time so I only managed to get one new post up other than May’s Psychic Business Report (I am not counting these reports in the total). 

(Total 1 of 20 Blogposts Published)


Goal: Run Another 10 Divination Workshops

I have previously ran free online workshops on Divination & Fortune-Telling. I didn’t get round to running any this month but I have plans for at least another 3 in July. I pretty much just spent this month doing the behind the scenes prep work for this month’s workshops which includes email series and social media posts. If all goes well, I will be running a Love Tarot, Court Card and Tarot Card Meanings Workshop (and maybe even a business one) so keep your eyes peeled!

(Total 0 of 10 Divination Workshops)

Goal: Update All 6 Site Freebies 

Last month, I thought I wasn’t going to bother updating the site’s free guides because of the data protection issues, but now that my newsletter hosting platform has become compliant I have decided to offer my freebies again. 

I updated the Etteilla free guide and made it look more modern. Last month I also created The Psychic & Making Money Guide which is a guide on the different ways you can make money while working in the psychic industry. You can grab that at the bottom of this post. 

(Total 2 of 6 Freebies Updated)

Goal: Update Site

I have made an enormous amount of progress on updating the site. My goal was to make the website updated for ‘conversions’. 

Conversions are basically actions taken on a site. For example, downloading a free guide, joining the newsletter or buying something is a conversion. There are things you can do to improve conversions, such as placing ads for your products around your website. Even things like the color of your buttons can have a massive affect on your site’s conversions. 

Thanks to the new updates, the income I made on this site tripled. I am excited to see the type of affect the new updates will make in the coming months. 

Many people are curious how much money I make, not so much from reading, but more so from this website. I will say that it is what most people would consider a good amount of money. However, I don’t really discuss my income because I don’t want to give readers the impression that it was easy to get to this point, it wasn’t, it was actually fucking brutal. It took years and a lot of trail and error to get to a place which made it all worth while. It was worth it, but hard. 

One thing I really have noticed since I updated the site, is that people are finding what they need easily. The Home Page now has links to the article of each subject (Business, Tarot etc) and this (along with the conversions) was what I intended to happen so I am happy!

I wouldn’t say, however, that I am finished with the site updates. I still want to update the about page and write some sales pages, so this goal isn't one I can tick off just yet.

(Total 0 of 1 Sites Updated)

Goal: Create Free Course

I was going to create a free Tarot course as a way to bring in subscribers and increase my audience, but this doesn’t seem like a possibility anymore. 

Because my course hosting platform isn't European, it is going to be difficult to get email and marketing permission from students of the free course. They basically will just enrol and be automatically added to my regular email list, which is a big no no under data protection law. Therefore, if I created a free course I couldn’t add my students to my email list and there would be no point in putting weeks worth of work into course creation to just give it away. 

Because my site is monetized and I have expenses, students and pay tax everyday, I cannot put time and energy into things which I will have no return from. My free guides are different - I stay in contact with the majority of people who download them through my email list. However, if this is not possible on a free course, then I cannot rationalise spending the time or money on doing this (and yes free students actually do cost me money). 

Years ago, I probably would have pushed ahead and made the course. But, now-a-days I know I have to make smart business decisions because my time is literally money. Therefore, I will not create a free course for non-subscribers. 

But I do have a better idea. I plan to create something instead for all of my students who are enrolled in one of Divination & Fortune-Telling’s paid courses. This may not happen for another few months, but it is something I will get onto soon. 

(Total 0 of 1 Free Courses Created)


Goal: Start Membership Site

I have a major goal of creating a membership site as part of Divination & Fortune-Telling. My ideas for the membership site, however, has changed so much over the last 6 months due to different things such as tech issues. 

Originally, I was offering stand alone courses but I had problems with my payment processors and course hosting platform. I had decided to make some of my courses available through membership and was working towards this plan. 

However, I sorted my problems out with the payment processor and course hosting platform which meant that I could again push ahead with offering my stand alone courses. I had spent years writing and creating my stand alone Tarot and Lenormand courses and they were already uploaded to the course hosting platform. So, once the tech issues were sorted out I decided to just go ahead with my original plan of offering them individually over the next few months. 

Also, after talking to my students they told me they would be willing to pay a one off fee for the courses but having to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee really turned them off. It made smart business sense just to offer the Tarot and Lenormand courses as a one off payment. 

In the next year, I will go ahead with my membership plan, however, this means writing new courses and content just for the members which is obviously a lot of work. Therefore, because I am essentially starting from scratch I will be shocked if I complete the work required for membership within the next 6 months. So the membership site will happen but it isn't something in the short term future. 

(Total 0 of 1 Membership Sites Launched) 

Goal: Get 100 Members to Membership Site

This month, I didn’t launch the membership site so didn’t make any progress on getting members. 


Goal: Stay Off Soft Drinks

Ugh, I admit it I’m back in the clutches of my soft-drink addiction. I can actually see how this is affecting my business; I am less focused, feel all over the place and my joints have been killing me. I swear to God, it was easier to give up smoking. I am defo going to get back on my goal of giving up (starting tomorrow haha). 

(Total Addiction Still Not Kicked)

Goal: Loose Doctor’s Recommended 20lbs

Obviously because I am back to being haunted by cans of Coke, I have not lost any weight. I haven’t gained weight that I know of (thank God) but this will probably change if I don’t get back on the health and fitness bang wagon. 

(Total: 7 of 20 Recommended lbs Lost)

Well, that’s it for this month’s report. In the coming month, I am going to be launching the Tarot Techniques course, running workshops and making a couple of site edits. So, let’s see how this goes! 

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