Why you Cannot Sell your Psychic Readings

I've been there. I know what it is like to not even want to think about your Tarot or psychic reading 'business.' On the outside, you have everything going for you; you're good at what you do, passionate, hell you probably even have qualifications and have been certified. However, nobody is buying your readings.

At one point in my life, I had the same problem. I spent my entire life promoting my readings online. I posted in the Facebook groups, ran Google ads, blogged. I cut my prices, I read for reviews. Nothing seemed to make any difference.

Developing your psychic reading business is not easy. If you want to sell mediumship readings, spells, Tarot readings, even astrologer forecasts, you have to know how to market yourself..png

It wasn't until years later I learned how selling was done. And one of the mistakes I made was so subtle yet significant that I couldn't believe how easy it was to overlook.

I grew up assuming all types of marketing was the same; all web copy (the writing on websites) were the same. I thought I was to throw up a site, write an about page and inject into it all of my amazing credentials. But, it doesn't work that way. It didn't work like that for me, and it won't work like that for you.

There is a mistake you were making when you created your website, social media, etc. and that error is this; you have created high-end copy while targeting the mass market. And here is how:

Many psychic readers trying to sell readings make the mistake of branding themselves like luxury businesses because this is what most people are used to seeing when it comes to the 'about' section of a website. The problem is that you are branding yourself for that market, but your prices, your marketing, and offerings are not aimed at high-end customers.

Selling high end requires a very different strategy to selling your run of the mill readings; a strategy which you do not fall into by accident. It is not difficult to sell readings at a premium, but you have to know how to sell. There is a lot of detail in the subtle differences between luxury and high street selling, but one of the main ones is in the way that products are presented and the effect that has on the mind of potential clients.

Luxury businesses invest money into their story, their background, their brand. They do this because they do not need to convince people like you and me to buy from them, it is a given that we want to wear Chanel, but this is not their primary motive. They mainly want to create a culture, legend, and magic associated with their brand. Typically, this is done with a fabulous background story. For example, Louis Vuitton, the 16-year-old trunk maker.

In general, an example of a high end 'about' page would look something like this;

"My name is Lisa Boswell; I am a Romany Gypsy fortune teller. At the age of 7, I fell off a swing and scared my face. I have an HNC in social sciences. I have an award in Tarot."


"My name is Cheryl. I have been reading Tarot for four years since I discovered a deck at my local thrift store. I like to buy vintage and only use cage-free eggs in my cooking."

In a nutshell, I have told you how fabulous Cheryl and I are. I have not tried to sell you anything because I have assumed that you'll go on my waiting list and, when a spot comes up, race to pay my monthly fee and then brag to your friends about how difficult it is to book a reading with me but you have me on speed-dial because you're so fantastic and passed the screening process (because that's how high end works).

Most psychics don't operate like that. Most are just wanting to make a half decent wage by reading people like Joan down the street and the odd email reading. Therefore, Joan is your target market, and you need to target Joan.

In general, your average Joan needs a reason to buy luxuries, and you have to remember that reading is a luxury service. It doesn't matter if your readings are £10 or £1000 nobody ever needs a reading. The problem is that you are most likely targeting people who are not wanting to waste money on non-essentials but you are selling a non-essential.

I bet you're thinking, "Um, hold on does that not mean those high-end clients should flock to me because of my high-end services and my about page"? No, it doesn't mean that unless you're also charging high prices, advertising in high-end places, your website and branding are on point, your services give them bragging rights, and your intake process is strict. (In other words, it takes more than the right about page and offerings to draw in upper-class clients).

You now have a severe problem. Because of your 'high end' style story, your about page, sales page, and homepage all scream 'luxury brand.' However, you are doing your run of the mill readings and targeting the working class. Don't worry, yet, this problem is easy to fix.

You have two options. Option ones requires learning how to target, market to and create products for high-end clients, which usually needs a substantial initial investment because of design preferences that the market currently has. Or, you can fix your about, home and sales page so that it speaks to Joan, the everyday woman from down the road.

How do you go about targeting Joan? What makes the Joan's of the world buy spiritual services which they do not need? The answer is easy; you have to find out what Joan's problems are.

There is only a slim chance that Joan is going to buy your readings because she is viewing it as a non-essential, an afterthought. If you want to sell them, your job is to present your readings as a cure to an issue Joan has. Introducing your readings in this way will turn them from a luxury Joan can keep putting off, to a 'must have now' product with urgency attached.

Ask yourself this, what is the number one problem your clients have? What do they always ask you about? What do they want readings on? If you figure this out, your target market will flock to you and hang on your every word because from this point you can create offerings (readings, social media posts, newsletters) which speak to them because you can highlight and fix their problems. Fixed issues are worth paying for; your readings will go from nonessential to needed cure.

Knowing my target market is precisely why you're reading this. You're reading what I am writing right now because I pulled you in with the subject matter. I know that not being able to sell readings is a severe problem for readers. I know what it is like to worry about your direct debits coming off, to panic about Christmas, to wonder why nothing in this business (which is meant to be your calling) is working. Connecting with you in this way means that I can speak to you on a level that other people can't, and tailor make offerings to please you, and you can learn how to do this for your potential clients.

So, let's say you now realize that all of your clients want to know when they are going to meet Mr. Right. Your about page, service page, even your, and social media 'about' section should say something like this;

"Are you tired of spending Friday nights calling around friends, begging them to sit with you because you're the only one who is single, alone and sad?

Hi there, my name is Cheryl, and my purpose in life is helping the ladies of London find their Prince Charming. If you need assistance in this area, then through the use of Tarot readings and intuitive spiritual counseling and I can guide you towards Mr. Right."

Usually, you will then go on to let your clients know you can empathize with them, which you will because 99.9999% of the time, readers are drawn to help people who are in a similar situation they were once in;

"I used to believe that there was no one in the world for me. I sat at home all of the time, stroking my cat and watching Law and Order, feeling lonely and resentful. Then I discover X. I now help the woman like you get X using readings."

By saying the above, in however many words you want, what you are saying to your clients or potential clients is:

1. You know what problem they are having.

2. You are highlighting that issue and making it visible. The pain this causes usually means they will act quickly to fix it.

3. You are letting your clients know you can empathize with them.

4. You are letting them know that if they ever get sick of having this problem, they can come to you for a reading. Your reading is the cure to their pain.

Here is the catch, you have to want to fix this problem your target market is having otherwise you'll feel seedy and weird selling your readings and advertising about them. You must be passionate about the subject matter. You have to think like your target market has a disease which will kill them by midnight and only you have the cure. You must believe that what you are offering adds real value to their lives. If you struggle with targeting, this is something which I cover in the Psychic in Business e-book.

If your clients want love readings, but you do not want to give them one, then you are targeting the wrong market. Also, if you have found that you are crazy about offering a particular type of reading, service, spell, etc. but no one around you is taking the bait, then you are not targeting the right market. You have to find the people who would die for that butt chakra spray you're so obsessed with making.

Once you have your target market, their pain points and you have written great copy which will highlight their issues (and let them know you can solve them) you have to put it everywhere. Yes, everywhere. You have to keep repeating, "I am the love psychic for London"! And remind your target market that you are the person who is there at hand ready to work with them on making improvements. Never worry about repeating yourself, people love consistency, but I will get into that one in another day.

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