Should Children Read Tarot?

I am often asked about my experiences as a child Tarot card reader so here it is. Over the years, I have come across many people who are very critical of parents who consider allowing their children to read Tarot, so hopefully, this quick guide will change their minds. Here are the story and my thoughts.

How I Started

When she was around 9 or 10, my oldest sister was gifted her first Tarot deck by my mother. This may surprise some people, but I am pretty sure that (at that age) she asked for them. As gypsies, it is fairly common to see divination practiced young. Although Emma learned to read she wasn’t particularly interested in Tarot and would leave the cards just lying around. Her neglect is how ended up with them.

I am often asked about my experiences as a child psychic reader. Over the years, I have come across many people who are very critical of parents who consider allowing their children to read Tarot cards..png

I learned how to read Tarot with decks in the house but wasn’t gifted my own until I was 10. Where I lived, it wasn’t easy to get cards so up until then I basically had to deal with what was lying there to read with. Then when I was 13 I was gifted my first crystal ball and the rest is history.

Asking for Tarot cards and learning things like Tarot was honestly just no big deal; we are actually fairly casual about it. There never appeared to be this great special moment where I got my cards; it was pretty much "oh here you go." I have ancestors who are into all kinds of weird stuff, so it's just not a 'thing.'

As the years went on, I learned a lot about Romany symbolism (such as horses represent friends) so by default learned dream interpretations, tea leaf readings (which I don’t practice) and crystal ball readings. Tarot and dreams became my go to forms of divination, and I now teach how to perform divination. 

The general public often takes a great interest in my experiences as a child reader. There are many questions which I am asked as a reader, so I am not going to take this opportunity to answer them.

What Is The Main Benefit To Reading As A Child?

Often, people would expect me to say experience and are therefore surprised that this is not my answer. For me, the main benefit is that I never really felt lonely. My Tarot cards were a constant companion. I always felt like I had someone to talk to or rely on because I could seek the advice of my cards. I would say this is the main benefit of learning Tarot so young.

Do You Think It Is Okay For Children To Be Readers?

Yes and no. I honestly feel that the parent's motivations behind wanting their children to be readers matters. My parents and grandparents reasons were a mix between tradition and because I wanted it which I feel were good reasons so in this case, it is okay for your children to become readers.

There are times when I would argue that it is not okay. Often, I come across readers who live their lives through their children. You know how you get a mother who forces their children into singing and acting lessons because they always wanted to be famous? It’s a similar scenario. I get the impression some parents want their children to be some kind of spiritual prodigies.

If you are considering your children becoming readers, then it’s best you check your motives. You should as yourself if you truly want it for them or if you would have rather had it for yourself.

Do Children Lack The Skills To Be Readers?

Children may lack the life experience to be sympathetic readers, but the raw ability to read the cards is there. I view what I am told by spirit as being factual; it is either correct, or it is not. A child can either get the basic interpretations right or wrong.

I will say looking back I was an excellent reader but not a very good person. I would read for people about some difficult situations they had experienced they would cry their eyes out in front of me. I would look at them thinking “okay this is pretty awkward” with a blank expression on my face. As I got older and got more life experience, I sympathized with people a bit better. I will say that a lack of empathy is probably the biggest downfall of the child reader, but this is something which they improve with time.

Does Learning Divination As A Child Put You At An Advantage?

I am not going to lie, in some ways of course it does. Any skill which you devote more of your life to makes you better at it. There are exceptions, though.

Often, readers comment that they have been reading since they were nine years old. After a couple of glasses of wine, they admit that they first discovered what Tarot was at that age, but they did not actually perform a reading until some 10 or 20 years later; they had not been reading that long. These readers are therefore not at an advantage.

I honestly do not believe it is when you start something which puts you at an advantage but the time which you put into developing the skill. If you want your children to truly be good readers, they need to devote their time to it, which brings me to my next point.

How Much Did It Interfere With Other Areas Of Your Life?

How long is a piece of string? It interfered as much as I wanted it to. I am going to be honest; I would have rather read than been an academic. Reading was something which I wanted for myself; my parents weren’t coming into my room checking I was developing my spirituality. I would rather have gone out reading people than doing my homework.

When I got older, I regretted that I had chosen reading over school work because at that time I needed my grades. However, over the last few year, I have gone back the way again and am glad I did because I am a professional reader. I am a firm believer that everything works itself out eventually.

If you would like to know how much time a child should devote to readings then, in my opinion, you should not be encouraging them to read. Reading should be a fun hobby, not a burden. If your child is picking up card and crystal balls themselves and doing it for fun, you are on the right track with them. Just make sure they are doing their homework.

Were You Bullied?

No, I was not. The reason why is because all of my friends were used to me reading. As I was brought up with reading, so were they. The majority of the people whom I read for were children at schools parents. I believe that most children do not develop a judgemental attitude in this way until they are taught over wise.

This is a picture of my nephew learning fortune telling as a child a couple of years back. In Gypsy culture, men generally don't practice divination or tarot but he was curious so I started teaching him some beginners techniques.

This is a picture of my nephew learning fortune telling as a child a couple of years back. In Gypsy culture, men generally don't practice divination or tarot but he was curious so I started teaching him some beginners techniques.

What Is The Best Way For A Child To Develop?

The best way to let a child learn divination is to let them discover it on their own. That is really all I can say on that matter. It is okay to give them advice and point them in the right direction, but they must make the commitment to themselves. Too much pushing and the children can resent their parents for it which I have seen happen.

My daughter does not take great interest in divination. My sister’s son, however, has a natural curiosity for Tarot reading. It is not common for Romany males to become readers but what can I say? He likes it so I don't stop him.

What are The Best Tarot Cards For Children To Learn Tarot With?

I have my own idea about what is the best cards to learn with, and it is rather controversial. I honestly believe that the best cards for children to learn with are a deck which is as unillustrated as possible, such as The Tarot of Marseilles.

The reason for this is simple; if your child can commit to this, they can commit to anything. Another reason is that learning with a deck which is not heavily illustrated means that in the future your child will find it easier to read all types of decks as they would not be dependent on the imagery for their interpretations. In this case, I believe that the most difficult way is the best. A child must display a natural commitment if they really want to learn how to read Tarot or give psychic readings.

What Is The Best Way To Encourage My Child To Develop Their Gifts?

I honestly do not know because each child is different. The best way I suppose is not to be judgemental. Create the opportunities for them to explore on their own. Observe your child’s readings as this will give you an idea of their talents. Children are not as vulnerable and stupid as we would like to think, remember that they are like sponges developing constantly. As long as you are not suppressing their spiritual gifts, they will develop as normal.

What Is The Most Important Thing When Teaching Your Children To Read?

I honestly feel that the most important thing when learning to read as a child is good grounding. There is not a bigger turn off than a good reader who is up to themselves. When I was a child, I was constantly reminded that no matter how good my experience and education is, there will always be a reader out there better than I am.

So, that's my story about how I became a professional child Tarot card reader! If you would like to more more about my work with Tarot, feel free to read my story in the about section of this website!