How to Select a Tarot Business Coach

First off, I am apprehensive to write this post. I know that doing so may offend some people and ruffle a few feathers. However, I have been seeing a lot of shit this last week which have rubbed me up the wrong way, and I have been inspired to write this post to get it off my chest. 

There is a plethora of people targeting Tarot readers and spiritual based professionals, promising them that they can help them grow the online aspects of their businesses, Instagram etc. without having any experience in doing so. It doesn’t matter how much money these people are charging, if any at all. What matters is that they are placing themselves in a position of knowledge and authority which is deceptive, inaccurate and it is irritating the hell out of me. 

 How to choose a Tarot business coach. Are you at the stage when you're beginning to look for help in your intuitive reading business? Needing more than spiritual help? Here some advice for beginners - Divination and Fortune-Telling

How to choose a Tarot business coach. Are you at the stage when you're beginning to look for help in your intuitive reading business? Needing more than spiritual help? Here some advice for beginners - Divination and Fortune-Telling

I have seen spiritual based business coaches, making claims that they run their businesses 100% online, are making very good money, and that they can show you how to do this too. From my own personal experience, just by glancing at their websites, offerings and online presences’ I can tell you that the claims they are making are impossible. 

First of all, lets be clear I am not one of those haters who says that making amazing money online is not possible. I know from experience it is. What I am saying, however, is that not everyone who claims that it happened for them, is telling the truth. 

Here is some personal background, and how I know what I am talking about. 

One of my businesses, Divination & Fortune-Telling is 100% online. Through this site, I run e-courses and sell e-books. This website is very successful. It sees over 300,000 visits every 30 days, and (in e-books sales) makes at least $60 per day. However, one day a week I ramp up my marketing and 5x this (but only for one day/day and a half). On top of this, on the first of every month I get a course fee pay out (for my e-courses) which equals the equivalent of someone who works full time, making minimum wage in the UK. This business grows by at least 20% every month. 

And if you think I'm full of shit (which you should because this is the internet and people can lie) here are some screenshots: 

How to make money from Tarot readings online.png
How to sell Tarot card readings online on the internet.png

I have ran other businesses in the spirituality niche which have also been 100% online, but had more modest earnings. My first website only sold readings, but made an average of $1500 per month, sometimes a lot more sometimes a lot less. It had 10,000 hits per month. Even for only selling readings, these numbers are quite good, but I specialized in predictive readings and read on love and business; obviously reading on subjects which are highly in demand (and reading for prediction) helped the site’s success. 

I’ve also created and managed other spirituality websites which never made a penny, not even $1. Part of the reasons why was because I never monetized them, or because the traffic and/or interest in them was not to the level needed to bring in the change. 

I tell you these things not to brag, but to highlight that yes I know exactly what I am talking about. This is my life. For me, these people claiming (or giving off the impression) that they are in the position to help you, is similar to a non-builder claiming to have built a house without mud, wood or cement. Anyone who has successfully built a house knows that it isn’t done that way. 

These things annoy me because I have twice been scammed by online business coaches. One, I paid over £200 to for her Pinterest coach (which she then double charged, so £400) only to get in there and realize that a very large percentage of it was just copy and paste (literal, copy and paste) word for word articles from her website. The other ‘coach’ was a friend who set up as a business coach after she repeatedly stole from me, and then went on to scam nearly $30,000 from other Tarot readers. 

If someone is dishonest, they do not keep crappy behaviour to one area of their life. Being an asshole is a pattern which they spread out and use to undercut everyone for a quick $1 or pat on the back. It usually runs much deeper than telling a few white lies to sell an e-course. Someone who positions themselves as an expert and then goes to the extreme to make this mask their identity, has serious underlying issues. 

The sad thing is, that there are experts out there who really know their shit. There are people out there who can help you to make more money, or get more Tarot reading gigs. However, you have to know how to navigate the waters first. 

So, here it is, what to look for when you’re hiring a Tarot or spiritual based business coach. 

1. It is not their Only Source of Income 

A large percentage of Tarot or spiritual business coaches, claim to be successful off the backs of their already established businesses. They say things like, “Hey, I have built a 5-figure Tarot business and I can show you how to do so too with my Tarot business mentoring”! 

This is all fine and dandy. However, always ask yourself (or your potential coach) “Where is this business”?

Nobody, and I mean nobody closes an already established, successful business just so they can open a new one. WHY on Earth would anyone close one business, which is bringing in all of this money, clients and Google ranking to set up a brand spanking new coaching business? It doesn’t matter if they are claiming to have made their money from readings, teaching, or fairy dust, they are not going to shut down one business, to start again with a new one, especially not one in the same niche, targeting in the same people! 

Take Divination & Fortune-Telling as an example. This is a successful online divination business. Could you imagine if I just closed the doors on this 5-figure online business, and deleted my online presence, to then start a new online business selling business coaching to Tarot readers? If I went online and said, “No, I no longer want $60 every day from casual visitors buying stuff from my website”? It doesn’t make any sense. 

You don’t throw a website up and it makes money. It doesn’t work like that. Most blogs/websites/YouTubes take around 12 months to make any type of half decent income because this is how long it takes to create content and grow subscribers, visitors and optimize for Google. 

If someone is operating more than one online presence, this is completely different. For example, if they have their business coaching website and an already established Tarot website, or advertise their coaching on their Tarot site. But nobody in their right mind lives in poverty for 12 months while building their new blog when they had a perfectly good source of income which they just deleted for no reason. 

I’ll be honest, I make money from an e-book about how to make money from running a Psychic Business. However, compared to my other e-books, it doesn’t sell well. Of every 50 Tarot e-books I sell, I sell one business book. 

Business coaching is not a lucrative business, anyone who has ever ran an online business knows that. It is hard enough to find people which are interested in spirituality, who are interested in divination, who are interested in Tarot. Could you then imagine narrowing it down further to people who are also in business?

Tarot will always sell well, but Tarot business coaching is hard to shift. It is difficult to optimize for search, hard to get a social media presence etc. No-one in their right mind would abandon an already successful business to go through that headache. 

2. The Business they do have is Likely Successful 

Online business success is almost mathematical. If my entire business got deleted tomorrow, I could do it all again. Once you find success as an online entrepreneur, you will replicate that success. You will also be able to spot it in others. 

There are only a couple of ways which someone can make money 100% online. The first method uses something called a sales funnel. Basically, you use Facebook ads to get people to watch your free video or blog series and then you send them emails which eventually lead to a sale. 

The second method, involves hosting webinars. You will get your audience to sign up for your live, free webinars which you eventually pitch your products/services at the end. 

Webinars (or online workshop) have what is known in the marketing industry as a 'high conversion rate'. Unlike social media posts, a lot more people who see your webinars are likely to buy from you, and this is how a lot of people make money online. 

The third method, relies on your growing and maintaining an online audience. You will need to have a large audience to spread your message, plus constantly bring in new audience members though methods which typically involve some type of search mechanism (YouTube, search engines, Podcasts or Pinterest). Your future potential audience members will type what they are looking for (Tarot) into these search engines and discover you that way. Then, you can sell to them. 

This third method is how I make money through Divination and Fortune-Telling. This website seen success relatively quickly. Even at that, it was bloody hard to build. There were no quick fixes, I started from the bottom and had to wait a year until the site was in the black and it all became worth while. 

If someone does not have access to at least one of these things, they are not making any money. This is how you make money online, not just in Tarot but in anything. If they do not have these things, then there is no way that they are brining in clients because there is no other way to bring people in and sell to them. 

Also, this sounds brutal but there are certain types of spiritual businesses which will be much more likely to be successful than others. The reason why, is because people must be looking for that thing to find them. Tarot readings for parrot owners isn't a thing. Tarot readings on matters of the heart is a thing. Sad, but true. 

If they’re whole online identity evolves around a type of Tarot which people outside of the tight-nit Tarot community don’t actually want, aren’t looking for and don’t even know exists, then there is minimal chance that they are selling enough readings to teach other people business. And remember, they have to be successful to teach you how to be too. 

3. They have Proof of Success 

A successful person will ram their results down your throat. They are not afraid to brag. In order to snap you up as a client, they know fine well that you (quite rightly so) will require some form of proof of their achievements. 

It’s nearly the 2020’s. There isn't a business coach alive who doesn’t have access to a smartphone who cannot quickly screenshot their PayPal account and fire it over to you. It takes 2 seconds. Why would they not give you these things if they had access to them? 

People who are not successful brag about shit which doesn’t even actually matter:

“I’ve been in business 10 years”! Fine but where’s the money?

“I have 20,000 Instagram followers”! Fine but where’s the money?

“I talk a lot of shit about self-care and post tones of memes”! Fine but where’s the money?

“I’ve worked in a corporate environment since 10,000 BC”! Fine but where’s the money?

These things do not guarantee success. You can be struggling in business for 10 years while your husband supports you. Instagram doesn’t covert well. You’re in Tarot, not working for the Disney Cooperation. The only thing you should be interested in, is how much money a person brings into their business, and if they can do the same for you. 

That is not to say that success is all about money. Trust me, it is not, you can make a lot of money doing something which makes you miserable. However, if you are paying someone specifically for the sole purpose of them making you more money then yes they have to show that they have the skills and ability to make money. And yes, money making is a skill you can learn it is not a unicorn. Which brings me to my next point. 

4. They have Substance 

Some Tarot business coaches will play on your desire to have fun in order to make themselves appear relatable. They will post a lot of buzzwords and talk about unicorns and mermaids. They will fill your feed up with ‘You can do it’ memes. 

Building a business is fucking hard and sometimes you need a bit of motivation, but that is easy. It is easy for them to give basic encouragement and create blogposts with your run-of-the-mil Pinterestesqe self-care business tips which they have reworded for Tarot businesses. The hard part, however, is giving real advice. 

It shouldn’t be enough that you have found a business coach which specializes in spiritual based businesses. They must be able to display that they know what they are talking about through their blogs, YouTube videos or whatever. If their free content isn't that great, then their paid stuff isn't going to be much better. Don’t take the risk. 

Hire a business coach which gives actionable advice, on a specific topic. If you ask them how they make money, they can tell you. If you ask them how to grow your blog or optimize your website, they can tell you. No amount of memes is helping you get clients and subscribers. 

5. They don’t Assume you’re an Idiot 

Stay well away from people who appear to be blowing airy-fairy smoke up your ass. For example, people who say stuff like, “My goal as a business coach is to raise the consciousness of the planet and that is why you need to give me $1000”! They are assuming that you don’t really care about the money or the success of your business. They aren’t making any financial promises. 

Don’t get me wrong, I care a lot about my message, but that is not why I am in business. I could run a hobby blog and go to work every day. I am in business, because I want to be in business and I love the benefits which running my company brings. I get to stay at home with my daughter (who has HFA), I get to plan my own days, I get paid straight away, I can do what I love and I have unlimited earning potential. It has nothing to do with the consciousness of the planet. 

For me, someone who says things like this appears dishonest because the whole baseline of their pitch isn't that they want to make you money, which is their job. What I do with my business and my earthly mission, is not their concern. They are saying (in a round about way) that their goal is not to make you money, it is to develop everyone spiritually, but you are not paying them for manifestation 101. 

In all honesty, I would be much more likely to hand over my money to someone who is honest and says, “My goal is to make me and you as much money as possible”. That shit I can believe, coming from a success or business coach even if they do specialize in Tarot readers. 

So, that’s it for how to select a Tarot business coach! Glad to get these points off my chest. Remember, if you want some honest advice for developing a Tarot or spirituality based business, feel free to check out Psychic in Business

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