How to Sell More Email Tarot Readings

Are you considering giving Tarot readings through email? Or maybe you already have, and you would like to know how you can give better email Tarot readings (or sell more!) If you’re interested in getting some tips for how to develop your email Tarot reading practice, read on.

As always, I like to give a bit of background on my experience with certain things, so that you know I know what I am talking about!

If you want to sell readings online, you can perform Tarot readings by email from the comfort of your own home. Card deck are Death from The Wild Unknown.

If you want to sell readings online, you can perform Tarot readings by email from the comfort of your own home. Card deck are Death from The Wild Unknown.

A couple of years ago, I ran a blog called ‘Fortune Teller Lisa Boswell.’ Pretty shitty and uninspiring name, but it was still a somewhat popular site. From this website I wrote my blogs and performed email Tarot readings. At one point in time, my sole source of income was the email Tarot readings I sold from my fortune-teller blog: no face-to-face, no phone or Skype just 100% email (not the best business plan in the world, but more on that later).

When I began reading online, I didn’t initially intend on only providing email Tarot readings, but once I started, I got hooked and went all in. The reason why I went down this road was that:

1. The place in the UK I live (in Scotland) isn't densely populated which means that I have to travel a fair distance for most readings. Email readings meant I could cut down on travel time, and, therefore, make more money per hour.

2. My sleep pattern and energy levels were unpredictable. My daughter has HFA; a symptom of autism is an inability to sleep. She would be up all night, for days, which meant I would be awake also. Performing email Tarot readings meant I could manage my time better than I could if I were on a set deadline.

3. I developed my own health problems. I was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 24. Not having to leave the house to perform readings was a massive draw for me towards email readings.

4. To be honest, I just preferred working online.

Performing email readings made me feel as though my income was much more passive than it was if I had arranged to see clients face-to-face or over the phone, because I could read when I felt like it (within reason). I didn’t like the feeling of having my time restricted, so Tarot by email was the way to go.

I no longer provide email Tarot readings — one of the reasons why is because I now make my money online from things which are more passive such as e-books. Don’t get me wrong, I would make a shit load more if I were still performing online readings, but I like my business set up the way it is. Also, a large percentage of my students perform online readings, and I don’t want them to feel as though I am competing with them for clients.

So, that being said, here are my tips for performing online Tarot readings and attracting clients to read for. Hopefully, you find these tips useful whether you’re charging top dollar, or giving them away for free.



People buy email readings for different reasons than they do other types of readings. For other types of readings, they want that conversation and interaction. They want to be able to put you on the spot and ask you profound questions. Face-to-face, phone, and Skype readings require intimacy.

By contrast, the type of seeker who orders email readings doesn’t want to have to pluck up the courage to interact with you in a game of email tag. Email readings provide them with a level of anonymity they cannot get if they have to sit in front of you. They don’t want an interrogation. Your email seekers want to ask you their question and get an answer without the back and forth.

Do not turn your email readings into the type of conversation which you would have through private Messenger. For example, 30 minutes of:

Your email: “I am seeing a Knight of Wands, do you feel as though he is caring”?

*sends email waits 3 minutes*

Seeker’s email: “Yes I feel that way.”

*sends email waits 4 minutes*

Your email: “You have an Ace of Cups as challenges, perhaps you’re too emotionally involved.”

*sends email waits 2 minutes*

Seeker: “Yes that is right.”

*sends email waits 3 minutes*

Your seekers want email readings because they won’t have to commit to a specific time or (even) a conversation. Instead, your email readings should involve them sending you their question, you typing up a 500-word answer (the reading), then them reviewing how they feel about the reading, nothing more.

If you’re advertising your email readings as 30-minute readings, done at a particular time of the day (which you both have to be present for), then you’re doing email readings wrong. Email readings should be done with word or card count in mind, delivered within a set period, otherwise, they will be off-putting to your clients who either can’t commit to a set time or are scared off by the personal level of conversation.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing email readings for free or charging a billion dollars, you’ll get no takers if you are not clear on the ordering process. This tip can apply to any type of Tarot reading, so take note!

Most readers make the mistake of assuming that their clients (or potential clients) know how the ordering process works. Readers think that their clients know they will have to pay, send the questions, wait a couple of days, then read their readings.

Newsflash: most people don’t know anything about the ordering process for email readings.

Trust me, 99.99999% of your potential clients have, what I call, ‘ordering anxiety.’ Ordering is a massive psychological hurdle which you must get them over if you want them to go through with the sale.

The main thing which causes ordering anxiety is uncertainty over what happens once they pay. Nobody wants to be defrauded or made to look like a fool, so anything which makes the ordering process uncertain will cause a mental flag which says, “Warning! We don’t know what we are doing so let’s not buy”!

You have to explain, in step by step manner, that ordering a reading with you is easy. In a short and snappy section on your sales page, you have to tell your clients the process of getting an email Tarot reading. And, remember to include a part which says that - if they have any problems - they can easily email you on your email address at or whatever your email is.

You might think that the ordering process is evident; it might be for you, but it isn't for everyone and they need that extra guarantee that it is simple. I have these directions on all of my e-books (including Psychic in Business), and it makes the difference.

For example:

“Ordering an email reading with me is as simple as selecting a cream cake at the grocery store. All you have to do is click the, ‘buy’ button below where you’ll be directed to PayPal, and pay for your reading as you would with any other purchase. Then, email me your question at, and within two working days, you’ll have 1000 words of clarity in your inbox. And if you have any questions about ordering, feel free to reach out to me personally also at”

Sounds easy and super simple but adding a paragraph such as the one above will increase your sales.


Similar to the point above, is the fact that your seekers must know what they’re getting. It is not enough to say to them, “In 300 words I will dissect your love life!” You have to show them what a reading by you is otherwise (again) ordering anxiety will rear its ugly head and talk your clients out of getting a reading.

I noticed a difference in email reading sales once I created a page on my website which showed examples of my readings on my site. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a page where I had typed up an imaginary email reading, to show my seekers what one would look like.

It is not enough to tell your potential clients you will use 15 cards or that a quick reading will be 200 words, and a detailed one 2000 words; unless they are a blogger, they will have no idea what this means. They have actually to see the physical, typed up the difference of each otherwise they cannot imagine what it looks like; uncertainty breeds anxiety and buyer anxiety creates a lack of sales.


The number one mistake I see Tarot readers make is that they assume their email readings are the ‘less than’ option. Because they find them easy to perform and they can do them in their own time, readers think that their email Tarot readings are not worth as much money as regular readings, so they subconsciously do things which imply that email readings are the budget option.

Doing anything which implies your readings are not high quality will be off-putting to your potential clients. If people are looking for a solution to a significant problem, they want only the best. Undervaluing your email readings does nothing but highlight to your seekers that your other readings could be better.

The most obvious way you can undercut your email readings is in pricing. Do not make any of your email readings cheaper than a regular reading, even if the difference is only $5. A penny less than a regular reading implies that, somehow, your email readings are not as valuable or important as they could be. You want to encourage your seekers to buy your email readings, so remember to keep the price the same.

It is a sad fact, but buyers always equate higher prices with quality, especially in non-essentials such as readings. You may think that you are giving your seekers a good deal, but they will not see it that way.

You’re selling Tarot readings, not toilet paper. People aren’t looking for the best deal they’re looking for the best readings. Try to avoid doing pretty much anything that screams, “Hey, this is an excellent deal”! And instead go for, “Hey, this is an excellent, high-quality reading, just like my other readings”!

The pricing factor is one of the reasons why some readers struggle even to shift free readings. Believe it or not, the more expensive your readings are, the easier they are to sell.

Although pricing is a visible indicator of quality, you have to consider more subtle ways you could be devaluing your readings. For example, turn around time.


Years ago (like five years ago) I had a super fast turn around time for every type of reading. If you called me up for a reading, I would bend over backward to come up to your house and perform it as soon as possible. I shit you not, I once traveled over an hour and a half away on New Years Day to perform a £25 reading (and my travel and lunch probably took a considerable chunk of that).

Once I began to perform readings online, this attitude bled into my email readings. I would drop everything and perform my readings in record times. Back then, I thought that advertising the fact I had a turn around time of fewer than 12 hours was a good thing, but it had the opposite effect.

If your delivery time is super fast, your seekers will assume that you are not providing a custom made service. Nobody wants to pay good money for a reading they think is a cut and paste job. Also, they will assume you are not busy and possibly wonder why. When you promise your readings too quickly, your clients will devalue them.

Instead, advertise on your business page that you will deliver the reading no less than 48 hours after the request is given. If you wish, you can perform the reading quicker than this and surprise your clients with your quicker than expected delivery time, but don’t give them the impression you’re sitting at home waiting on business to float your way.


An unspeakable crime which you can make on your website is going wild. And no, I don't mean by spilling your life's story on your blog after a bottle of wine and a few texts to your ex. I mean, by being over the top with the amount of email reading options you provide.

Just because you can now update your website and throw up sales pages to your heart's content, doesn't mean that you should.

If you provide your seekers with too many options, they will choose nothing. Do not, I mean DO NOT, bombard your potential seekers will 10, 100, 1000 Tarot spreads they can choose from if they want a reading from you. Most seekers will not know which spread is best, not want to make a decision and, again, buying anxiety will creep in and surprise surprise you'll make no sales.

Instead, have a few options for your email readings, nothing more. Ideally, I suggest you have a snappy, detailed, and maybe even a 'weighing up two options' email reading selection, but no more than that. Providing only a few options means that your seekers can quickly weigh up the right one for them, order, and you can get on with the reading.


There are other ways to make money as an online psychic from methods other than email readings. If you want to work online as a reader, email readings are not the be all and end all.

Back when I just started working online, one thing which I wish someone told me was that I didn't just have to provide my seeker's with services. It is not a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. I once relied solely on email readings to get me by, and I wish I hadn't. I actually wish I had explored other ways I could make money online so that I could receive multiple levels of income.

You do not have only to provide email readings. You can sell worksheets, e-books, guides, even courses. The opportunities for working online are endless. Do not just commit to one method of making money on the internet, spread your love around!

Are you trying to grow your Tarot business but hearing nothing but crickets in your PayPal account (and free reading requests in your inbox)? Then feel free to to download the ‘Spiritual and Making Money” guide below. It is fun, it is free and available to view on mobile, tablet and computer! 

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Art infographic: Are you considering beginning to give Tarot readings through email? Or maybe you already have, and you would like to know how you can give better email Tarot readings (or sell more!) If you’re interested in getting some tips for how to develop your email Tarot reading practice, read on! Card deck is the Rider Waite Smith Lovers, High Priestess, Fool, Devil, Star, Death - Divination and Fortune-Telling.

Art infographic: Are you considering beginning to give Tarot readings through email? Or maybe you already have, and you would like to know how you can give better email Tarot readings (or sell more!) If you’re interested in getting some tips for how to develop your email Tarot reading practice, read on! Card deck is the Rider Waite Smith Lovers, High Priestess, Fool, Devil, Star, Death - Divination and Fortune-Telling.