How to Sell your Tarot with Confidence

Want to sell your Tarot services online or in person? Do you lack the confidence you need to market yourself, your skills and abilities? Perhaps you’re a Tarot reader, and you are good but you cannot make money from your calling because you struggle to put yourself out there? The trick is that you have to believe in the benefits of what you’re selling.

First of all, I hope that all is well in your intuitive studies and you’re crushing it!

If you’re not, don’t worry, I have a tip which will make all of the difference!

How to sell your services in your intuitive or spiritual based business online and in person. Tips and tricks for if you struggle to market and promote your psychic company for mediums, Tarot readers, astrologers and.png

This website, Divination & Fortune-Telling is 18 months old. In only this sites first year, I saw a massive amount of growth including:

- Last July, I presented about Gypsy Fortune-Telling at TABI’s Tarot conference at Birmingham University.

- Last year I held two online master classes, one on Lenormand, the other on Court Cards.

- In March, I hit 100,000+ monthly views making Divination & Fortune-Telling one of the top half a million websites in the world, in only 11 months!

- This April, I launched my eBook: Love Tarot Spreads (23 Tarot card spreads you’ll actually use).

- Gained 3000 email subscribers.

From the outside looking in, for many people it looks like I just popped up out of nowhere, threw my face in front of everyone and grew my company.

Trust me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not always been this way.

Only a few years ago, before every intuitive service I provided (especially readings) I used to shit my pants. Just booking readings made me so damn nervous. And I’m not only talking about paid readings, I’m also referencing readings where I was reading people I knew personally who weren’t even paying me.

To top it off, I wasn’t just like that with readings.

I was also a big scaredy cat when it came to doing what I really wanted to do: teach. For as long as I can remember, I have had the concept of Divination & Fortune-Telling in my soul. And for about 3 years I fantasied about building a website like this one. But, I never actually went for it. I always held myself back.

My biggest block wasn’t in the actual performance, it was in selling myself.

I worried about coming across too ‘salesy’ or didn’t want to sound pushy. I assumed that my potential clients/students would think I was a con-artist if I wrote a half-decent sales page or ‘about me’ section. Writing any form of wording for my company, from site pages, to social media posts, to replies on Facebook messenger took me forever.

Just from the conversations, I have seen this last week, many other readers feel the same. They really struggle to promote their readings or teachings, even if they’re free and just for practice.

Here’s the thing: you have to get over it. And don’t worry, if I did, you can too.

I bet you’re probably now wondering how I moved past fear, went out there and sold myself. Well, I have to tell you that the solution is so simple, it will blow your mind.

You have to know the benefits of what you’re selling.

Even if it’s a trade.

Even if it’s free.

Even if you’re only doing it for practice.

You need to know that what you’re putting out there is going to be so beneficial to that person’s life, the price becomes irrelevant. This applies whether your readings, teachings, eBooks, spells, candles are free, $5 or $500.

About 3 years ago I tried to sell my first online workshop. I put it together because it was what I wanted to do and it seemed like a really good idea. I desperately wished I could teach divination and spirituality online and obviously, this was how I planned to do it. The workshop wasn’t even that expensive, it cost around $50 to enroll.

No joke, it probably took me a good week to get around to writing that sales page. And when I published it, I didn’t want to promote it because I was so nervous (I did like one Facebook post haha).

Don’t get me wrong, the content in that workshop was amazing. I would even say that for a divination practitioner, it was life-changing. But those phenomenal benefits weren’t what I was focusing on when I was promoting the workshop. All I was doing was driving myself crazy panicking whether people would buy it, whether they would want their money back or not, whether the tech was properly in place. I was just immersed in the wrong things.

I even think back to yeeeeeears ago when I first started giving readings. My focus and worries were always placed on being right, not on being helpful. Then, when I was selling my readings I was so consumed with selling, I was hyper-conscious of selling and didn’t want to sell because I didn’t want my selling to turn people off! (If you struggle to sell readings, this is something I focus on how to do in my 'Psychic in Business' ebook)

Not to get all airy-fairy, but when you’re doing spiritual work, you’re working with energy. You have to keep yourself believing that what you’re doing is worth paying for because if not, you’ll feel like a fraud and not attract the right opportunities. You need to know that you’re doing what you’re doing for the right reasons.

And here’s the confusing thing, the right reasons are not the same for everyone. Maybe, you’re not a naturally caring person. That’s fine everyone is different. BUT maybe your big reason why, is because you enjoy educating people on Yoga, Astrology or whatever you do. You’re doing it because you love it.

Personally, I am a bit like that myself. I don’t get as excited selling readings as I do teaching divination. The reason for this is because deep down I honestly believe that everyone can and should learn how to read themselves. I am super passionate about spreading the magic of divination, it is like an obsession. I am so sure of this, that I can happily stop strangers in the street and tell them to go visit my website. I recently handed my site address to a McDonald's worker who had a Wild Unknown tattoo.

Knowing your reason why you are doing your work - and fully understanding the benefits of your offers - should make you feel like you have a cure for a disease. Your potential clients are riddled with this deadly condition and they’ll turn to zombies by midnight if you don’t deliver the serum. If you don’t feel this way, you will be creeped out by promoting yourself and your energy will repeal anyone you wish to sell to or practice on.

If you don’t know your big reason why you’re doing your work, your words will whisper, “Take up my offer”! But your nervous energy will scream, “Please don’t contact me”!

And it won’t just be your energy, it will be reflected in the things you say (or don’t say) and the way you act.

For example, for my first paid workshop, I focused heavily on what people got not how they would feel once they completed the work. My focus on things not feelings was very obvious on my sales page. I said shit like, “Oh, you get a 20-page workbook and a 60-minute presentation and we talk about psychic development and crystal balls and stuff”. Nothing about the benefits, nothing about the impact it would have on their lives because I was working from a place of ‘features’ not ‘benefits’.

By contrast, nowadays when I am promoting my Psychic in Business E-Book I’m not shy. I believe in this. In fact, I believe in it so much I tell people, you will get results and these practices will change your life. I am excited to talk about it. I tell people which I know don’t even care just because I want to hear myself bang on.

So, what can you do if you’re scared to promote your readings even if they’re free? You need to sit down and get your thinking cap on. You must be able to answer these questions:

1. What are the 3 main benefits to my offer?

2. How will my client’s life change/improve once they invest in my offer?

3. Why do I love my offer?

4. What big, bad, burning pain does my offer address? How can I relate to this?

5. Do I really want to supply what I am supplying and, if not, what would I be more excited to promote instead?

Good luck in your reading practice!

Are you trying to grow your Tarot business but hearing nothing but crickets in your PayPal account (and free reading requests in your inbox)? Then feel free to to download the ‘Spiritual and Making Money” guide below. It is fun, it is free and available to view on mobile, tablet and computer!