Signs you Struggle to Read Court Cards

The devil isn't The Devil. The devil isn't The Tower or even the 10 of Swords. For you, me and many other Tarot readers, the devil is probably Court cards. 

For many years, I struggled to read Court cards. When I first started reading Tarot, I didn't worry about them too much.  Then, as my Tarot readings progressed and I was reading more people, I started to worry about .png

For many years, I struggled to read Court cards. When I first started reading Tarot, I didn't worry about them too much.  Then, as my Tarot readings progressed and I was reading more people, I started to worry about them more. Finally, as time went on I learned all of the different things Court cards could represent (a feeling, the seeker, a person) and this made me dread Court cards showing up. 

Eventually, through educating myself and getting more experience, I got over my fear of Court cards. However, I remember what it was like to really struggle with reading Court cards. 

Finding it difficult to grasp how to read Court cards goes beyond just struggling to read them. It can affect your confidence and prevent you from wanting to get the experience which, ironically, will get you over your fear.

Below I have outlined the signs that you have an issue with Court cards which is serious enough that you need to tackle it sooner rather than later.

Sign One: You Dread Giving Readings

Pretty obvious, but the number one sign that you need to improve your confidence with Tarot Court cards, is if you dread them coming up. Dreading them appear can result in a want to not give readings to other people at all. 

By dreading giving readings, I mean that you die a little inside every time someone requests a reading. This can happen whether the person is sitting right in front of you, or if they inquire about your readings through text or Messanger. 

If a PM inquiry about your Tarot readings has you avoiding Facebook for days or weeks on end, then you have an issue with your Tarot confidence. And it doesn’t matter who that inquiry is from, you’ll want to crawl into a hole and die every time someone brings up the subject of getting a Tarot reading. 

Back when I lacked confidence I used to get nervous reading everyone, even reading my (now ex) partner’s mother. This was someone who was also a Tarot reader, she never criticized my readings, and always sang my praises. And yet, as I would be walking to her house I would be filled with anxiety. 

If you’re not a confident Tarot reader and dread certain cards coming up, it doesn’t matter who you’re reading, you’ll be nervous before you perform the reading. You might worry more about reading strangers, but you’ll also be paranoid about reading people you know. And you won’t want anyone putting you on the spot either. 

Back when I wasn’t so confident with my Court cards, I used to hate it when people would message me about my readings. To make matters worse, at the time I was working as a professional reader. You would think that alone would mean I had confidence, but no; if anything accepting money for my readings just made me dread them even more! 

Despite them being well reviewed, years ago, my lack of confidence in Court cards made me hate taking money for my readings. My worst nightmare involved me performing a professional reading on a stranger, only to receive mostly Court cards. I even harmed career opportunities which came my way because I didn’t want to have to put myself in these situations. Which brings me to my next point;  

Sign Two: You Sabotage your Opportunities

Believe it or not, you can be working as a professional reader and still lack confidence in your abilities. Tarot readers don’t go pro because they have confidence. Most Tarot readers end up becoming professional because the universe has grabbed a stick and poked them in that direction; usually, reading professionally is their calling and they have been led down that career path through divine intervention. 

The universe and the spirits can throw you in at the deep end. Before you know it, reading Tarot is the only career option available to you, the only thing you can be successful at doing, but that doesn’t mean you have the confidence to do so. 

If you’re working as a professional reader but lack confidence in reading classes of cards, you can subconsciously create scenarios where you harm your reading career. Lack of confidence creates a desire to remain unseen. You will never want to be known for anything so will constantly change your mind about your business direction, forever be rebranding, never have your website finished, never complete those 1 million projects you started. 

Also, if there are parts of Tarot you are not confident reading, you can worry that your readings are not as good as they could be. Fearing your Tarot readings are shit means that you will chronically undervalue yourself. For example, charge much less than you need to live on, target clients whom you know have little income, randomly discount your services, and give in to free reading requests. If your heart drops in your chest every time you quote the full price for your Tarot services, you really need to work on your confidence. 

Similarly, you might not be at the stage that you’re reading professionally (or you’re not yet full-time), but the urge may be there. However, you’re probably putting it off and putting it off until the time is right. When you wait for the time being right what you’re really waiting for is to increase confidence. The time is never right, but you can learn how to successfully master Court cards.  

Sign Three: You get A LOT of Free Reading Requests

There are certain types of people who love to take advantage of others, particularly people they deem to be weak. One way they like to do this if you’re a Tarot reader is to badger free readings from you. 

These people can literally sense your lack of confidence. You don’t even have to have any previous contact with them for them to know your secret. They pick up on your energy and the subtle little things you say; this allows them a sneak peek into your soul, revealing your lack of confidence. 

No shit, back when I lacked confidence in reading Court cards, I would constantly be hounded for free readings. Free reading requests would FLOOD my inbox. Some would be nice, “Hey hun can you pull me a quick card I am having a really hard time”. Others would just be so rude and straight to the point saying nothing more than, “Tarot reading”.  

I don’t even know how 99% of these people found me. Back then I didn’t even have 5,000 hits a month to my first website. And yet, they did find me and make their way to my email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles; it seemed like I got more free reading requests than website visitors. 

They all knew that if I was pressured enough I might give in. And they were like those creepy men who add you on Facebook and message, “Hello Dear”; once you accept one, another hounds you and then another. Before you know it, you’ve got an inbox full of free reading requests and a PayPal account that’s empty. 

The funny thing is, now I have confidence, I pretty much never get free reading requests. Almost by magic, they have virtually stopped. I now get 100 times more traffic per month than I did back when I was in free reading request hell, but the beggers in my inbox have all but disappeared. It is almost as if I previously had a magnet which draws in people who chanced their luck.  

The above behavior can cause Tarot readers to feel as though they have been taken advantage of. And it isn't just about the money, it is the fact that strangers (and non-strangers!) assume that you owed them something. These feelings are not special to professionals; even the non-pros are not immune from the badgering of free reading requesters.

My non-pro students have previously complained about friends or family members who are always in crisis and always wanting Tarot readings. It seems to the reader that this is all that their loved one is interested in and they feel used by them. On an almost weekly basis, their friend/relative is coming over asking them to quickly, “Ask their cards”.

If you fall into this category, you will find that your loved one's behavior rarely gets better, it only escalates over time. Before you know it, they invite other people on their freebie merry-go-round, such as their friends, relatives, and co-workers. This will lead you to a situation similar to the below scenario: 

One day, you get invited to your cousin’s house for a ‘quiet drink’ with your cousin’s work friends. Before you know it, what you thought was going to be a relaxing night in turns into a Tarot reading party for 8 people to celebrate Cassandra from admins 31st birthday. So now, not only are you NOT getting to de-stress after a hectic week, you’re doing the exact opposite; you’ve got to ‘perform’ for a room full of semi-strangers for 5 hours who all want their Tarot cards read. And skeptic Susan isn't shy about her disbelief in psychics (but still wants a reading!) and you would rather die than read anyone. 

Once you improve your confidence reading Tarot, you'll find that a lot of people who badger you for free readings stop. Not only do you stop attracting them, but eventually you develop the emotional strength you need to just say no; repeatedly knocking people back for readings teaches them that they cannot walk all over you. 

Also, when you invest in your Tarot education, you begin to expect others to do the same. If you have taken courses or educated yourself on how to read Court cards, you're not so keen on entertaining people who aren't willing to invest in your time (even if all you require from them is respect of your boundaries). 

So, What Can You Do?

That’s it for the signs you struggle to read Court cards! If you’re curious what your lover (or potential lover’s) feelings and intentions are towards you, below I have a free Intentions Tarot Guide. The Intentions Tarot Guide includes tips, spreads and meanings which will reveal what your partner is feeling about you and your relationship. This guide is 100% free and downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer!

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Art Illustration: Do you find it hard to read Court Cards? Are you unsure what Tarot Court Cards are and what they can represent? Do you know the meanings of Court cards, but struggle with interpreting them in your Tarot card readings? Here are the signs that you have a serious issue with Court cards which need addressed.

Art Illustration: Do you find it hard to read Court Cards? Are you unsure what Tarot Court Cards are and what they can represent? Do you know the meanings of Court cards, but struggle with interpreting them in your Tarot card readings? Here are the signs that you have a serious issue with Court cards which need addressed.