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The Divination Maximiser


Improve your psychic development without healing chakras or practicing Yoga


You’re wanting to be spiritual but can’t commit to 3AM Yoga sessions (who isn’t too lazy for that nonsense?). You’re dying on improving your reading skills (but these chakras and animal spirit guides ARE NOT working for you). You’re developing a mistrust of Insta-Awake gurus (why were they all ancient Egyptian priests in their past lives?)

Do you: 

- Get so nervous you die a little inside every time you have to perform a reading?  

- Secretly fear your readings are shit?

- Long to develop a relationship with your ancestral spirits? 

- Wish you could develop your psychic readings skills quickly without resorting to New Age crap you don’t actually believe in?

I can bet this is what your life looks like. You get a ping from your phone: it’s someone enquiring about your readings. You haven’t even agreed on a time and date yet but you’re already in a panic. What if you can’t perform? What if they hate it? What if this reading ruins your life? (A little dramatic but you can’t help yourself). 

Leading up to the reading, you’re a bag of nerves. You know that your skills aren’t all they could be. But you can’t tell anyone. And - if you’re not too embarrassed to share with them - you don’t want to post to a Facebook group and get generic advice. Or have other readers judging you with their OTT "ethics". You can’t even admit to this problem.

You’ve tried chakra healing. You’ve tried crystals. God help you, you’ve tried praying to Gods and ‘ascending masters’ you have zero connection with.  

  Nothing is working for you 

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My name is Lisa Boswell and I have been practicing divination my entire life. I was pretty much raised as a reader in a Romany Gypsy family. You would think that I would have the experience, skills and knowledge NOT to feel like a chaotic mess every time I performed a reading. Or you probably assume that after years of practice my readings naturally got good. Not true. 

I secretly feared that I sucked at giving readings. For every person which raved about my Tarot or dream interpretation skills, there were those other okay-not-great readings I just couldn’t move past. And, yeah, some of them were embarrassing disasters where I couldn’t get information or got things wrong. 

On top of my self-doubt, my readings were also crazy and chaotic. Sometimes I could link with my seeker’s auntie Joan, other times I couldn’t even link with myself. I was a hot mess. Not knowing what to expect when I performed a reading just added to my reading anxiety. 

Many times, I went on the hunt for a cure. I wanted so badly to increase my skills, improve my confidence, and give better readings. But the answers I found were just not for me. I didn’t want to have to raise at 3am to perform impossible poses on the beach, or ‘heal myself’ for 3 hours a day.  

I needed something quick and actionable because my readings had to improve like yesterday!

Divination and fortune telling perform better Tarot card readings like a pro.png

So what did I do? I went to the source. I got advice from people who had actually been there. I married skill and technique with spiritual development. And, I worked with my own spirits, my own intuition, and stuff which actually worked for me NOT all of the commercial spiritual development stuff pushed by big companies. 

After my development and readings improved, amazing things happened: 

- I became confident about giving readings. No more crapping myself!

- My readings became less chaotic. I knew in my soul that spirit was always by my side instructing me on how to read. 

- I formed a relationship with spirit and made my spirituality a part of my day to day life without much effort. 

- I could easily sell and promote my readings. I didn’t have to worry about if they were good enough because I believed in myself. 

- My career took off. I got interviewed for magazines, the radio and TV. I even won an award for my work on Tarot. AND I currently run one of the top ranking websites in the Divination Industry (this pretty site right here sees over 100,000 page views per month!) 

Developing my spirituality didn't just change my reading skills, it transformed my life. 

I bet you believe that if you just keep reading Tarot or Astrology books your reading skills will naturally get better and your confidence will increase. I thought that too. But, eventually, I realised was that I had to work on my intuition, psychic ability and spiritual development. You need solid foundations worth their weight in lapis lazuli.

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Introducing The Divination Maximiser eCourse 

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Four Modules, Workbooks, 10+ Exercises, Your Divination Skills Maximised! 

The Divination Maximiser is a self-paced online course designed especially for diviners who want to increase their confidence and ramp up their psychic abilities. The Divination Maxmiser is for you if you need to develop quickly and see results. 

Imagine, you get that reading request message on your phone. Instead of dread, you feel excited to be performing, making money and breezing through your readings. After your readings, you log onto Facebook to see your clients raving about your session. Life is good. 

Enrolling in the Divination Maximiser is super simple. The course can be accessed on mobile, tablet or computer. You will have access instantly (no waiting around for someone to check you in!). You just sign up, sign in and you’re good to go. But, if you do run into trouble, you can change your password yourself or shoot me an email and I'll deal with it personally. 

You can develop with the Divination Maximiser even if your readings are currently shit. Even if you don’t consider yourself psychic. Even if you’re possessed by the can’t-read-for-the-life-of-me-demon

You will get results 


So, what type of experience do I have teaching this stuff? 


Don't worry, I know my shit! 

Other than the fact that I have been performing readings since I was a teeny-tiny fortune-teller, I am also very experienced in teaching divination and spiritual development. 

In the last 4 years which I have been teaching diviners I have: 

- Been featured in magazines, radio and on TV, performing readings and giving divination tips. I've whipped out this crystal ball for audiences in the UK, US, and Russia. 

- I have won an international award for my Tarot work. In December of 2014 I was voted Young Tarosophist of the Year. 

- My reading tips are trusted by thousands. This pretty little website you're currently viewing sees over 160,000 page views every single month (and growing!)

Therefore, you can trust you're in safe and experienced hands! 

What's Included in the course?

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FOur Printable Workbooks

The workbooks will kickstart your psychic development and increase your confidence. You'll delve deeply into any blocks you have preventing you from becoming a raved about reader. 

Divination and fortune telling perform better psychic readings.png

Four Videos 

The presentation videos will explain, the exercises in the workbooks, meditations and tasks. These videos will be detailed enough that you'll know what you're doing but quick enough not to put you to sleep!  

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The Exercise Book

The key to your success will be in the exercises you complete. The Divination Maximiser Exercise Book is designed to only include the most effect psychic development exercises so you can improve your readings today! 

Life After the Divination Maximiser


Module One: Gaining Confidence as a Reader

Divination psychic development course module 1.png
  • You have detached from the empathy you feel from your seekers - no more excess baggage. 
  • You have align with your true confident nature - shining bright instead of hiding away.  
  • You have got a killer pre-reading routine - less uncertainty, more I got this! 
  • You have internalised your achievements - you sell yourself effortlessly. 

Module Two: Increase your Psychic Ability

Divination psychic development course module 2.png
  • Spirits are now your friends, not something to fear.
  • Damaged or repressed gifts are now instantly repaired. 
  • You FINALLY know exactly why you have to heal past trauma, did it, reaped the benefits!
  • You are linking with spirits and feel them as a physical sensation, not something in your head. 

Module Three: Form a Relationship with Spirit

Divination psychic development course module 3.png
  • You have established who your guardian spirit is (and its so obvious its shocked you)
  • You can petition spirits and ask them for help before your readings. 
  • You own an inviting space for spirits and they actually show up!
  • You speak with spirits in your dreams, even if you don't dream!

Module Four: Make Spirituality a Part of your Life

Divination psychic development course module 4.png
  • You know the benefits of using signs baby!
  • You understand what a sign is and isn't and what that has to do with your readings.  
  • You have worked out what your personal calling cards are and how they manifest. 
  • You have received the many, many life changing and psychic benefits of following signs!

Your Big Burning Questions, Answered!

Q. "I've seen other spiritual development courses and books on the market, how does this one compare"?

The Divination Maximiser has been tailor made to get you results, quickly. This isn't some book which needs to hit the recommended word-count outlined by the publisher. And it doesn't gloss over the good stuff. This course contains nothing but actionable, proven exercises which actually work. 

Also, the Divination Maximiser course does not assume that, even though you practice divination, you're a New Age practitioner.  I have successfully taught the exercises is in this course to New Agers, Kabbalists, Starseeds, Christians, ATR followers and diviners unsure of who the hell they're praying to. 

Q. "I see you teach Tarot, is this course only for card readers"? 

No, this course is for all types of diviners. The exercises within this course will help you develop whether you're a Tarot reader, an astrologer or a sign interpreter, it really doesn't matter. I can honestly say the things I teach in this course has helped me develop my Tarot, Lenormand, Dream Interpretation, and tool-free divination skills. 

Q. "Is it a mediumship course"? 

Although I will be teaching you how to link with spirits, this is not a mediumship course, because it is not teaching you how to link with other people's spirits. The focus of this course is teaching you how to link with your own spirits which are around you and ready to assist you to perform better readings. 

Q. "Do you make any guarantees"?

Because I know these exercises work, yes I do make guarantees. If after 7 days of enrolling in this course you feel it has not improved your development, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. (You can check out the terms here).

Q. "Why should I buy now"?

The quicker you work on your development, the faster you'll be giving more confident readings. The time is going to pass anyway. In the next couple of weeks you can take the course and be an epic reader. Or look back and wish you would have took this course before someone else asks you for a reading. 

Also, I love to retire old stuff and do it all of the time. I can't say that this course is still going to be available in the future. 

Q. "I am not tech savvy, how hard is it going to be to order"?

I can guarantee that, if you are smart enough to navigate to this page, you're smart enough to enrol in this course. All you have to do is purchase your spot, set your password and you'll be inside the course site. If you forget your password, you can simply click 'request new password' and you'll be emailed one. And, you can access the course on mobile, tablet and computer. It doesn't get any easier than that. 

I'm ready to transform my development!