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Stop winging it with your Court cards!


Introducing the Court Card Masterclass Workshop!

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Are you a Tarot reader who struggles to read Court Cards? Do you know the general meanings but don't know how to read them? Do you struggle with telling if they represent the seeker, their lover or someone else entirely? 

In this free, online workshop, I am going to be taking the guesswork out of reading Court Cards and get you reading them like a pro! I can guarantee that after you take this workshop, you will have all the knowledge you need to read Court Cards in a multitude of situations including: 

- For self-development questions. Discover what Court Cards represent when they appear in self-help spreads and spread positions. 

- For enthusiastic seekers. How do you read Courts for seekers who share their questions? And have specific dilemmas? You'll know how after this section!

- For reluctant seekers. After this section you'll be able to read Court cards for complete strangers who sit there cross armed not sharing nada.

This workshop will get you results even if you're not a confident reader. Even if you're petrified of Court Cards. Even if you're a shit Tarot reader, this workshop will help you. 

The workshop will take place Saturday the 23rd of Feb 2019, 8pm UK time (that's 3pm New York time, 12 noon LA time). If you can't make it in time to watch the live workshop, don't worry a replay will be available. 

This Workshop has now ended.

If you have never taken one of my Divination Workshops before, you can check out some FAQ below!

"I am interested in these workshops but I have never taken one before and don't really understand the sign up process"

Don't worry! If you want to sign up for a workshop but are apprehensive about how the sign up process works, I have included a video here to show you what the process looks like (no guess work involved). 

"Will I have to pay for this workshop?" 

No! You will not have to pay any money or enter your credit card or PayPal details. Divination Workshops are free, online workshops which are designed to help you improve your Tarot, Lenormand and other types of divination skills. 

"I am shy, Do I have to take part"? 

No you do not have to take part. If wish to be a fly on the wall, watch and take notes you're more than welcome to do that. 

"The Time/date isn't convenient for me but I want the workshop"!

Everyone who registers for a divination workshop will be sent a replay workshop link once the workshop is over. If you happen to miss the workshop, you have 48 hours to watch the replay!

"I do not have a computer, can I still watch the workshop"? 

The workshop is accessible on mobile, tablet and computer. 

This Workshop has now ended.