Tarot for love, life & Accurate readings. 


Not your regular Tarot e-books!

Are you looking to go to the next level on your Tarot journey? Then say hello to Divination & Fortune-Telling's e-books. Whether you're reading your love life (or other people's) I've got you covered!

Love Tarot Meanings E-book on iPad.png

Love Tarot Meanings

Spending your life Googling love Tarot card meanings but never get a straight answer? Feeling confused? Well, you're needing just the right reference for the job…

Love Tarot Spreads E-book on iPad.png

Love Tarot Spreads

Are you trying to mould a crappy standard Tarot spread to fit something as serious as your love life? Do yourself a favour and use a specialist spread…

Psychic in Business E-book on iPad.png

Psychic in Business

Are you struggling to make a name for yourself as a professional reader? Want to know what you can do to actually start making a living? I have something for you..