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Tarot e-books for love, business & life. 


Not your regular Tarot e-books!

Are you looking to go to the next level on your Tarot journey? Then say hello to  the Divination & Fortune-Telling's e-books. Whether you're reading your love life (or other people's) I've got you covered!

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The Tarot Workbook

The printable Tarot Workbook is a workbook designed especially for readers like you who want to design your own Tarot card meanings and Tarot spread layouts... 

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Love Tarot Spreads

Spending your life Googling love Tarot information but still stuck and confused? Well, you're probably using the wrong Tarot spread! Make sure you get the basics right...

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Psychic in Business

Are you wasting too much time posting your reading ads on social media and still seeing nothing but crickets in your PayPal account? You need a strategy which works...