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Ashley Divination Maximiser review.png

The Divination Maximiser Course is a must have for anyone who performs divination. Whether you've been giving readings for 20 years or 20 minutes, I guarantee you will benefit from this course and your readings will improve!

I was able to relate to some of the personal experiences Lisa shares in her course. She is very real and honest and just tells it like it is. 

There is no BS here, no "you have to do this for 1 year...blah blah blah. She takes the "new age shame" out of fortune telling and teaches you exercises and techniques that work. Some of them won't be what you expect but I guarantee they will work! This is the best course on the market today for becoming a great reader no matter what your divination method!

Ashley - Divination Maximiser Student

Tarot Techniques Review

Elaine - Tarot Techniques Student

Wild Diviner Testimonial - Ashley Oppon.png

Lisa’s Wild Diviner Masterclass On interpreting animals in divination is a welcomed need in the spiritual world. I think many people read tons of books and watched tons of videos and take tons of classes on the meaning of animal symbols, but in this one class Lisa breaks everything down in a way that makes it very easy and palatable to understand.  The information she gives you helps you to break things down for you, the diviner,  and also helps you examine the way you look at the world when it comes to animal symbolism. I think this class is invaluable and is something that every diviner could learn from.

Ashley - Wild Diviner Masterclass Student

Having completed the Tarot Techniques 2019 course, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to develop their reading skills further. The course gives you the techniques you need to provide structure and accuracy to your Tarot readings, with confidence and ease. Lisa is a great tutor and I found that the course she provides takes away any confusion when it comes to Tarot giving you lots of insight and detail in each section of the course. It is also very affordable and you are given the option to set up a payment plan. 

Samantha - Tarot Techniques Student

Wild Diviner Testimonial - Tasha Lee.png

I am an experienced, full time professional psychic, so I work with animal symbolism regularly. Lisa quite obviously knows her subject matter well.  This workshop has reminded me of things that I had forgotten, as well as given me many new ways to interpret, so it is suitable for beginners and those more experienced alike.  It is thorough, in depth, informative, interesting, as well as engaging.  Lisa goes at a nice pace and everything is laid out clearly and in a manner which flows nicely - so it is easy to follow.  I’ve taken a lot of online courses and that is up there with the best.  I would highly recommend this workshop, to anyone who is interested in expanding their understanding of animal symbolism.  

Tasha Lee - Wild Diviner Masterclass Student

I have to thank Lisa for such a wonderful and comprehensive course.  Each module seemed to build appropriately on the previous one resulting in a deeper level of clarity for me in interpreting the cards.  I have been reading for a while and yet gained so much from this course.  I highly recommend it for students starting on their tarot journey or for those more experienced.  We never stop learning and Tarot Techniques provides an excellent platform for development and increasing confidence as a reader.  I can't thank you enough.

Jennifer - Tarot Techniques Student

Cathy review.png

I just completed Lisa's Court Card Course. I had previously taken her Tarot Techniques Course, so I was quite excited to get started on this one, as I knew how much I got out of taking her Tarot Course. I will start off by saying, I absolutely love the way Lisa teaches. She's relaxed, easy to understand, funny, and explains it in a way that you can use and relate to in everyday life situations. I also thought I knew everything I needed to know about court cards, but was I wrong. From taking Lisa's Court Card Course, I have added great techniques and tips to my current understanding of them. It's like a whole world of people and situations in those cards that have opened up for me. And I'm not just recommending the Court Card Course, but anyone learning Tarot, should take ALL Lisa's courses. You won't be sorry. Great investment. I'm hoping now for a Lenormand Course from Lisa. Fingers crossed.  Thanks Lisa, you are a gem.

Cathy - Court Card Course Student

I would highly recommend the Tarot Techniques Class from Lisa - the content is incredibly thorough, well laid out and helps one gain a profound understanding of the cards both intuitively and historically. I graduated this class,  no longer worried about court cards showing up in a reading and feeling empowered with numerous spreads and insights about the cards that I have since put into play in my own tarot reading business. This has been the best class I have ever had the honor to take concerning tarot. Take it! You will do yourself a huge favor.

Ash-Lee - Tarot Techniques Student

psychic in business e-book paola review.png

I have to say this is THE /handbook/ for a psychic in business protege. You know how every beginner needs a textbook in class? This is that classroom textbook--- 101 style!

I am a business major and these very concepts were taught to me not only in marketing, but also in regards to business management. The principles that Lisa presents here are tailored to reflect the more personal (and social) aspects of the job as much as the material practicality that us intuitive will face. I can't speak for myself. This stuff isn't really out there much for any of us. I'm glad to have gotten my hands on it. It clarifies a lot of what I suspect I will be facing in the "psychic's" market out there. We have to admit-- it's competitive.

It is considerate of what you seek to gain from your business as much as it is considerate of the fact that your clients will be helped and benefiting from your empathic capabilities. But you gain a sense of direction! This arms you for that future; be it in tarot cards or medium-ship (and all the in-between).

Seriously, guys, get it. It is your cheat sheet/spark notes to the business aspects of this esoteric world we live in.

Paola - Psychic in Business Student