The Big Divination Survey Terms and Conditions

The following outlines the terms and conditions for participants of The Big Divination Survey (survey) conducted by Lisa Boswell and her company Spirituality Media (us, we). By taking part in this survey, you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not take part in the survey. 

  1. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to the privacy policy outlined on this website. 

  2. You understand that, by taking part in this survey, you will be added to the Divination and Fortune-Telling newsletter. 

  3. Even if you do not win the prize, you will remain a subscriber of the Divination and Fortune-Telling newsletter until you chose to unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

  4. Your information and the results of the survey will never be sold or given to any third party. 

  5. We will use your survey answers for marketing purposes. We will produce content including (but not limited to) social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, website content, courses, e-books, print books, and products based on what is popular among respondents. For example, if a large proportion of respondents show an interest in developing their Tarot reading skills, we will publish articles, e-books, and courses on these subjects. 

  6. By taking part in the survey, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a prize. The prize you can win includes a Tarot card deck, a Lenormand card deck, a playing card deck, a pen set, a journal, a bookmark, twelve small crystals, a crystal ball, a teacup, a dowsing pendulum, and a token set. 

  7. The survey prize is subject to change. 

  8. You understand that the winner of the survey prize will be selected at random. 

  9. You understand that only one person can win the prize. The prize cannot be divided between multiple people. 

  10. The prize cannot be traded for other products, services, or a cash alternative. 

  11. In order to be entered into the prize draw, you must answer all questions honestly. If we suspect that you have not answered all questions honestly, you will not be added into the draw.

  12. The survey and prize are available worldwide. However, we are not legally responsible for what happens once we post the prize out to you. For example, if you live in a country where divination and fortune-telling are illegal, you have taken part in this survey at your own risk. 

  13. The prize is for entertainment purposes only and is no substitute for legal, emotional, medical, or professional advice. 

  14. If you win the prize, we are only responsible for shipping you the prize. We are not at liberty to teach, coach, or instruct you on how to use the items in the prize through call, text, email, or otherwise.

  15. I am not the original author, creator, publisher, or artist behind the individual items within the prize. The owner of the prospective Copywrite for each product has no part in this contest. I have chosen these prizes because I love and have used them personally.  

  16. We may or may not publish the results of this survey. However, by taking part in this survey you acknowledge that your participation does not give you the right to access the total results of this survey. 

  17. Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, if we do publish the results of this survey in articles, blog posts, or social media posts, names will always be omitted.  

  18. The survey will take place between July the 23rd 2019 and Monday the 5th of August 2019. Any entries must be submitted by this time. 

  19. You understand that the winner’s name will be announced on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, for privacy reasons we will not tag you in the post. The winner will be notified through email. 

  20. Winners will be notified strictly through email where we will request your home address. If you do not email us your home address within fourteen days of be notified you will not receive the prize and another winner will be selected.