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Stop Praying that Court Cards won’t Show Up!


Does getting 5 Court cards in a 7 card reading sound like your worst nightmare? Does Court card in your love readings put you into a panic? Have you been Googling Court cards aimlessly only to be left with a bunch of meanings which make no sense? 

Do you wish you could: 

  • Welcome Court cards without fear? 

  • Effortlessly interpret Court cards in your love, business and general readings, even for skeptical strangers who sit there cross-armed not sharing their question? 

  • Get so much detail from your Court cards that you actually start to hope they do show up?

  • Enrol in a training which offers step by step instructions for interpreting Court cards, not just memorizing their meanings?  

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Hi there!

My name is Lisa Boswell, Tarot teacher, mother, internet stalker and Court card enthusiast. Pretty much my entire life, I have been obsessed with reading Tarot cards and for just as long, I struggle to read and interpret Court cards. 

It seemed as though the more I learned about Court cards, the more I struggled. Every day, I was discovering that a Court card could be one thing or another. The list was endless! 

So, I did what most people do; I took to the internet and books to educate myself. I even purchased resources which were dedicated to the art of reading Court cards. And still, there were no answers. All I got was a bunch of card meanings, no systems for interpreting Court cards. Every where I turned to Tarot teachers: 

- Couldn’t tell me who or what my Court card represented. It seemed almost at random that a Court card could symbolize me, my lover, my mother, an outsider, my personality, a situation, even a move of house! 

- Just gave me the meanings. I knew the meanings, that wasn’t the issue. My problem was that I couldn’t interpret what the Court card meant, who it represented and why it was in my reading. 

- Didn’t ease my burning issues around Court cards. I had a serious case of ‘Court-Card-In-Outcome-Positions-Anxiety’. Oh, the pain of receiving a Court card in the Outcome position of a love reading! And nobody (especially not Tarot ‘experts’) could tell me what that meant.  

I developed a long list of all of the things which Court cards could represent. And along with my list, grew my confusion. For example, in a love reading it is possible one Court card can be:  

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The Seeker

The person getting the reading. 

Male Tarot Court Card.png


How the relationship is perceived.

Male Tarot Court Card.png

The Lover

The lover you’re reading about. 

Female Tarot Court card.png

A Foe

A seductress or tempting person.  

Female Tarot Court card.png


A change of home or marriage.  

Male Tarot Court Card.png

A Friend

A friend or family member.

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To top it off, I quickly realized that interpreting that Court card wrong could mean disaster for my relationships! What if I was too soft when I had to be firm? Too tough when I had to be loving? Too communicative when I had to be quiet?  

So, what did I do?

I realised that, if I couldn’t read Court cards, I couldn’t really read Tarot at all. So, I took my Tarot studies head on. I developed systems for interpreting Court cards. I devoted hours to forming, testing and tweaking my Court card techniques. I now teach these methods to other Tarot readers from all over the world.

I’ll be honest, mastering Court cards wasn’t a walk in the park. I wasted a lot of time, effort, energy and money chasing up Court card dead ends. It seemed I was always disappointed with that well reviewed book or that hyped up YouTube video.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. I don’t want you to order that latest Tarot book or take that Tarot course only to be let down by the endless ways the creator can assign meanings to Court cards, but cannot tell you if that is the personality of you, your lover, your brother, or goat.

Introducing The Court Card Course:

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This 6-Part Online Tarot Court Card Course will be the Best Investment you have every made into your Tarot Journey!


“I just completed Lisa's Court Card Course. I had previously taken her Tarot Techniques Course, so I was quite excited to get started on this one, as I knew how much I got out of taking her Tarot Course. I will start off by saying, I absolutely love the way Lisa teaches. She's relaxed, easy to understand, funny, and explains it in a way that you can use and relate to in everyday life situations. I also thought I knew everything I needed to know about court cards, but was I wrong. From taking Lisa's Court Card Course, I have added great techniques and tips to my current understanding of them. It's like a whole world of people and situations in those cards that have opened up for me. And I'm not just recommending the Court Card Course, but anyone learning Tarot, should take ALL Lisa's courses. You won't be sorry. Great investment. I'm hoping now for a Lenormand Course from Lisa. Fingers crossed.  Thanks Lisa, you are a gem.” Cathy Larsen

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The Court Card Course is a 6-part Tarot reading course which is not like anything available anywhere else. I guarantee, this course is the best resource available for reading Court cards and will result in you hoping Court cards show up just so that you can test your Court card reading skills!  

This 6 part Court Card Course can be accessed on mobile, tablet and computer. You do not need any special equipment to take part in this course and you can learn at your own pace.

Part I of The Court Card Course - Discover how to learn Court card meanings, the easy way! You’ll learn techniques for discovering the Court personalities for yourself. No more spending hours trying to memorize someone else’s interpretations.  

Part II of The Court Card Course - How do you know when Court cards are appearing as situations? How do you handle it? Are Court cards ever not people? You’ll know the answers to these questions and more after taking this part of the course.

Part III of The Court Card Course - Wondering how you can interpret Courts for self-development questions? Or in predictive readings both with and without a specific question? You’ll be a master at most reading types after this course section!

Part IV of The Court Card Course - Finally master Court cards for romantic relationships! After this course section, you will know when a Court card symbolises you, your lover, a new lover, friend or relative! Plus, I will give you the low down on interpreting Court cards for business partnerships!

Part V of The Court Card Course - Court cards are not read the same way for romantic relationships as they are for teacher/student or boss/worker relationships. But you’ll know all about that once you fire through this course section.

Part VI of The Court Card Course - Court cards always appearing in your outcome positions? Forever receiving lots of Court cards? Know the significance of this and more after spending even just a couple of minutes in part VI of the Course Card Course.


Why Should you Learn from Me?


Don’t worry, if you decide to learn Tarot from me, you will not regret it! Here at Divination & Fortune-Telling, I have spent the last two years enrolling hundreds of happy students on my courses.

There is a reason why my website, Divination & Fortune-Telling is a trusted resource for over 1 millon+ Tarot readers who want to improve their readings every year. I will not be teaching you any old crap you can find anywhere. My goal is to have you mastering the type of Tarot which you’re actually use in real readings for real people.

Unlike many other Tarot reader resources, my teachings have been designed by me to include instruction on the most highly requested types of readings. For my Court Card Course (among other things) we will be looking at reading Tarot for prediction, love, business and more!

My work has achieved recognition. In 2014, I was awarded the Young Tarosophist of the Year Award for my work with Tarot and I have presented on Tarot and fortune-telling over the UK.

Not only that, but I have a reputation for quality training and advice. My work as been featured in magazines, radio, and media all over the world. I have even read Tarot live for SKY TV!

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That’s all good, BUT Is the court card course for you?

The Court Card Course is for you if:

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  • Even if you have read scores and scores of books devoted to Courts and never learned anything.

  • Even if you have already taking Court card courses and never gotten anywhere.

  • Even if you are not tech savvy. Enrolling is easier than one, two, three. Just head over to the checkout page, pop in your details and you will enrolled in the course. If you ever forget your password, you can request a new one with an automatic login link request.

  • Even if you have a mobile, tablet or computer. The course content can be accessed on any platform. You can even download the Teachable app on the app store and access your content this way!

  • Even if Court cards make you not want to be a Tarot reader. Seriously, after taking this course you will fall in love with Court cards! 

Your Big Bad Burning Questions Answered!


Upon enrolment you will get instant access to all course content.

“HOW MUCH DOES THe Court Card Course COST?”

Your investment into your Tarot journey is only one payment of $97 or two monthly payments of $50.


YES! If within 7-days of purchase you are not 100% satisfied, you are will receive a full refund.


The course is only available at this price for a short amount of time. In just a few short days, the price of the Court Card Course will rise again to $197

Plus, how many times have you promised yourself that this time you'll advance your Tarot? You've read all the books, probably even took a course or joined Facebook groups and you're still no further forward. Time is slowly ticking by anyway, you may as well develop your Tarot reading skills.