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He’s sitting at home staring at his mobile phone....

Your connection is great, almost special really....he should be texting you at a rate that would make a Kardashian weep...because you are potentially the love of his life, someone he can have a laugh with, the solution to his ‘loneliness’ issue. 

Yet he pauses...relationship uncertainty creeps in..maybe...maybe not

You’re just waiting there hoping for him to contact you....wondering what the future might be......waiting for your phone to go off...

Then almost without explanation all contact between you cease. And you’re left holding your Tarot cards wondering what your next step should be. 

You don’t understand it. Your Tarot cards previously told you to go for this relationship. You even seen signs of potential marriage or future commitments. Now, you’re too stressed out to properly perform your reading on this highly charged subject. 

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Because here is your problem.......

Love readings are hard to perform.....

Even when you need to know the answer.....

Even when you’re desperate......

Even when you would give your right eye for a clear prediction.....

The moment you just throw cards down on your bed without any direction or structure is the moment you can kiss the accuracy of your Tarot readings goodby. 

So what can you do to make your readings more accurate without re-throwing them or running to a judgey reader who will refuse to predict the future?

Use resources especially designed for love readings to turn yourself into a self-assured, card slinging oracle of Delhpi-esque proportions. 

The despair of performing readings without any answers - DISMISSED

The uncertainty of the future of your relationship - DISMISSED 

The not-knowing, second guessing what you should do - DISMISSED 

The burning desire to throw the same reading every day - DISMISSED, DISMISSED, DISMISSED 

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I’ve perfected this system which you can apply to love, break-up, marriage, pregnancy... heck even singleton readings so that you can start getting direction from your relationship readings without the confusion. 

Just open the content on your mobile, tablet or computer

And follow the step-by-step instructions for performing love readings. You’ll be able to go through this system again and again any time you need clarity in your relationships. 

You’ll discover......

  • How to predict the future of your romance. 

  • My top tips and tricks for interpreting Court cards. 

  • How to read positive cards in negative spread positions and negative cards in positive spread positions. 

  • How to spot pains in the asses such as a meddling mother-in-law, sneaky seductress, and annoying friend who are trying to interfere in your relationship. 

The Love Tarot Course Bundle is your backstage pass 

Access to the future of your relationships..... GRANTED!

Clarity from your love readings.... GRANTED!

Direction on whether to stay, go, go quiet or go for it....... GRANTED! 


There are certain things other readers cannot do for you and understanding the ins and outs of your relationships is one of them!

Developed by Lisa Boswell

Founder and Educator at Divination & Fortune-Telling

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Hi I’m Lisa! 

I began my Tarot journey back what seems like 20 years before Christ. Along with the embaressingly long time I have been reading, I have another confession: I’ve performed more love readings than I would like to admit. 

You know why?

Because I thought that I just had to throw my cards down and I would get a clear answer. I assumed that reading love was just like any other type of reading and should be treated as such; the meanings, the spreads, the techniques were pretty much the same. Obviously, I was wrong and my readings always a total fail (no surprises there). 

It was when I decided to add structure and systems to my Tarot readings that I began to see results like these:

  • No more wasted time. I knew which relationships were a waste of time and only pursued the ones which were going to grant me with the things I want. 

  • No more wasted energy. I stopped agonizing over my relationships because I had direction on how to act, and how to proceed. 

  • No more wasted feelings. I could confidently read the future and outcomes of my relationships and stopped re-throwing my spreads any time I didn’t get a text back. 

Introducing The Love Tarot Bundle

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The Love Tarot Bundle will give you clarity and diminish your confusion.

Imagine never again having to Google…..

  • The love meanings of your Tarot cards. You’ll know exactly what one of your Tarot cards mean for 15 spread positions.

  • The techniques behind reading Tarot for love. You’ll know how to interpret cards as the past, present, future, positives, negatives, action to take and how other people feel.

  • The right relationship spreads to use. You’ll already have 50 spreads which cover every possible love scenario imaginable.

No More Googling required!

The Online Love Tarot Bundle includes everything you need to perform accurate, predictive love readings. Never re-throw a Love reading again!

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The Love Tarot Meanings E-BOOK

Usual Price: $34.99

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The Love Tarot Reading E-COURSE

Usual Price: $97.00

Love Tarot Meanings - Bundle Contents-3.png

The Love Tarot Spreads E-Book

Usual Price: $29.99


Total Bundle Value - $161.98

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 You fear that your readings are crap.

Tarot reading is not a natural skill everyone is born with; it is something which is learned.

You desperately want to perform better, more accurate love readings. You need to know the future. You may even be a professional who is also looking to brush up on their reading skills.

The Love Tarot Online Course and Bundle is the only Tarot resource in the universe which teaches you exactly how to perform love readings for yourself without having to run to another reader.

Copy of For you-2.png

 Road One: You Do Nothing. You let that timer hit 0 and you continue down the path of love confusion, wasted time, effort and a lot of heartache.

Road Two: You Try to Improve Yourself. You continue to try and develop your love Tarot reading abilities yourself without direction and spend years and years (and multiple relationships) testing your methods. Eventually, you may even come back here and buy these products at the full price.

Road Three: You grab the Love Tarot e-book and course bundle and you start predicting the future, interpreting your spreads, and knocking your own socks off at the accuracy of your readings.


Let’s do the math

You can hire a professional reader and waste hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars on love readings. And good luck finding one who wants to actually predict the future and doesn’t think you’re not ‘spiritually evolved’ because you want a reading on your relationship. You can easily waste $200 per year on readings. 


You could wait for the 7 days per week the doors are open for The Love Tarot Course and buy it during the official launch period for the full price of $97


You could come back to this website whenever you need a love spread and purchase The Love Tarot Spreads E-Book for $29.99


Your could decide you don’t know what most of your Tarot cards mean in 99% of most spread positions and purchase The Love Tarot Meanings E-Book for $34.99

That’s close to $650 in two years which you could easily spend getting readings, buying books and trying to claw your way to love Tarot perfection. 

However, with the Love Tarot Bundle you are not only saving yourself $650 (potentially more) you are also going to feel warm and fuzzy in the guarantee that you will have clear cut directions for interpreting cards, knowing meanings and using spreads specifically designed for love reading.

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Offer Includes…..

The Love Tarot Course: The Love Tarot e-course contains 7 videos, 7 video transcripts, quizzes and guides for interpreting cards as the past, present, future, positives, negatives, action and feelings of love Tarot readings.

The Love Tarot Meanings E-Book: The best selling reference book which will give you the card meanings of every Tarot card in 15 different spread positions.

The Love Tarot Spreads E-Book: The number 1 Tarot spreads book which is dedicated solely to relationship spreads. This e-book contains 50 spreads for marriage, infidelity, pregnancy, and more!

Get Started Now!

(That’s $64.98 off the original price)

Your Big Bad Burning Questions, Answered!


Great question!

As I come from a family of Romany Gypsy fortune-tellers, I have been reading Tarot my entire life. For the last several years I have been teaching Tarot, specialising in prediction. In 2014, I won the Young Tarosophist of the Year Award for my work with Tarot, I have appeared on TV, radio and magazines with my teachings, and this website here sees half a million hits a month from diviners like yourself who are looking to improve their love Tarot reading skills. So, I have the experience to teach you Tarot!


The time is going to pass you by anyway. If you do not get love clarity today, you’re just going to perform another reading, and then another reading, and never get an answer. Are you not as well as mastering love readings sooner rather than later?


If you struggle to access the course content, I can help you out! Just shoot me a message at (my personal email) and I will get back you ASAP. However, I do not offer support in terms of personally interpreting your readings for you (that is what the bundle is for!) You can see my purchasing terms here.


No! The course content and e-books can be downloaded on mobile, computer or tablet. You can even download my course host’s app (Teachable) from the iStore, sign in, watch the videos and take the quizzes that way.

Q. “Is there a money back GUARANTEE”?

As this is a digital product delivered at the point of sale, I do not offer refunds as is the industry standard.

Q. “ I AM CONVINCED, WHERE CAN I GET this bundle”?

You can grab your bundle below below!