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Get clarity (not confusion!) from your love readings


Did you know that there is a difference between knowing a card meaning, and being able to interpret a Tarot card reading?

When you know how to interpret love readings, you can predict the future of your relationships with ease. When you can interpret love readings, you know why that positive card is appearing as a negative, and why that negative is appearing as a positive. When you can interpret love readings, you’re no longer flustered and confused by uncertain outcomes.

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The Extensive Tarot community can offer you many things:

  • Card Meanings - for everything.

  • Card Spreads - for a range of circumstance.

  • Tips for Buying Decks - (there’s even romantic Tarot cards).

  • Support - telling you your partner is an ass (despite not knowing him. Judgy much?)

  • Books, Blogs and other things.

    However, you’re not getting anywhere with these things. You know the meanings. You can read Tarot. But every time you throw that relationship spread down, your knowledge goes out of the window!

there is no information on how to interpret relationship readings, not just MEMORISE meanings!

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Hi I’m Lisa! 

I began my Tarot journey back what seems like 20 years before Christ. Along with the embaressingly long time I have been reading, I have another confession: I’ve performed more love readings than I would like to admit. 

You know why?

Because I thought that I just had to throw my cards down and I would get a clear answer. I assumed that reading love was just like any other type of reading and should be treated as such; the meanings, the spreads, the techniques were pretty much the same. Obviously, I was wrong and my readings always a total fail (no surprises there). 

It was when I decided to add structure and systems to my Tarot readings that I began to see results like these:

  • No more wasted time. I knew which relationships were a waste of time and only pursued the ones which were going to grant me with the things I want. 

  • No more wasted energy. I stopped agonizing over my relationships because I had direction on how to act, and how to proceed. 

  • No more wasted feelings. I could confidently read the future and outcomes of my relationships and stopped re-throwing my spreads any time I didn’t get a text back. 

There are methods, structures and systems behind accurate Tarot readings!

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Introducing The Love Tarot Course: Start Interpreting Tarot Cards for Relationship Readings!

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What is life like after taking the Love Tarot Course?

The ability to interpret the past of your relationship? Check!

Discovering how your romance is going currently? Check!

Uncovering the future of your love life? Check!

Reading cards in outcome positions? Check!

Interpreting negatives as positive? Check!

Interpreting positives as negatives? Check!

Having 100% clarity on the action you should take? Check!

Knowing what your lover feels. Every. Single. Time?


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What Will I Learn?

Part I: Why is the past just as important as the future? Why do you need to know how to read the past of your relationships? Find out with this course section. 

Part II: Understanding the present of your partnership is key to knowing the future. In this course section, you’ll discover how to use the present as a stepping stone for reading the outcome. 

Part III: Not all outcomes are created equal. In this part of the course, you will have a blueprint for interpreting different outcomes whether they appear uncertain, short-term, long-term, super positive, negative or unknown.

Part IV: Wondering how to interpret a neutral or negative card as a positive? Every card has a silver lining and you will discover how and why after this part of the course.

Part V: What’s ruining your chances of living happily ever after? It might not be what you think! Learn the setbacks and obstacles you’re facing and get the outcome you want!

Part VI: How should you proceed if your lover’s gone quiet? What should you do if they’re dragging their feet? This part of the course will show you how to interpret Tarot cards in these situations.

Part VII: What is your partner (or potential partner) feeling? What are there intentions towards you? What do they really want? After flying through Part VII of this course, you’ll be able to interpret cards in this way.

What makes up this course?

Most Tarot courses will only include video, or only include text resources. However, I understand that different people learn divination in a variety ways; there is no one size fits all. Therefore, the Love Tarot Course has been designed to suit a range of reading styles:


Seven Videos

Are you a visual learner? No problem! The Love Tarot Course includes seven videos which include walkthroughs and examples.



Read faster than most people talk? Me to! All video lessons are transcribed as PDFs so you can read them in your own time.

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Seven Quizzes

Do you need an interactive learning experience? I’ve got you covered! You can test your knowledge with the course section quizzes.

The Love Tarot Course is your guide to accurate Tarot interpretation. If you’re ready to stop re-throwing your relationship readings, hunting for an answer you actually understand, enrol yourself in this Tarot training now:

After taking the Love Tarot Course, involves you being able to interpret your Tarot spreads, not just memorise meanings. Got a Court card in an outcome position? Received The Sun as a negative? Unsure how to interpret that 8 of Wands for how he feels?  You’ll be racing to interpret these scenarios for yourself (and others) after taking the Love Tarot Course. 

Enrolling in the Love Tarot Course is so easy a baby could do it. You just click the button and check out just as you would with any type of product. Within minutes, you’ll be emailed your access to the course. If you have any issues you can email me at lisa@divinationandffortunetelling and I will personally handle it. 

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Your Questions, Answered!


Great question!

As I come from a family of Romany Gypsy fortune-tellers, I have been reading Tarot my entire life. For the last several years I have been teaching Tarot, specialising in prediction. In 2014, I won the Young Tarosophist of the Year Award for my work with Tarot, I have appeared on TV, radio and magazines with my teachings, and this website here sees half a million hits a month from diviners like yourself who are looking to improve their love Tarot reading skills. So, I have the experience to teach you Tarot!


The time is going to pass you by anyway. If you do not get love clarity today, you’re just going to perform another reading, and then another reading, and never get an answer. Are you not as well as mastering love readings sooner rather than later?


If you struggle to access the course content, I can help you out! Just shoot me a message at (my personal email) and I will get back you ASAP. However, I do not offer support in terms of personally interpreting your readings for you (that is what the bundle is for!) You can see my purchasing terms here.


No! The course content can be downloaded on mobile, computer or tablet. You can even download my course host’s app (Teachable) from the iStore, sign in, watch the videos and take the quizzes that way.


As this is a digital product delivered at the point of sale, I do not offer refunds as is the industry standard.

Q. “ I AM CONVINCED, WHERE CAN I enroll in this course”?

You can grab your course below below!