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Become a Master of Divining Animals in 80 MINUTES!


You want to learn animal symbolism to use in your divination, but the sheer amount of symbols have you feeling overwhelmed. You want to learn animal symbolism to use in your divination but you don’t know where best to invest your time. You want to learn animal symbolism to use in your divination divination but your memory just isn't that great (whos is?)

The Wild Diviner is currently closed for updates!

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“I am an experienced, full time professional psychic, so I work with animal symbolism regularly. Lisa quite obviously knows her subject matter well.  This workshop has reminded me of things that I had forgotten, as well as given me many new ways to interpret, so it is suitable for beginners and those more experienced alike.  It is thorough, in depth, informative, interesting, as well as engaging.  Lisa goes at a nice pace and everything is laid out clearly and in a manner which flows nicely - so it is easy to follow.  I’ve taken a lot of online courses and that is up there with the best.  I would highly recommend this workshop, to anyone who is interested in expanding their understanding of animal symbolism.”  Tasha Lee, Professional Psychic, Divine Calling

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Diviner ...

Do you: 


- Wish you could master symbols to use in your divination (dreams, crystal balls, oracle cards without little white booklets) but get overwhelmed with big books of 10,000 symbol meanings? 

- Try to learn every single symbol and end up learning none?

- End up spending your life down the Google rabbit hole anytime you have a freaky dream? (And the answer is always shit and, somehow, linked to Sigmund Fraud?) 

- Want to learn symbolic meanings which you can apply to not only dream interpretation, but crystal ball reading, bone throwing, cloud gazing and oracle card pulling? 

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Hi there! My name is Lisa Boswell and I have been practicing divination pretty much my entire life. You would think that being brought up in a Romany Gypsy household would have made my fortune-telling journey less stressful but it didn’t; like everyone else there was a point in time when I had to learn. It was brutal. Learning symbols was not an easy feat. 

I dipped in and out of dream interpretation for yeeears. I used to fantasize about being one of those weirdos who could interpret dreams in a prophetic style, live in a cave, and scare the locals with my demon-like knowledge of the future. There would be rumours of cannibalised children. I had a plan. Life would be good. But there was one major issue which lay in my way; I couldn't stick to learning!

Memorising symbol meanings was too hard. There was too much information. Too many symbols. Too many books. Not enough me to go around.  

I needed a more effective way to learn because I was constantly loosing interest. So, what HAPPENED?

One day, everything clicked into place for me. I learned that trying to remember thousands of symbol meanings was an never ending battle. Instead, it would be much better if I grouped symbols together into themes and interpreted their attributes based on these themes. 

I also realised that I was wasting too much time trying to learn symbols which didn't come up very often. Therefore, I decided to devote my time to something which would easily pay off: animals. 

Learning how to interpret animal (and not just memorising their meanings) meant that I stood a chance at dissecting most of my seeker's questions and concerns. The vast majority of dreams, oracle cards and even shapes in the clouds use animals symbolism and they are the number one type of symbol to come up. I now teach other diviners how they can read animals in record time. 

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The Wild Diviner Masterclass

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The Wild Diviner is a self-paced 80 minute masterclass for readers who want to learn how to interpret and not spend their lives memorising meanings. The Wild Diviner is for you if you don’t have the time, patience or a mouth big enough to swallow a symbolism dictionary!

Life after the Wild Diviner involves you being able to interpret any and every animal on the planet. You can apply your new sacred knowledge to pretty much every method of divination including dream interpretation, crystal ball and tea leaf reading, oracle cards and for the selection of casting charms. 

Enrolling in the Wild Diviner is as simple clapping a kitten. The Wild Diviner presentation can be watched on mobile, tablet, laptop and computer as soon as you enrol. No guess work, no waiting around. Just click the payment button, enter your deeds, set your password and you’re good to go!

And don't worry, the masterclass isn't barbaric and insane. The interpretation instructions I give in this presentation are not difficult. I have literally taught these techniques to 5-year olds. Even if you have never tried to interpret a symbol in your entire life, don't consider yourself to be a good diviner or have never even had a dream, you will master this shit. 

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So, why should you trust me as your teacher? 

You shouldn't I'm terrible (just kidding ha). But seriously, being raised in a family of fortune-tellers means that I have been divining the future pretty much my entire life; I know my way around a diviner's table.

Not only that, but I have the added benefit of being able to compare and contrast my own Romany gypsy culture with that of the outside world. I can see the differences between divinatory traditions and how these affect interpretations. This is especially true in animal symbolism; no other subject is as diverse and fascinating as the myths, superstitions and beliefs surrounding our furry friends. I use this knowledge to design interpretation systems which are suitable for everyone. 

Oh, and I have some industry cred too: 

- I'm an award-winning diviner. In 2014 I won my Young Tarosophist of the Year Award for my work with Tarot.  

-  I have been featured in magazines, and on the radio and TV giving readings and divination tips. 

- I have literally taught hundreds of readers. I've also spoken at national events and this website is trusted as a sound resource for close to 100,000 diviners per month.  You're in safe hands :) 

The Wild Diviner is currently closed for updates!

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“Lisa’s Wild Diviner Masterclass On interpreting animals in divination is a welcomed need in the spiritual world. I think many people read tons of books and watched tons of videos and take tons of classes on the meaning of animal symbols, but in this one class Lisa breaks everything down in a way that makes it very easy and palatable to understand.  The information she gives you helps you to break things down for you, the diviner,  and also helps you examine the way you look at the world when it comes to animal symbolism. I think this class is invaluable and is something that every diviner could learn from.“ - Ashley Oppon, Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive Councillor, Sankofa Healing Sanctuary.

What's included in The Wild Diviner Masterclass?

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The 80 minute Wild Diviner presentation video will get you interpreting the animal kingdom in no time!

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The printable workbook includes prompts which can be used again and again each time you interpret an animal symbol. 

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 Student Perks 

As a student of The Wild Diviner, you get lifetime access forever and all future course updates at no extra cost to you! 

Life After The Wild Diviner Masterclass


You can interpret animals based on your own personal experience.


You can interpret the age and maturity of animals in divination. 


You can interpret typical and atypical animal behaviour in divination.


You can interpret the size of animals in divination. 


You can interpret the actions of animals in divination. 


You can interpret multiple types of animals in divination. 

Your Questions, Answered! 

Q. “I’ve tried to learn meanings from books, websites and videos online. How does this Masterclass compare”? 

The Wild Diviner Masterclass doesn’t focus on memorising meanings, it teaches you how to come up with interpretations. You won’t be going through animal meanings one by one. Instead, you’ll be given the tools to interpret different types of animals, and get more detail based on their actions, size, and details. Learning these techniques means that you can come up with your own interpretations on the spot and won’t ever have to refer to a book again. 

Q. “What exactly do I get with this masterclass”? 

With the Wild Diviner Masterclass you get the masterclass which is a 80 minute video presentation, plus a printable PDF workbook which includes interpretation prompts. You also receive lifetime access and any future updates, fo’ life! 

Q. “Do you make any guarantees”? 

Why yes I do! You have 7 days to enjoy the masterclass and if you don’t think it’s absolutely awesome for learning animal interpretations for divination you get your money back, no questions asked. You can check out a full list of purchasing terms here.

Q. “Why should I buy now”? 

The quicker you purchase this masterclass, the faster you can work on your interpretations. You can be interpreting animal dreams, signs and symbols in the next hour and a half. The time is going to pass you anyway. You might as well learn something awesome! 

Q. “Do I need a computer”? 

Nope the masterclass can be accessed through mobile, tablet, laptop and computer. 

Q. “I am terrible at anything computer related and something always goes wrong. How easy is it to order”? 

It is super easy to enrol in the Wild Diviner Masterclass! You just click the buy button, fill out your payment details, set your password and poof! You’re all set to go! If you get stuck or forget your password, you can easily reset it. 

In the future, if you want to come back to The Wild Diviner Masterclass all you have to do is come back to the main Divination & Fortune-Telling website, click the ‘sign in’ link on the main navigation and you’re back to your course.

The Wild Diviner is currently closed for updates!