Divination & Fortune-Telling Cookie Policy

Last Updated: June 20th 2018

Cookies are pieces of information which get stored on your computer each time you use a website. Nearly all accessible websites on the world wide web use cookies and they are not harmful. 

Websites use cookies to track movements around a website and are used to help analyse traffic. Website owners can use the information gathered by cookies to make more content which their viewers are interested in. For example, on Divination & Fortune-Telling, if we see that ‘Tarot’ posts are visited often, then we will create more Tarot posts because our audience (you) obviously find this content interesting and useful. 

Some cookies will give you recommendations based on your previous visits to a website. For example, if a website sees that you have an interest in Palmistry, you may be recommended more palmistry blogposts and/or products. 

Cookies can be used for advertising and marketing purposes. For example, if our cookies tell us that you have visited our website through Facebook, we may advertise on Facebook if this is where the majority of our social traffic is coming from. 

Through your browsers setting you can block, refuse, check or change any type of cookie. However, by doing so this can affect your browsing experience.  

On Divination and Fortune-Telling, we use performance cookies which count site hits, individual visitors, traffic sources, which countries our visitors are from and what parts of the websites are most popular. With this information, we can tailor some aspects of the website, for example: 

- Currency. Because the majority of our traffic comes from the U.S, all prices are shown in USD. 

- Blogposts. This website has mostly Tarot blogposts, because our audience prefers these posts and visits them most often. 

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