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The Type of Tarot you’ll actually use.


Divination and Fortune Telling is dedicated to helping you predict the future.

Whether your goal is to uncover details about your soulmate or find your career calling, I can help you do that. My job is to assist you in reading Tarot for yourself so that you can execute some spiritual badassery without running to a reader!    

I’ve been performing and teaching the art of fortune-telling for the last 20 years. Divination and Fortune Telling.com is the place where I share with you all of my Tarot secrets so that you can start achieving your destiny.

This online hub is where you come if you want to become an epic Tarot card reader. This is the place you come if you want to use Tarot to get clarity on your love life. This is the place you come if you want to make money in your Tarot business.

You don't have to take the fun out of Tarot. Tarot can be used to predict the future of your relationships or assess the likely success of your business plans. Tarot can be used to read everything from every day matters, to life-changing matters!

My name is Lisa Boswell and I have been divining the future for almost my entire life. Being born a Romany Gypsy exposed me to the world of symbolism, spirituality and fortune telling. I began reading Tarot as a child, and never looked back!

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I'm not ashamed to say that the vast majority of my Tarot focus has been on love, relationships and money matters. Tarot has revealed to me when that guy's been unfaithful or that business idea won't pan out. I haven't always taken my card's advice, but I'm getting batter as I get older! 

Since 2013 I have been online teaching seekers like yourself how you too can make predictions based on reading your greatest good and destiny. In 2017, I created this website as a modern place to discuss ancient fortune-telling practices and simple spiritual development. I am passionate about putting the fun into spiritual and divinatory development (less rules more party poppers HA!).

 Here are some facts about me:  

1. I am well versed in many forms of fortune-telling but I specialize in Tarot and Lenormand. 

2. I live in Scotland with my daughter Candyce and my cat Billy Jean. We love Halloween!

3. In 2014, I won Tarosophy’s Young Tarosophist of the Year award for my work with Tarot. 

4. I’m an extreme person. I overuse the exclamation marks and ‘love’ instead of liking on Facebook; why like when you can love?

5. I believe that the quickest way to spiritual development is working with spirits who are closest to you and who are usually passed on relatives. Doing this doesn't require any special skills or abilities; it is your birthright. 

Lisa Boswell fortune-teller and Tarot

6. I am a speaker. My most recent event being a presentation on Fortune Telling for the TABI Association in Birmingham.

7. My cat Billy Jean formats all of my blogposts. Just kidding haha

8. I am obsessed with books about symbolism, prehistoric art, ancient man, religious sacrifice and burial customs. 

9. My pet hate is spiritual laws and rules based on humanly mental limitations. I believe in the coexistence of reincarnation, spirits, destiny, free will, one God, many gods and eating double cheeseburgers; in the universe, anything is possible.

10. I am an Apantomancer. I interpret the future based on signs and symbols I come across by chance. This forms of divination changed my life. Asking for a sign one day completely transformed everything! It is how I started my journey as a professional diviner and teacher as an adult. 

You can read more about my journey here:

Lisa Boswell is a professional divination coach, fortune-teller and entrepreneur. She runs www.divinationandfortunetelling.com a website dedicated to teaching predictive Tarot. 

Born a Romany Gypsy, Lisa has had an active interest in the occult from a young age. Lisa advocates the use of signs for navigating life. She believes that true spirituality is personal to the individual and doesn't have to be complicated. 

In 2014 Lisa received the Young Tarosophist of the Year Award by The Tarosophy Tarot Association. She has appeared on the radio, in magazines and on television worldwide including features by Tarosophy International, Prie Kavos and SKY TV. 

When not guiding clients towards their destiny Lisa stays at home with her daughter Candyce and cat, Billy Jean. She believes in true love, fairy tales, destiny, dreaming big and staying grounded. 

"I am all about hearing your calling and shouting right back!"