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The Psychic in Business E-Book


The e-Book for professional psychics who want to sell readings, diversify their income and create a money mind-set

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"I have to say this is THE /handbook/ for a psychic in business protege. You know how every beginner needs a textbook in class? This is that classroom textbook--- 101 style!

I am a business major and these very concepts were taught to me not only in marketing, but also in regards to business management. The principles that Lisa presents here are tailored to reflect the more personal (and social) aspects of the job as much as the material practicality that us intuitive will face. I can't speak for myself. This stuff isn't really out there much for any of us. I'm glad to have gotten my hands on it. It clarifies a lot of what I suspect I will be facing in the "psychic's" market out there. We have to admit-- it's competitive.

It is considerate of what you seek to gain from your business as much as it is considerate of the fact that your clients will be helped and benefiting from your empathic capabilities. But you gain a sense of direction! This arms you for that future; be it in tarot cards or medium-ship (and all the in-between).

Seriously, guys, get it. It is your cheat sheet/spark notes to the business aspects of this esoteric world we live in." - Paola Rodriguez, Professional Reader.  

What's in the ebook?

The Psychic in Business E-Book is split into 3 main sections. Each section of this e-book will give you the 3 areas you must work on in order to make more money as a professional psychic, medium or Tarot reader including: 

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Create a money mind-set

Building a successful business always starts with the mind. Learn the places where you're holding yourself back from making a full-time career (which you didn't even expect). 

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Book More Readings

Of course, if you want to run a business in this industry, you have to know how to get bookings. Discover how to attract clients, make them order and keep them coming back.  

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DIVERSIFY your income

Make a career, not just a business. Read this section, and you'll know how to make bank from other areas of the psychic industry when you're not giving readings. 

Psychic in Business E-Book

The Psychic in Business E-Book is designed for professional intuitives, psychics, Tarot readers, mediums and Astrologers who are needing a helping hand in growing and developing their psychic businesses. If you have dreams of making more money as a professional reader, this e-book is for you! 

After reading this 130-page e-book you’ll discover the secrets to selling your readings, diversifying your income and saying ‘no’ to those free reading requests once and for all (even if you can’t sell or market to save yourself)!

Readers of The Psychic in Business E-Book have:

- Said ‘no’ to those free reading requests from people who have crawled through their inbox. 

- Got clear on who they want to work with, and designed their offerings accordingly. 

- Discovered the easy way to sell readings (and newsflash, the answer is not spending your life in Facebook groups). 

- Learned that there are more ways to make money than one-on-one readings (and built actual careers).

- Developed their own products to sell while they sleep (or when they can’t be bothered traveling to readings).

- Conjured up their coaching systems and got their clients RESULTS (no more on-off bookings). 

For less than the cost of your average reading or a self-published Tarot deck, you could turn your psychic business into a thriving career in the spiritual industry.  

And just think, if this psychic marketing e-book helps you sell even just one or two more psychic readings, you have made back your investment! 

Why Learn from Me

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I get it. You probably see those shitty adverts on Facebook all of the time promising insane results by coaches you’ve never heard of who use buzz words like ‘tribe’ and ‘heart-based’. And once you click on one, hundreds more flood your feed. Ugh, so annoying. 

My name is Lisa Boswell and I run this fancy website here, Divination & Fortune-Telling. I’m not actually a business coach, I've never even been to business school. I am a professional reader and divination teacher. As my day job, I teach diviners how to give better readings, find the divination methods which suit them and improve their psychic development. 

For the first couple of years of my business I was poor. Like proper poor. Like find a penny on the floor and dive for it poor. I was a single parent and that far in the shit I had to borrow the money off my parents for my daughter’s birthday and Christmas presents. Just like most other professional psychics, I started in the bottom of the barrel, in free reading request hell. 

I literally taught myself everything, because I had to. Building websites, linking newsletters, finding clients, marketing, everything. It took me a very long time and I did things the hard way; I never reached out to another reader for help or asked a successful person how to get more bookings. I just worked and worked until I figured out how to make it in this industry. 

It’s been a few years now since I have penny dived (LOL). I can now say I have a thriving business, career and have seen my fair share of success including: 

- Winning my Young Tarsophist of the Year Award for my work with Tarot. 

- Worked professionally as a psychic for years while making better than full-time working money on less than part-time working hours. 

- Appearing in media all over the world including on TV giving readings to the public. 


- Making money everyday while I sleep. No joke. I literally wake up in the morning with new students, subscribers and readers, it’s great. 

- Having 100,000 people every month trust, visit and learn from my website. 

- Helping other readers improve their readings (BEST JOB IN THE WORLD). 

- Having just the best students a teacher could ask for. 

In my e-book, Psychic in Business I will teach you everything I know about finding clients, keeping them and making them come back. Plus, I will tell you how you are preventing yourself from making money and holding yourself back. 

For the cost of your average reading or self-published Tarot deck, this e-book will teach you how to make a living and a career from working in the psychic industry.  


Some Frequently Asked Questions 

"How can this e-book be accessed"? 

The Psychic in Business E-book can be accessed through mobile, tablet and computer!

"What type of support do you give"? 

If you have any issues with downloading your e-book, you can email me personally at and I will get on it ASAP. 

"Why should I order now"? 

Let's be real here, we are in a competitive industry. You're out in the wilderness competing with potentially thousands of other readers, 100,000+ of which visit my website every 30 days. The quicker you get help in your business, the quicker you'll stand out. If you don't step forward and take action, your competition will. 

"Does this E-BOOK just discuss selling face-to-face readings"? 

Nope, I look at selling different types of readings (email, face to face, events). I also discuss how to make money within the psychic industry but in a variety of ways (for example, through teaching). I guarantee, you'll find plenty of things you can put into action! 

"Do you offer refunds"? 

As this is a digital product delivered at the point of purchase, I do not offer refunds on e-books (check out there purchasing policy here). However, don't worry you'll love it!

"Are there cats"? 

Yes, there is one picture of a cat.