This section describes the purchasing policy from (our site) as operated by Lisa Boswell (“we” “us”). By making a purchase with us, you agree that you have read and understand these terms.

eGuide Purchasing Policy 

By purchasing our eBooks (The Love Tarot Spreads eBook, The Tarot Workbook and Psychic in Business Ebook) you agree that you have read and accept the following terms outlined by Lisa Boswell and her company Divination & Fortune-Telling (I, we ,our). If you have not read or do not accept these terms, do not purchase this eBook. 

1. You understand that Lisa Boswell is the author and owner of this eBook and all of its contents. You must not publish, redistribute, copy, or reproduce the contents of this eBook in any way. Doing so will result in legal action. 

2. As this is a digital product delivered electronically at the moment of sale, there will be no refunds offered for this product. 

3. The Love Tarot Spreads eGuide will give you spreads which you can practice. However, we do not offer customer support after you have downloaded and received this product. We will not interpret your spreads for you or offer email, telephone or any other type of support in the form of explaining how your cards fit the spread position, your question or any related issues which are outside of the scoop of purchasing this eBook. If you purchase this eBook you understand that we are not obligated to do anything other than deliver you the 50 card spreads and explanations which are outlined in the Love Tarot Spreads eBook. 

4. By purchasing this eBook, you understand that you are purchasing a digital product, not a physical book. 

5. We are not responsible for any action you take as a result of performing the Tarot spreads outlined in the Love Tarot Spreads eBook. All spreads are for entertainment purposes only. 

6. We are not responsible for any monetary, emotional, romantic or any other type of loss you experience as a result from performing spreads in the Love Tarot Spreads eBook. All spreads are for entertainment purposes only and are no substitute for professional, legal or medical advice. 

7. You have read the product description and understand that you are receiving 50 Tarot spreads in an eGuide. Some of the spreads in this guide are classic spreads, some are of our design and you accept that there is a chance you may have encountered a spread in this eGuide, or a similar spread in this eGuide previously. 

8. You may review this eGuide for your blog, website, YouTube channel, social media or similar platforms. However, in doing so you understand that you can refer to the contents contained within this eGuide but you must not publish any of its contents. This is classed as plagiarism and we will take legal action. 

Course Purchasing Policy 

Course Refund Policy

We are happy to refund for the purchase of a course if you are not happy as long as it is within 14 days of purchase and your access to the course has not previously been refused due to a breech of our terms and conditions. However, please understand that if you choose to request a refund, your access will be restricted to the said product after the refund is granted (a course, for example).

Our Right to Refuse 

We reserve the right to refuse anyone a purchase from our website at our discretion. If we withdraw access to a course, we will refund you unless you have breeched our terms and conditions.

Restricted Access

If you have breeched any of this website’s terms as described on this page, we reserve the right to restrict your access to a purchase. For example, if we discover you have shared your course password with another individual, your access to that course will be revoked. If your access has been restricted, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Lifetime Guarantee

If you make a purchase on a product which guarantees lifetime access, you acknowledge that lifetime access means the life of the course, not your lifetime, our lifetime or any other lifetime. A course could be available for 6 weeks or 60 years; availability is at our discretion.

Public Domain

By purchasing a course, membership or product you acknowledge that some of the information contained within said product will be available in the public domain. Being able to find similar information on another website does not warrant a refund for this course.