Justice: Predictive Tarot Card Meanings

Justice is the Tarot card of law. In a reading, Justice will be a card meaning either human laws, universal laws, or both. Justice can be rather challenging to interpret for love, relationships and career readings (especially when it appears in a future position) but don't worry, I've got you covered!   

Justice Tarot card meaning for love, romance and relationships.

Justice, as the name and design suggest, will make an appearance when you go through anything related to the law and legality. You could find yourself at the center of a court case. While this card doesn't indicate that anything illegal will take place, I wouldn't want to receive it if I had recently done something wrong.

Alternatively, Justice doesn't have to represent anything criminal. You could be preparing to sign documents and contracts which are good sign posters for house purchases, renting, business partnerships, new jobs, trade, or enterprises. I would say that you have to be sure to read the small print!

In general, the Justice card speaks of good triumphing over evil. Do you know what they say? A dog will always get its day. If this meaning applies, it could be good or bad for you depending on if you have been behaving yourself or not. If you have nothing to hide or worry about all will be good for you; expect a good outcome in the end.

There will be times when Justice appears as unfavorable. In this case, it can mean that you will do something which is not completely honest or ethical. Eventually, you will be caught out for your actions and have to face the consequences. This is especially not a good sign if Justice is in combination with The Tower!

Alternatively, Justice in a negative position or a lousy spread can be a reminder that life isn't always fair. The Justice card can still serve as reassurance that the truth will come out in the end, but she makes no guarantees that this day will come any time soon. Eventually, the universe will right these wrongs, but you'll have to wait for it.

Justice Love & Relationship Tarot Meaning

Justice can go several ways for a love Tarot reading, and the relationship meanings are pretty much straight forward.

Firstly, the card can predict that you will be with someone who is involved in the law in some way. They might be employed as a lawyer or judge. They can also go the other way; they could be imprisoned or engrossed in some illegal activity.

If the above interpretation doesn't apply to you, then Justice is a perfect card for marriages and commitments. However, I should warn you that Justice is also a cold card; you might marry your partner, but this will be more so a marriage of convenience than one of true love. Justice can predict that you will marry for the wrong reasons and, because of this, it is also an omen for divorce.

Alternatively, Justice is the card of getting what you deserve. If your partner doesn't treat you the way you should be treated then Justice will intervene. Your relationship will fail, but you'll more than likely end up with someone else who is worthy of your time.

If you're wanting to know what someone is feeling about you, then Justice is not a particularly good card because it is not a card of feelings and emotions; it is as it is. Therefore, I would say that Justice predicts that the person has neutral feelings towards you.

Personally, I have found that Justice is not a great card for reconciliations. Justice is a sign that your ex is not coming back any time soon because you deserve better.

Justice Business & Career Tarot Meaning

If you have many desirable business cards and all looks well then Justice is fantastic for contracts and new connections; it is a precursor for working with others through collaborations. Justice can signal the growth of your company.

Are you currently on the job hunt? Then Justice is a good sign as it predicts that you will sign contracts and make things official. Justice is fortunate for people who are in the writing, legal, or property professions. 

If your career reading is all doom and gloomy, then Justice serves as a warning to take care of the legal parts of your job, especially if you're in business. Pay more attention to things like taxes; double check the deadlines for filing your returns. Do some research on the laws in your country; otherwise, you could find yourself in hot water. 

Justice Friends, Family & Social Media Tarot Meaning 

Justice will appear in readings about your friends and family when they are about to defend themselves in court. Expect an individual who is close to you to either be the defendant, or the complainant.  

Justice also commonly appears in Tarot card readings where individuals adopt children legally. Justice signals the legalities attached to the adoption process. 

Justice Health & Wellbeing Tarot Meaning 

Justice Tarot card meaning.

Justice can appear in health readings if you're going to sue someone for medical malpractice. If you were unjustly mistreated, your lawsuit will be successful. 

Justice has the meaning of balance. Therefore, Justice can also be a sign that you must balance your mental and physical health. Do you want to be as healthy as possible? Hit the gym and complete those brain teasers.  

Justice Psychic & Spirituality Tarot Meaning 

When the Justice card appears in a spirituality reading, the meaning of balance still applies. Justice warns against psychic burn out. Incorporate your development into your day-to-day life instead of waxing and waning with your spiritual practices.

In some Tarot decks, the Egyptian goddess Maat is often depicted as Justice. Maat measured the hearts of the deceased against a feather. Therefore, when Justice appears in a spiritual reading, this can mean that you must strive to have a morally pure heart. Spiritual should be something you are not something which you do. 

Justice as a Positive, Strength or Advantage

When Justice appears in a positive, strength or advantage position of a Tarot spread, this predicts that your motives are pure. Because you're morally just and trying to do the right thing, the universe is more likely to reward you. 

Justice in this position is a reassuring sign that you should not second guess yourself. Do not allow other people to gaslight you into thinking you're in the wrong. 

Justice as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle 

When Justice appears in a negative, weakness or obstacle position of a Tarot spread, this means that your intentions are not morally just. Your motives are questionable even if you do not feel that they are. 

Justice us telling you that you are probably the one who is in the wrong. You are the source of conflict, even if you don't think you are. Re-adjust yourself otherwise you're not going to get a good outcome in the future. 

Justice as a Yes or No 

With the Justice card, your answer can be a yay or nay depending on if you feel you deserve what you're asking about. If it is something which you can say you have genuinely worked for it will be yours. If not, you'll have to hustle that little bit harder. 

That's all for the Justice Tarot card meaning! If you would like to learn how to read all Tarot cards, below is a free e-book which will teach you everything you need to know to get started reading Tarot cards accurately today. This beginner's Tarot guide is free and instantly downloadable on mobile, tablet, and computer:

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Justice Tarot card meaning. An illustration from the Major Arcana with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Post by divination and fortune-telling with Tarot for love, romance and relationships. Ideal for readers who are just learning the interpretations.

Justice Tarot card meaning. An illustration from the Major Arcana with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Post by divination and fortune-telling with Tarot for love, romance and relationships. Ideal for readers who are just learning the interpretations.