Along with other social media apps, I often have Facebook Messanger uninstalled (I’m an Aquarius HA) so social media is not a reliable place to reach me. Therefore, if you need to contact me, the best place to do so is here with a contact form.  

Before you contact me, please read through the FAQ to see if I have addressed your question. If not, you can expect a reply from me ASAP!

Can you interpret my reading for me?

I do not interpret other people’s readings for them. If you would like your readings interpreted, I have e-books in my store which explain what the cards mean in different positions for love readings but I will not personally interpret your reading or tell you what your reading means.

I have gypsy ancestors and would like someone to teach me what this means. Will you teach me?

I am not a genealogist or anthropologist, I am a diviner. It is not my place to teach you things about your family or help you to ‘reclaim your culture’. Any questions of this nature will not go answered.

I downloaded a guide but did not receive it, can you send it to me?

Sure! This happens sometimes, there’s one email provider who is terrible at either rejecting downloads are putting them in strange places. If you’ve downloaded a guide and aren’t getting it, fill out a contact form below and I’ll get back to you!

Do you do readings online?

As of June 2017 I do not perform readings online. This website is dedicated to my mission to teach fortune telling, so this is my focus for the time being.

Can I pick your brain about Gypsies, divination and other stuff?

I do not offer one-on-one teaching through email or social media. I will also not answer personalised questions about Gypsies, Tarot, divination, ancestry or any other questions as I do not have the time.

However, if you have a question you can fill out a form below and I may use it as the basis for a future blogpost.

Will you speak at my event?

I do speak at events as long as the subject matter is related to divination, fortune-telling or using signs for psychic development. Contact me below for more information with the subject matter ‘events’.

Can I interview you for my blog/podcast/magazine?

Yes, I do interviews or guest blog as long as the subject matter is related to divination, fortune telling or using signs for psychic development. Feel free to contact me below for more information with the subject matter ‘interview’.  

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