Death: Predictive Tarot Card Meanings

The Death Tarot card meaning is that of transformation. When this card makes an appearance in a spread, you can expect to see yourself go through some type of a metamorphosis in your career or love life. Perhaps there will be change in multiple areas of your life. 

In a Tarot card reading, Death in a spread can be a symbol of deaths, divorce, life changing events and endings. This post includes a vintage and modern fortune telling meanings of Death, ideal for the advanced reader or those just learning the cards. These interpretations can be used with any of the decks (Rider Waite, Marseilles etc). Cards used in post is Death from Le Tarot Noir

There is no denying that Death represents endings. Endings in relationships, jobs, marriage or a business are indicated. You will have to shed this skin in order to make way for a new phase. Rarely will someone who receives Death come out of a situation as the same person they were before hand.

Many readers fall into the habit of interpreting positively but Death has a negative meaning. Death always signals a drastic change and change is usually painful. However, it is always necessary. So while Death isn’t always unicorns and kittens, it has its place because it is needed for growth.

Sometimes Death can literally mean Death around you and this is an old fashioned interpretation which sometimes proves to be correct. As always, read with caution when it comes to any sensitive subjects which you have predictions about, especially if you are reading someone else.

I will say that Death is not usually good but there will be situations when it appears as a positive. This means that, although the situation was difficult at the time, there is something you can salvage from it. People who go though Death phases often look back and remember them as blessings in disguises. Therefore, sometimes Death can predict that things in your life will break down in order to be replaced with something better.

Death's Historical Meaning

The pre-modern meaning of Death is very similar to the interpretation above. However, I will say that readers used to read Death a lot more negatively than readers in Facebook groups do now-a-days. In 1888, Mathers notes that the Death card predicts change for the worst. 

Death in a Love Reading

I’m not going to sugar coat it, Death is not a great card to get for a love reading. Even if you are the type of person who likes change, there are more desirable cards you can get to symbolize change for the better; this isn’t that type of transformation.

If you take Death to represent a literal death, this can mean that your partner will pass some time before you. You also may go through a major loss as a couple in the form of a death of a relative.

If Death doesn’t symbolize real death, then it will represent the destruction of your partnership. Death marks the point in time when you begin to move on from the relationship and begin to rebuild your life. 

There is the possibility that Death can predict that your relationship will go through something which pushes you to the limit as a couple. You could have to survive an affair, bankruptcy, prison time or a long-term period of unemployment. In these cases, your partnership may be salvageable but only with a lot of hard work. Once the storm passes, you will grow as a couple.

Death in a Business Reading

In a business reading, Death predicts the end of trading. You company will fail and you’ll have to restart from the ground up. Death advises you to cut your losses and move onto the next thing.

Do not be saddened because in destruction there is opportunity for growth. You can take the lessons you have learned from this business and apply it to a future project which will have an increased chance of being successful.

Death as a Yes or No

Typically, Death is a no.

Death in a Positive Reading

In a positive reading, Death can predict;

- Blessing in disguise

Death Tarot card meaning for love, romance and relationships.

- Positive endings

- Change

- Change for the better

- New starts

Death in a Negative Reading

In a more negative reading or spread position, Death can predict;

- Divorce and breakups

- Periods of depression

- Unwelcome changes

- Death of loved ones

- Inevitable endings

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Death Tarot card meaning. An illustration from the Major Arcana with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Post by divination and fortune-telling with Tarot for love, romance and relationships. Ideal for readers who are just learning the interpretations.

Death Tarot card meaning. An illustration from the Major Arcana with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Post by divination and fortune-telling with Tarot for love, romance and relationships. Ideal for readers who are just learning the interpretations.