Fall: Dream Meanings and Symbols

For diviners, Fall (also known as Autumn) is a very exciting time of the year! We have the Mabon celebrations, Halloween, Day of the Dead and the lead up to the Winter Equinox. It’s the time of year where we are officially classed as experts not weirdos (ha)  

Divination using Fall and Autumn symbols. Learn the meaning of dreaming about fall. Here are what the different signs and symbols mean. Autumn usually doesnt just predict things about love or money but general life situations. Correspondences can be used for other methods of divination (dreaming, Tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leafs) and witchcraft & magic.

Due to the fact that it is so heavily linked with magic, ritual and mystery, there are a lot of symbols associated with Fall. These signs will regularly appear in your life and have you thinking, “WTF did that mean”?

In this post, I have unraveled the mystery and revealed the meanings of the most popular Fall symbols in divination and fortune-telling. The meanings I have outlined here apply to most forms of divination including dreams, tea leafs, crystal balls, Tarot cards and more!


Acorn: The acorn is a common symbol to see in many types of divination, even oracle cards! If you read crystal balls or tea leafs, the acorn symbol will make an appears time and time again.

Because it is heavily associated with this time of the year and Fall artwork, acorns typically serve as a timing symbol. Just as a snowman may tell you that something is going to happen round about Christmas time, the acorn will tell you that something significant will happen around fall time. For example, if you dream of fish and an acorn you can predict that you will receive some money around Fall time.

For some people, the acorn is a symbol of family and it is a rather frequent occurrence for them to be read this way in European fortune-telling. You will find that many symbols usually associated with Fall and Winter are also associated with family. I am unsure why this is, but it might be because, pre-industrial revolution, this time of the year used to be especially dangerous so families had to stick together and work as a time to survive (hence the recurrent duel meanings).

Basket: Because you place items in a basket, they are usually read as symbolizing riches and rewards. If you have been hustling recently, you can look forward to being recognized for your commitment.

The exception to the above meaning, is if you have a dream your basket brakes. In the case of a broken, fallen or lost basket, this means that you will be putting a lot of hard work into your endeavors to receive nothing but disappointment in the end.

Birdhouse: Before I get into what it means to see a birdhouse symbol in fortune-telling, I should warn that a birdhouse is not the same as a birdcage. Dreaming of anything which cages an animal is usually a bad omen; a birdcage symbolizes a lack of freedom and can even predict prisons and abusive relationships. A birdhouse is completely different because a bird chooses to spend its time there and can come and go as it pleases.

The birdhouse has several different meanings, depending on context. Sometimes, a birdcage can represent the body. If you dream you are building a birdhouse you will work towards the body you desire, but if you destroy one this obviously means you will destroy your body.

Because birds make homes in them, birdhouses can symbolize the home. Usually, birdhouses can represent a time when you’re transitioning from being fun loving and carefree to being more settled down.

Broom: It is quite a common superstition, in many countries, that a broom falling predicts unexpected visitors. Therefore, for one to appear in your divination also means you will received unexpected visitors.

Bucket: Buckets carry water, which represents emotions. However, because they are holding water buckets mean that you will evolve to the point where your emotions are under-control.

If you dream about a bucket which has holes in it and the water is leaking out, this means that you will try to control your emotions during times when you should but you will be overwhelmed and not be able to. If you dream of empty buckets this can predict a lack of care.

Candle: Candles are usually always symbols of spirituality and ritual. If you see a candle in your crystal ball, tea leafs or other forms of divination, it can predict that you will progress spiritually. The meaning of dreaming of lighting a candle is similar; it marks a time when you will discover spiritual truths. However, if you dream that you snuff out a candle this can mean that you will turn your back on your spirituality.  

Cart or Wheelbarrow: Carts and wheelbarrows symbolize home improvements, particularity in the garden; usually you will make these changes yourself. If you dream of a broken cart, you will take on more than you can chew with regards to DIY.

Chicken: Chicken have a duel meaning in fortune-telling. On one hand, they symbolize gossip and slander. However, on the other hand they are a symbol of divination. Therefore, the meaning of the chicken will change depending on context, what is going on in your life at the time, and how you view the chicken.

For millennia and across the world, chicken have been used for divination and many religious traditions use chickens in their rituals. Therefore, to dream of a chicken pecking or being sacrificed can predict you will form a closer relationship to the spirits around you. Your fortune-telling skills will increase. Dreaming that a chicken is flying means that you are exceptionally gifted in metaphysical matters.

However, being a Romany Gypsy I tend not to read chickens so favorably. We generally don’t like anything which isn’t one way or the other. For example, chickens are birds but they can not fly so are also like mammals; this causes me to interpret them negatively. Because they all huddle around each other clucking and do not soar in the sky I read them to symbolize gossipers which talk badly about the other birds who are out there doing their thing. 

Corn: it is almost universal that corn is a symbol of abundance, fertility and growth. To dream of corn or see one in another form of divination is a very good sign predicting everything from longed for babies to riches. The only time corn takes on a negative meaning is if you dream of a barren corn field because this symbolizes financial ruin.   

Costume: Although they are fun, there is a rather negative meaning behind dreaming of a costume or dress up. In divination, costume are symbolize of deception. To dream that everyone around you is wearing a costume means that others are trying to deceive you. Dreaming that you are wearing a costume means that you are either deceiving others or deceiving yourself. If your costume becomes destroyed, this means that you will be exposed for the way which you really are.

Fence: The fence as a symbol is always a sign of stress, effort and labor. In Tarot, the 9 of Wands are stacked as a fence; this card symbolizes delays, hard work and canceled plans. The more solid the fence, the more heavy your burdens.

To dream you have built a fence means that you have taken on a lot of responsibility which wasn’t initially yours, but now you’re stuck with it. Dreaming of painting a fence means you are trying to spruce up a negative situation but aren’t really lessening the stress on yourself.

The meaning of climbing a fence or wall is a positive one: dreaming you’re doing so means that you will overcome your obstacles. However, this will not be an easy feat. Never-the-less you will achieve your goals in the end.   

Leaves: Its pretty obvious that leaves are a symbol of nature in divination. Leaves represent the natural circle oflife and predict healing. If you’re not in great health getting a leave in any method of fortune-telling is a positive omen.

For witches and magical practitioners, leaves can predict that you will conduct more rituals. Whether this is a good or bad thing is dependent on context and the feel of the dream.

Sometimes, if they appear in a dream, the color and state of leaves will give you a timeframe. Growing leaves represent Spring. Healthy green leaves come out at summer. Orange, crispy leaves symbolize fall while leafless trees predict the dead of winter.

Pie: The pie is another common divination symbol. Because most people have the image of granny making pies, they are homely symbols of the older generations in your family. A beautiful pie represents a happy family. Dreaming of a pie dropping can warn of a death.

Sometimes, pie can also represent counseling. If you’re worried that there is no one there to listen to your problems do not threat; you will soon have an outlet for your concerns.   

Pumpkin: The meaning of the pumpkin is pretty obvious and does not need much explanation. Sometimes, they are a timing mechanism representing October/November. However, for most people they are symbols of spiritual development, magic, divination, and an increase in spirit communication (obviously because of their associations with Halloween). Dreaming of a smashed or rotten pumpkin means that your spirituality is superficial and you feel a level of uncertainty around your chosen spiritual path.

Scarecrow: The scarecrow is a very peculiar symbol and many diviners read it differently. In a good dream or session it can be a sign that you have divine skills, such as prophecy. In a more negative dream or session it can be a sign of restrictions (not only does it restrict crows but the scarecrow itself is restricted on a pole).   

The scarecrow can also be read very similarly to the Magician. The role of the scarecrow is to make believe things which are not there. For these reasons, on one hand the scarecrow is a symbol of manifestation but on the other it is also a symbol of the conman.

Spade: Spades appear in playing card divination and as Swords in Tarot. Just like other symbols, they can also pop up in dreams, crystal balls etc. As positives, they represent responsibilities which you’re quite happy to take on. As negatives (which they usually are) they predict problems and issues. To dream that you have broken a spade means that you will give up.   

Turkey: Turkeys represent special events and gatherings. A fat, healthy turkey predicts a happy home life. A dead or injured turkey symbolizes family disagreements. 

Watering Can: Watering cans are quite joyful symbols. In divination, they are a sign that someone will offer you their assistance without making you feel all creeped out and weird. Dreaming of a watering can also means that you will soon invest in new technology.

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Art: Illustration showing divination using Fall and Autumn symbols. Learn the meaning of dreaming about fall. Here are what the different signs and symbols mean. Autumn usually doesn’t just predict things about love or money but general life situations. Correspondences can be used for other methods of divination (dreaming, Tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leafs) and witchcraft & magic.

Art: Illustration showing divination using Fall and Autumn symbols. Learn the meaning of dreaming about fall. Here are what the different signs and symbols mean. Autumn usually doesn’t just predict things about love or money but general life situations. Correspondences can be used for other methods of divination (dreaming, Tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leafs) and witchcraft & magic.