Ancestral Work for Tarot Readers

If you want to make predictions using Tarot cards, you cannot do it without supernatural assistance. Working with spirits is the fastest way of improving your Tarot reading abilities and predictive skills.

Years ago, I wanted desperately to make my readings more accurate. I began to buy Tarot books and jump between decks. At one point, I even considered converting from my Romany Gypsy beliefs to a form of New Ageism just so that I could petition a God/Goddess who specialized in spiritual growth.

Don't get me wrong; I was what most people would consider to be psychic. I had sense spirits my entire life, could predict future events and have always been naturally good at reading people. However, my abilities were a mess.

Do you want to know how to work with the spirits of your ancestors so that you can give better Tarot card readings? Do you want to increase your psychic development so that you can predict the future and give more ac.png

I would slay some Tarot readings, but others would fall flat. Sometimes I could connect with my seeker's dead auntie Jane; sometimes I couldn't. My ability to predict the future using Tarot (my specialty) was a hit or a miss.

In the meantime, when I started working as a professional reader, I began to see 'signs' everywhere. The more I noticed these signs, the more frequently they appeared. These weren't just any old signs; these were things I associated with my ancestors (certain insects, flowers, etc.).

There was something about these signs which gave me comfort, so I began to photograph them with my phone. I started to realize that the signs would often appear around the time that I was set to perform a professional Tarot reading. As I would journey to my readings, I would hear the word 'ladybug,' see a ladybug, catch a glimpse of a ladybug on my client's t-shirt.

After seeing and recording the signs, very quickly, I began to sense, see, hear and experience the spirits of my past relatives, such as my grandfather, uncle, and great-grandmother. It was as if recording their messages and 'signs' had opened a door. I had encouraged contact. They had called, and I answered the phone.

Then, one day in 2013, I was at the dentist. I HATE the dentist, so I was obviously shitting myself. While I lay in the chair, I sensed my grandfather's spirit in the room. I whispered out loud, "Please help me here because my anxiety is killing me." Suddenly, any fear I had vanished. I couldn't feel anything, just complete peace. I lay back in the chair and let the dentist go about his work.

Around 6months later, I was en-route to be tested for a job in a shop as a psychic. I was very, very nervous and (while on the bus) I remembered what happened at the dentist. I prayed to the spirits around me for them to calm my nerves and assist me in the reading. It worked! Since then I was hooked on ancestral petitioning.

Working with the spirits of your ancestors is your birthright. Nobody is more invested in watching you succeed than they are. I know that the power of ancestral work is so strong, you do not even have to believe in it to work, and it trumps pretty much every other method of psychic development.

Everyone is psychic. I genuinely believe that all humans have what it takes to develop their prediction skills. However, there is a lot of information out there which, although it may be useful to some, it does not resonate with everyone. You do not have to resort to chakra cleansing, centering, grounding, etc. I am a successful award-winning predictive Tarot reader, and I do none of these things.

I developed my Tarot reading skills by working with the spirits closest to me, my relatives. First, came the signs. Now, I can feel their touch, get messages and give readings on demand. In a nutshell, this is how I developed my 'psychic' and predictive abilities, and I am going to give you some tips so that you can do the same.

So, if you’re interested in working with spirit for your Tarot readings I have written my top 5 tips for mediumship development:

1. Notice the Signs from Spirit

The more you notice, the more signs they will send you. One morning, try asking spirit around you for a sign, any sign. Your sign may be a lotus flower, a fox, or feather. The more you observe signs, the more frequently spirit will contact you.

Signs are a great way to begin conversing with spirit because you can consider them ‘safe.’ Observing signs is not like linking directly with spirit, or even petitioning them to be in the same room as you.

Noticing and asking for signs is like getting a PM from a guy on Facebook. You may or may not reply, no pressure. If you decide that he creeps you out and he is not for you, you can ignore him. However, if you do decide that you like him, you give him the green light and meet him in person.

The above scenario is exactly like using ancestral work for your Tarot readings. If the signs begin to bother you, your ancestors will get the hint and leave you alone. But if you welcome the signs, photograph them, write about them, and talk about them your spirits will take things to the next level and begin to communicate with you in your real life. It is all about what you are comfortable with allowing into your space.

2. Work with Familiar Spirits

When I perform a Tarot reading, I link with the spirits of my relatives; only a small percentage of the time do I link with the spirits who are around the person I am reading. Why? Because I trust my spirits and know they are around me all of the time, I do not have to use a spirit which is unfamiliar to me. I have a relationship with these spirits, and they have a vested interest in watching me do well because we are related.

If you want to give spirit led Tarot readings, you do not have to link with the relatives of your seeker. The spirits of your ancestors can tell you everything you need to know about the past, present, and future of your clients. Once they're on the other side, spirits know everything.

My ancestors act as gatekeepers between myself and my seekers (and their ancestors). I am confident that every time I perform a reading, they will be there, so I have no reason to turn to my seeker's spirits.

If you're curious, I do not have to explain these facts to my seekers. They do not hire me to contact their relatives; they hire me for prediction with Tarot. I advertise as a diviner, not a medium because advertising myself as a medium may confuse. When it comes to spirit work, you do not have to disclose the ins and outs of your readings to your seekers; you just have to do the job!

3. Notice your Feelings

There is this belief by the general population (and in Tarot circles) that everything you experience when you practice spirit work is somehow in your ‘ mind's eye,’ but this is not necessarily true.

If you petition a spirit to work with you, you'll get physical feeling each time you link. For some, this may be a chill, a grab of the hand or an itch on the face. I used to say I couldn't meditate because I kept getting an itchy face: it wasn't until only a couple of years ago I realized this was spirits way of making me notice I was linking with their energy.

Sensing spirit in very ‘real’ forms doesn’t just happen with touch, but sounds, sight, taste, and smell. Sometimes you will smell flowers or aftershave, or a particular taste will come into your mouth. The sensations you feel as a seer are different from sensing it in your mind’s eye, these are very real experiences. So, if you’re trying to develop mediumship skills take everything you experience into account when you’re practicing.

4. Take Note of your Dreams

Spirits (usually of relatives) will visit you in your dreams if they know you're mindful of them. If you struggle remembering your dreams, take note of anything you can remember first thing in the morning; this trains your brain into recording what you see.

Rainbows were one of the things I used to see frequently as a sign. I eventually discovered that the rainbows were a sign sent by my great grandmother, so (coincidently) was also a fortune-teller.

Rainbows were one of the things I used to see frequently as a sign. I eventually discovered that the rainbows were a sign sent by my great grandmother, so (coincidently) was also a fortune-teller.

You should share your dreams with others as a way to discern between dream style. There are two main types of dreams which involve spirits; dreams which are symbolic and dreams which are premonitions/show things which have already happened. If you tell your living family members your dreams about dead family members, then they can tell you if a dream has already happened, but it is something which you shouldn’t know about unless through psychic means.

Just the other day, I had a dream about my great-grandmother who told me that when my twin and I were 2 or 3, my twin fell off a stool in my uncle’s kitchen. I asked my mum, and she confirmed this to be true. Without my mother’s input, I would have never know that this was a dream which was not symbolic.

If someone has booked a Tarot reading with you, the night before, ask your ancestors to show you something of significance to the reading. Then, when the morning rolls around, record what you saw the night before. Sometimes, the things your ancestors show you in your dream will be relevant to your seeker.

About three years ago - the night before a professional reading - I had a dream about a flooded house. In this house was a huge wooden table with elephants carved into its legs. The next day, I asked my client about the table during the reading. It turns out the table belonged to her husband and was a gift from his mother. The house he had inherited had flooded while he was away for work, ruining his table.

5. Ask!

Before you even journey to a Tarot reading (or even perform one on your own) you have to ask the spirits for assistance. How you go about doing this can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, but you have to ask.

Not asking doesn't stop them from helping you, but asking cements your intentions. If you don't know how I ask, even a quick, "Please help me do a good job because I am crapping myself here" is better than nothing.

Before I perform a Tarot reading, I ask my ancestors to help me calm my nerves, and then I request their assistance in reading the destiny of my seekers.

So, there are some tips for incorporating ancestral work into your Tarot readings, which is one of the first steps you need to take if you wish to predict with Tarot accurately. Below, you can download this site's Predictive Tarot Reading Guide and checklist so that you can remain on track during your Tarot journey.

So that's it for how to work with spirit with Tarot cards folks! If you’re trying to learn Tarot so that you can improve your relationships, below I have a free Tarot Intentions Guide which includes meanings, a spread and tips. This guide is free and instantly downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer!

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Art and Illustration: Chart showing how to develop as a psychic abilities for tarot card readers tips if you want development of your mediumship abilities so that you can give better readings. You can notice signs from spirit and work with your dreams. Card deck in image are the Major arcana from the Rider Waite Smith deck - divination and fortune telling.

Art and Illustration: Chart showing how to develop as a psychic abilities for tarot card readers tips if you want development of your mediumship abilities so that you can give better readings. You can notice signs from spirit and work with your dreams. Card deck in image are the Major arcana from the Rider Waite Smith deck - divination and fortune telling.