How to Use Tarot for Prediction

Are you wondering how to use Tarot for prediction? Do you want to know how to predict the future using Tarot? Do you want to give more accurate predictions for love, business, relationships, answering yes or no, and more? If you want to know your future using Tarot, then read on!

Prediction is the ultimate goal of most Tarot card readers. In fact, predicting the future is what brings most readers to divination in the first place. However, accurately predicting the future is something which many readers struggle with.

Are you wondering how to use Tarot for prediction? Do you want to know how to predict the future using Tarot? Do you want to give more accurate predictions for love, business, relationships, answering yes or no, and more? If you want to know your future using Tarot, then read on!

Prediction is such a massive topic, with many layers. It is not possible to get everything out I want to say in one article, haha BUT I can point you in the right direction.

Below are my top 12 tips I have for accurately predicting the future using Tarot cards.

1. Read Fate, Destiny, and Free-Will

Obviously, there are a lot of parts to understanding fate, destiny, free-will and how it all relates to Tarot reading. However, I will try to break it down for you as simply as possible.

I like to think of destiny as your highest good, your full potential. Your destiny is what God, the spirits and the universe approve of. When we speak of something which is destined, we discuss it as if it is something that is ‘meant to be.’ The universe, God and the spirits bring things which are meant to be into our lives as if by magic. For example, a chance meeting at a bus stop with the love of your life is something we can say is meant to be. However, just because something is apparently MEANT to be doesn’t mean that it HAS to be.

Humans can struggle against their highest good. As a Tarot reader, you probably see it all of the time. You’ll warn a client that a guy is no good for them, yet they still pursue the relationship. You know the link is not meant to be, but they persistently go back over and over again. They use their free-will to fight against what is and what isn't meant to be.

Next thing we know, fate steps in. Fate is the universe acting on our behalf. Suddenly your client phones up crying that their shitty boyfriend has woke up one day and magically stopped loving them. Their ex is now living with a new girl, is engaged, and she is pregnant all within 6 weeks of meeting her.

When you read Tarot, you are not just throwing cards and hoping for the best. You are reading the cosmic dance of fate, destiny, and free-will. You are respecting that not everything is in our control, but not everything is out of it either; it’s a balance. Hold the intention of interpreting this balance and your readings will be more accurate.

2. Connect to your Ancestors

Many newbie (and even experienced) Tarot readers assume that if they want to give better Tarot readings, they need to rely on their intuition. While this is true, you also need some type of spiritual aspect to your reading practice.

Before a reading, always ask the spirits around you for assistance from your ancestors. Tell them to show you the course of action which is in line with your destiny. Feel their presence. Petitioning your ancestors before performing your readings will make all of the difference.

Connecting to your ancestors is something which I cover extensively in my Psychic Course because I believe that this is the quickest way to be able to form a ‘link’ with spirit for readings.

3. Have a Ritual

Most Tarot readers can predict, but they do not remember their predictions because they make them in the passing - this is especially true for people who read themselves on hard topics like love and business.

Having some type of ritual can make your readings feel important. If your readings feel special, you will take them more seriously and remember your predictions. Not taking your readings for granted also means that you will be less likely to keep re-throwing your cards on the same thing, and you will read the entire spread (more on that below).

I am superstitious about my cards. I do not let other people touch them (not even my clients), and I especially do not allow other people to read with my primary deck. Before I use a deck for readings, I form a ‘relationship’ with it; I carry it around everywhere as if it is a second limb.

On top of these rituals, I petition my spirits into my space before a reading. For critical readings, I reorder my cards and then reshuffle them. These are only some things I do before a predictive reading.

Obviously, you will need to design your own rituals, which are personal to you. It may seem like a lot of work, but I swear to God they will make your readings more accurate.

4. Do not Underestimate Court Cards

Love them, or hate them, Court Cards are literally the backbone of prediction. Without being able to read Courts accurately, you will never be able to predict with Tarot.

Believe it or not, 99.99999% of predictive readings will involve people other than you (if you’re reading yourself) or your client (if you’re reading other people). You are not just reading one person, you’re essentially reading the entire universe.

Our interactions with other people shape our worlds and our interactions with other people significantly affect our lives. Other people are co-architects of our futures. Think about it. Relationship success is dependant on the two of you getting along. Business success is dependant on customers. Social media success is dependant on followers.

In Tarot reading, Court cards represent the other people who have an impact on the situation, so it is critical that you learn to read them effectively.

5. Set your Intention

Before you even begin to perform your Tarot reading, you have to set your intentions. Setting your plans for predicting the future will ensure that you do not second guess yourself and change your mind when you do not get the outcome which you desire.

You have to say, before the reading, "I wish to know the future of Jose and me" otherwise, you're just going to get a mountain of jigsaw pieces you're going to have to dig through.

6. Use the Right Spread

Usually, Tarot readers become frustrated with their readings when they have no set framework for making predictions. They use the wrong type of spread for the job then scratch their heads wondering why their reading never worked out the way they originally intended.

If you want to predict the future, and you use spreads, you need to use a Tarot spread with the right spread positions. You must use a spread which takes all relevant factors into account so that you can conjure up a prediction.

Setting out to predict the future is one of the reasons why the Celtic Cross is so famous. The Celtic Cross sets out to predict when, where, why and how. You can effortlessly combine all of these factors together to form your prediction.

Don't get me wrong, once you become good at prediction, selecting the correct spread becomes less critical. However, if you're not accustomed to making predictions, a half decent spread is the best place to start.

7. Work on your Interpretations

Pretty obvious, but you have to be able to interpret cards accurately on the matter you're reading about. Otherwise, you'll get confused. If you do not know what cards mean when they land in certain positions, in some styles of readings (for example, The 4 of Pentacles in the future of a love reading), then you're not going to know what it means when it comes up for you. If you cannot interpret cards for a range of situations, you must work on this while you learn how to make predictions.

8. Work on your Techniques

One of my primary pet hates, is when Tarot readers sit on Facebook groups advising less experienced Tarot readers to throw the book away.

Don't throw the book away, keep your books. Hold onto them because prediction is, ironically, unpredictable.

There have been times when I have read a technique in a book and took a mental note of it because it was so exciting. Years later (literally 10 years later) I would then use that technique in a reading. Even if it happens eons from now, something you learn today from a book can be useful in the future.

There is nothing shameful about listening to people who bring something new to the table. And you need to be consistently learning because prediction is elusive. When you sit down at that reading, you never know what type of information you're going to use. If you want to be a predictive reader, you must always be educating yourself.

9. Avoid the Self-Help Trap

Avoid the self-help trap like the plague, especially when reading for others. Don’t get me wrong, there will be situations when you give advice. If you’re not a heartless rock, you will be providing your seekers (and yourself) help, but you must not stop there.

I often see readers who give advice, but do not state specifics. You have to dig deeper. Where are you getting this advice? Where is this advice coming from? WHY are you giving this specific advice? What situation is it linked to?

A classic example is that of a relationship with The Tower in the future. You know it’s dying. It is the end of the road for the partnership. Instead of giving your seeker the facts, you dance around the issues and provide them with a lot of self-help tips.

Here’s the thing: you’re not reading Tarot to appease, you’re reading to be right.

You may worry that knowing the future, especially when it is negative, is damaging. Trust me, the reality is that you will not be able to see things which you are not meant to. And there will be things you’re not supposed to see and cannot predict. But, if you see it and it is there, you have to trust that it is there for a reason and you should disclose what you have predicted.

If there are certain things you do not like to predict, refuse to perform issues on those topics. For example, I will not read on pregnancies. However, reading things like break-ups and business failures are part of the job, so you have to get used to the truth.

10. Read the Whole Spread

If you are performing a reading (especially a love reading for yourself), you probably fall into the habit of only looking at the outcome/future positions and ignoring the rest of the spread. If you do not read the whole spread, your reading is invalid.

Mostly, when you sit down to perform any Tarot reading, you have the subconscious goal of predicting the future and outcome. Therefore, ALL cards in the spread are relevant to your question, not just the future positions.

You must read the past, the presents, obstacles, the opinions of others, every part of the spread as if it answers your question. Your spread as a whole weighs up the pros and cons. The entire reading is the essay, and the ‘outcome’ card is the conclusion; it pulls the rest of your reading together.

A good reader can predict the future, even without having a spread with an outcome or future position. This is because they can read between the lines and see whether the positives outweigh the negatives. Remember, read the book not the last page!

11: Wait it Out

I’m not going to lie, there have been times when I have been incorrect; I have made the wrong predictions. I am only human and make mistakes. However, there have also been times when I have thought I was wrong and was, in fact, wrong about that!

More times than I would like to admit, I have left Tarot readings worried that I had made a mistake. Or, I have seen a post on Facebook by one of my clients which reflected the complete opposite of what I had previously predicted. At the time I have kicked myself, but then later discovered that, in fact, my initial prediction was correct.

One time which sticks in my mind was a reading I performed on a woman. I predicted that she and her partner would soon separate. One year later, I saw a Facebook post that they had got engaged. I assumed no separation had taken place until she contacted me to inform me that they had actually separated after the reading. The engagement marked their reconciliation.

Another time, I was the seeker and had got a reading during a Tarot event. The reader told me that me that I would get so close to a significant commitment from my partner at the time, but he would pull out at the last minute. I would then meet someone else at a bar.

I took the reading really severely and refused to believe it. But, sure enough, a year later, my partner and I had rented a house together, but he pulled out two days before we were set to move in. I lived by myself in that house. I later left my partner. The guy at the bar was an ex I had banged into at a party, in front of the bar; after that night we reconciled our relationship. The Tarot reader was right about everything.

Just because your predictions look like they are not set to happen now, doesn’t mean they will not occur in the future. Also, what you see from your clients on social media is always only half the story. You could be right all along and don’t even realize it, so do not let being ‘wrong’ affect your confidence in yourself for making predictions.

12. Have Confidence

You cannot be afraid of being wrong. If you want to be able to make predictions with Tarot accurately, you must have the confidence to put out there whatever is in your mind and heart.

This sounds pretty weird, but confidence with predictions doesn’t come from confidence building exercise and chakra clearings. Confidence actually originates from being 100% certain that your ancestors are there. It comes from knowing that you are in this work for a reason. Not to sound like a basic Instagram meme, but you have to trust the process.

One way I teach my students to build their confidence is to show them how to work with signs. A form of divination known as Apantomancy, working with signs is relatively easy. All that you have to do is ask your ancestors/spirits for signs - signs are manifestations of their presence in real life.

When you are shown time and time again that spirit is there and the universe is aligning, it makes you more confident in your readings. Doubt fades away. You know what is going to happen, and that knowing is clear. For you, there will be no ifs, ands or buts about it; an outcome will be an outcome whether your client argues with you or not.

Having confidence in your predictions also means having the courage to tell your clients when you do not know the future. If you perform a reading and the outcome looks uncertain, or you can only predict for a short time, say! Tell your clients, “Yeah there is going to be a make or break discussion, but I cannot see what is beyond that.”

I believe that having confidence as a reader is so important that I have dedicated a full five days of my 21 day psychic development course just to confidence. I teach not only how to have confidence in your readings but also how to promote yourself as a reader with confidence. You can check that out here.

So that's it for how to predict with Tarot cards folks! If you’re trying to learn Tarot so that you can read the intentions of your lover, below I have a free Tarot Intentions Guide which includes meanings, a spread and tips. This guide is free and instantly downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer!

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Illustration: Beginners guide for how to use Tarot for prediction to predict the future of your love lives, career, business, relationships and more! Use the right spreads, learn the deck meanings, read court cards, and other advice and tips. Cards used are the Rider Waite Smith deck.

Illustration: Beginners guide for how to use Tarot for prediction to predict the future of your love lives, career, business, relationships and more! Use the right spreads, learn the deck meanings, read court cards, and other advice and tips. Cards used are the Rider Waite Smith deck.