The Empress: Predictive Tarot Card Meanings

The main meaning of The Empress Tarot card is pregnancy. There is no getting away from the fact that The Empress can represent a literal conception. If you are female, you could find yourself with a bun in their oven. Alternatively, it can mean that someone close to you (such as a sister, daughter, or friend) will become pregnant.

The Empress Tarot card meaning for love, romance and relationships.

The Empress is more likely to indicate pregnancy if you're in a loving relationship. However, if this doesn't apply to you and it doesn't seem that you'll have a baby in the future, then The Empress indicates an abundant outcome. 

Babies aside, there is always the possibility that conception will not be literal. Perhaps you must ‘birth’ an idea into reality in the form of a project. The Empress represents your thoughts coming out of a dark cave and into the open. The Empress is more concrete and visible than the Major cards we have met so far.

The Empress also appears as a way to give you reassurance. The risks you take and the work you put in will pay off in the end. Finances are set to improve. You’ll have plenty of harvest and abundance in the future, so this should not be something to worry about.

There will be times when The Empress appears as a negative or something working against you in a Tarot spread position. I have found that, usually, this means that female family members will interfere in your plans. If you think there is another individual interfering in your relationship.

Alternatively, The Empress can mean that any issues you have are down to your own emotions. You should try to have fun and relax a little because the future looks positive. 

The Empress Love & Relationship Tarot Meaning

The Empress is obviously a positive omen for love as it is a pregnancy card. If you’re wishing to take your relationship to the next level, then The Empress will be a welcomed feature on your Tarot reading table. 

When she appears in the outcome position of a Tarot reading, The Empress means that you and your partner will be fine for the foreseeable future. You do not have to worry too much about the relationship’s long-term prospects. Any paranoia you’re experiencing over this relationship comes from a personal need to micromanage, not from real issues.

If you have asked what someone's feelings are towards you, this card means that they have nothing but loving and nurturing intentions. They want to take care of you and make you feel good about yourself. 

Want to know whether an ex is coming back? The Empress is a positive omen for lovers returning and reconciliations, especially if your ex-lover is currently single. 

Because The Empress holds the meaning of ‘nurture and mothering’ your lover or potential lover could view you as a future wife or mother to their child; this is obviously a reassuring sign. However, if your partner is not yet ready to settle down, The Empress can be more negative, but generally, it is a good card to receive for love readings. 

The Empress Business & Career Tarot Meaning

The Empress is a very desirable card to get in a business or career Tarot reading. She predicts long-term growth. Your job/company is stable for the foreseeable future, especially if The Empress lands in an outcome position. Everything you sow will come to fruition. You will reap the rewards of your hard work. 

The Empress is good if you feel like you have been going nowhere in your business; this is not the case. This card can symbolize the SEO finally kicking in and your name eventually getting out there. Therefore, do not question your ability to build an amazing future for yourself and your company. Great things are growing.

Are you work for someone else and running into issues? The Empress means that you care too much about your job. You put too much into it emotionally. You take your job too seriously. You’re putting too much into your current career path and not getting enough in return. However, these points are just food for thought as the future still looks promising. 

Finally, in future or outcome positions of work readings, The Empress predicts long-term stability and growth. One day you will be rewarded for your efforts. However, as pointed out earlier, if you feel as though you’re not being appreciated in the place you are currently employed you are putting too many emotions and feelings into your work.

The Empress Friends, Family & Social Media Tarot Meaning 

It is typical for The Empress to represent pregnancy. If you cannot have children, The Empress can predict that someone very close to you will become pregnant in the near future; this is especially true if your reading is specifically about friends or family members. If you’re looking to adopt children, she is a positive omen.

Are you trying to grow your social influence? The Empress predicts that social media is where you will flourish. However, you must start by making massive differences to a small number of people’s lives. By initially beginning small and niching down you can then blossom bigger.

The Empress Health & Wellbeing Tarot Meaning 

The Empress is obviously a very good card for fertility and pregnancy readings, but she is also positive for other types of Tarot spreads. The Empress is especially positive if you’re looking to have cosmetic work done; all will go well. 

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

However, because abundance is a feature of The Empress, I have seen her symbolize weight gain and sedentary lifestyles. She is a lesson that what you do not surround yourself with, you cannot have! Make sure your environment matches your health goals. 

Finally, The Empress encourages you to accept the aging process as a part of life. Do not fear your natural metamorphosis. Evolution is a gift. 

The Empress Psychic & Spirituality Tarot Meaning 

You’re about to experience a strong connection to mother earth. When The Empress appears in your spirituality Tarot readings, you will find yourself in tune with the changing seasons, solstices and equinoxes. Honor nature with rituals designed especially for these events. The Empress in these types of readings can also be a sign that your psychic development will improve during the next major event on the witches calendar. 

The Empress as a Positive, Strength or Advantage

The Empress will appear as a positive in a Tarot spread when you are well aware of your own worth. You will not settle. When you act as though you’re worth it, other people will treat you as though you are too. 

Also, as pointed out earlier, The Empress makes a good wife and mother. Your nurturing, caring qualities will attract other people to you like a bee towards honey. 

The Empress as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle 

The Empress can appear as a weakness in a Tarot spread if you are too smothering and controlling. The other people in your life want you as their lover, friend, sister, etc. They do not want you to play another mother. Back off a bit and give other people some space. 

Also, because of your caring nature, you feel the need to micromanage everything around you. Do not throw strops just because all is not going your well. Accept that it is not possible to be in the driving seat all of the time. 

The Empress as a Yes or No

The Empress is usually has a yes meaning especially if you're asking about something which has the potential for growth and development. 

So, that is how you interpret The Empress Tarot card! If you are a beginner to Tarot (or want to brush up on the basic) below is a free 15+ page Tarot guide which includes meanings, deck care tips, a Tarot glossary, and more and it is 100% free! You can download this guide on any device (mobile, computer, tablet) here:

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The Empress Tarot card meaning. An illustration from the Major Arcana with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Post by divination and fortune-telling with Tarot for love, romance and relationships. Ideal for readers who are just learning the interpretations.

The Empress Tarot card meaning. An illustration from the Major Arcana with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Post by divination and fortune-telling with Tarot for love, romance and relationships. Ideal for readers who are just learning the interpretations.