The Love Tarot Spread

The Love Tarot Spread has 15 spread positions which I have chosen specifically for the task of giving the most detail on a relationship or potential relationship. 

Below I am going to perform a real reading on myself and a guy I have been seeing (with his permission). For a bit of background, the relationship is somewhat casual and relaxed. I am not a crazy girlfriend yet but have been in the past haha saying that, I am here performing a Tarot reading on us, so you never know lol. 

First, pre-reading. For your readings to be accurate, you must first set your intentions. Before this Tarot reading, the exact question I asked was, “Will me and X relationship go well for the next six months”? I then performed the reading. 

We actually got quite a good reading, thank God otherwise this would have been awkward! Here is what the reading looks like: 

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot card deck. Would you like to know all of the ins and outs of your relationship? Want to see the destiny of your partnership? Do you need a Tarot card layout? Then you need The Love Tarot S.png

I am going to interpret my spread based on my current relationship using the Tarot card meanings from my Love Tarot Meanings e-book. And, if you’re interested in Tarot Spreads, I also have a Love Tarot Spreads e-book with 50 card spreads for every possible relationship situation imaginable. 

So, here are my interpretation! 

The Past: The 4 of Cups

Position one in this spread symbolises the past of the relationship, how we have got here and the foundation of the matter. So, obviously as with most spreads this one includes the past position and will tell me what has happened previously in the relationship. 

Myself and my partner received the 4 of Cups. When it appears in the Past spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the 4 of Cups means:

“It is possible that this relationship/potential relationship began out of sheer boredom. Both you and your partner were looking for something new to do because you have grown tired of your circumstances. There was also an extended period in the past when one of you was very unhappy.”

I would say that this is correct. At the time we had started dating we had both just got out of painful relationships. Nobody was looking for anything too serious, just someone to spend time with as friends which then developed into something more. 

The Present: The Sun 

Position two - the present - represents what is happening in our relationship now and the current state of our love life. We got The Sun which is actually rather good!

When it appears in the Present spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that The Sun card means: 

“The Sun can represent a time of happiness together. You enjoy each other’s company. If you’re not yet in a relationship with someone, don’t worry because your chances of getting one look very promising. Also, you may have some bumps in the road with your partner, but they are minor and are not so severe you should worry about them.”

Currently we do just enjoy each other’s company. It is great to have someone to spend time with and create experiences. 

Your Feelings: The Ace of Wands

The 3rd position in the Love Tarot Spread reveals my feelings for my lover. Here, we received the Ace of Wands. It is not exactly the Ace of Cups but still a rather okay spread. 

When it appears in the Your Feelings spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Ace of Wands means: 

“You want your relationship with this person to be more than what it is currently. You feel as though the two of you could make something great and develop into a more serious relationship. Perhaps, you want to go to the next level?”

I am sort of sitting on the fence with this interpretation. On one hand, yes it is correct I would like the partnership to develop into something more serious, but on the other hand I currently don’t have the time! However, if I was to get more serious with anyone it would be my current partner. 

Your Lover’s Feelings: The Five of Wands

Clearly, the 4th position in this spread will tell me how my lover feels about me and views our relationship in general. We received the Five of Wands for this position; this card can be good or bad depending on your circumstances.   

When it appears in the Your Lover’s Feelings spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Five of Wands card means: 

“Your potential lover has other love interests on their mind, and this affects their judgment. They have not chosen for certain the person which they want to be with long-term. Alternatively, this card can mean that your partner worries that you are not giving them the attention which they feel that they deserve; they feel they are competing for you.“

I do not think the first half of the interpretation is correct; my current partner isn't seeing another person. Well, that is as far as I am aware but you never know! I feel like the second part of the interpretation, they feel as though they have to fight for my affection, is more accurate for our circumstances.

I am a bit weary with giving this partner too much of my attention because I like to be the one who is pursued by my partners, not the other way around. However, my current partner is laid back and not very dominate. He is not the type of person who will try to force a relationship. 

My partner is also not a business person so doesn’t understand why I have to work all of the time. I have recently felt as though he does want more attention, so I would say that this interpretation is accurate.   

Positives: The Tower

Here (spread position five) I will find all of the positives and good things about my relationship. My partner and I received The Tower, which is often negative in readings. However, sometimes The Tower can represent bad things without it predicting negativity for the relationship.  

When it appears in the Positives spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Tower card means: 

“When The Tower appears as a positive, this means that you’re going through transitions in your love life which will eventually be good for you. They’re hard to see now, but one day you will look back and see that this destruction and hurt made way for something better.”

I am assuming that this card is discussing my ex relationships. Before I was with my current partner (at the start of the year) I had went through a really bad break-up; it was pure hell. My past relationship does hang over me now and greatly affects my decisions. It is one of the reasons why I am much less keen on progressing my current partnership.

It is also possible that my current relationship is breaking down without my knowledge. However, I am not so attached to this relationship so I wouldn’t view it as a ‘Tower’ situation. I am much more keen on labeling my previous relationship as a Tower card. 

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Negatives: The Three of Swords

The 6th position represents any negatives in my relationship and will reveal factors which are damaging to my partner and I’s partnership. For this position, we received the Three of Swords. 

When it appears in the Negatives spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Three of Swords card means: 

“This relationship is too painful for you or your lover to handle; it is not going how you thought it would when you first connected. Also, one or both of you may be afraid to love, and this makes forming a relationship difficult. There is also the possibility that fertility issues are at play.”

The above interpretation makes three very good points, all of which actually do apply to myself and my partner. 

The first, is obviously the point that this relationship isn't going how I originally thought that it would, which is true. I thought that this relationship would help me to get over issues with my past relationship, but this wasn’t the case. Therefore, I have dragged the partnership a bit and went much slower than I normally would. 

The second point is the idea that one or both of us are afraid to love. As I said, I am weary. My partner has picked up on this and, because he knows I am apprehensive, he is now tip toeing. Clearly, a lack of action is not good for a relationship. 

Thirdly, the fertility issues is at the back of my mind. I don’t have problems with fertility but I do have other health problems which may or may not affect my fertility. I do not know for certain, but this obviously has a negative impact on my love life otherwise it wouldn’t come up in a reading. 

Hopes: The High Priestess

Position 7 of this spread is pretty straight forward in that it reveals my hopes and what I want to happen. For this positons, we got The High Priestess. The High Priestess is a card which most readers find very difficult for interpreting for love readings. However, because I have the Love Tarot Meanings e-book to refer to, it isn’t that hard! 

When it appears in the Hopes spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“You hope that your intuition is correct. You are praying that your intuition is telling you that everything is going to be fine. There may also be a desire to keep the relationship a secret.”

Both parts of the above interpretation is true. I both hope that my intuition is correct (that my partner is not an asshole) and I also wish to keep the relationship a secret. 

I am a professional spirituality blogger and have been one for the last five years. In those years, I have grown my Divination & Fortune-Telling blog to receive over 170,000 visitors every month. Clearly, because I am constantly being watched, there are a lot of people who know the ins and outs of my life. Therefore, if I am seeing someone I do like to keep it somewhat secret until the relationship is serious. 

Fears: The Eight of Swords

Position 8 of the Love Tarot Spread represents my fears and what I do not want to happen. For this placement, my partner and I received the 8 of Swords, which is a pretty standard for a phobia position. 

When it appears in the Fears spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Eight of Swords means: 

“You fear that you are trapped in your partnership/potential partnership. You may even fear falling in love to one day realize that your lover is an abuser or control freak; you like to protect yourself.”

I am an Aquarius with half a dozen planets in Capricorn. Once I have my mind made up that I want a lover to leave me alone, I cannot pretend to love them anymore. I was once in a long-term relationship for four years, fell out of love and really hurt my ex in the process (who had done things wrong but wasn’t a bad person). I never imagined that I would be capable of harming someone so badly, but since that happened, I do not intend on hurting anyone again. 

One fear which I have is that I may make my relationship with my lover more serious only to hurt them if I realize that a life with them is not what I want. I know that, if we had a serious relationship, he would want to tie me down so I have to be 100% certain that I could be with him long-term.

Aim: The Knight of Pentacles

The Aim position (spread position 9) represents the things which I should aim for when looking for a relationship. I am going to interpret this position and assess whether or not my current lover matches this description. If they do, this is a good sign. If they do not, then this is obviously a bad omen. 

For my ‘Aim’ I received the Knight of Pentacles. When it appears in the Aim spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Aim for a relationship with someone who is no stranger to hard work. Pursue people who can show you that they are responsible.”

My lover is a very hard worker. Although he is not in business like I am, he has a reputation for being devoted to his job. He can be a bit lackadaisical with his time management, but other than that he is very much like the Knight of Pentacles

Avoid: The Page of Wands

Obviously, the Avoid position (position 10) represents what I should be avoiding when looking for relationships. The Page of Wands appeared here for me.  

When it pops up in the Avoid spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Avoid situations which imply you’re only out for a good time. Make sure your partners or potential partners know that you are pursuing a real relationship and not just something less serious.”

The above interpretation sends up red flags for me because I think that I do give my partner the impression that they are just someone I can spend time with, and that I am not thinking about the two of us sharing a future together. I do want us to potentially have a future but, like I said, I am cautious. 

Environment: The Ace of Cups

In The Love Tarot Spread, position 11 represents the environment of myself and my lover. Things which appear in this part of the layout are going to symbolize things, people and situations that have an impact on our relationship which are not directly coming from us. For example, our children, family, parents, pets, career, businesses, friends, anything which will affect us are going to show up in position 11. 

For this position, we received the Ace of Cups. When it appears in the Environment spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Traditionally, the Ace of Cups is associated with females. It is possible that you and your partner/potential partner have many women in your life; not as lovers but as friends, family, etc. These women influence you. If the females are in your lover’s life, be sure to impress them!” 

Both mine and his family is relatively female heavy; we have a lot of women in our family. We both have sisters. I do not think that he would like to sustain a relationship with someone who does not get along with his sisters so I will keep this in mind! 

Other People: The Nine of Cups

Position 12 of this spread is similar to the last position but it deals purely with how other people perceive the partnership; this position can be important because it can reveal things which other people can see which I cannot. Here, I will discover if outsiders are supportive of me and my lover’s relationship or not. 

When it appears in the Other People spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Friends and family desire a relationship for the two of you. However, the Nine of Cups has a bit of a reputation for being a very selfish card, so sometimes it indicates that other people are too wrapped up in themselves to care too much about your relationship (which, in this case, is good).”

I feel as though other people do desire a relationship for us, both probably with other people, not each other! Also, I agree that our friends and family are not yet aware that there is anything more between us than just a friendship. 

What to Do: The Lovers

Obviously, The Love Spread position 13 is going to give me guidance for what I should do if I want to achieve the things I desire with regards to my love life and relationship with my partner.

When it appears in the What to Do spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that The Lovers card means: 

“You have to go all in with your partner/potential partner if you want it to work. You must spend every spare minute with your love interest and really make this partnership a priority. Also, remember to be romantic and thoughtful with your partner; this is something they are searching for. However, try not to be too physical too soon, or relationship might become only about sex.”

The first part of the above interpretation is scarily accurate. I know I do not make my lover a priority and probably should if I want the relationship to grow and develop. I usually am thoughtful and romantic but recently have not had the time! The second part definitely doesn’t apply to us haha. 

The Unknown: The Six of Cups

There will be factors which are affecting my relationship which are unknown or hidden from me; this spread position (position 14) will reveal the things which I am unaware of; here, I received the 6 of Cups

When it appears in the Unknown spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the 6 of Cups card means: 

“Deep down, you have a burning desire to return to an idealized view of your relationship; one which you held in the past. You would like to go back to the point when you felt puppy love, and everything was new and exciting. If you had one wish, it would be to re-experience how love felt before you matured and discovered how much your lovers could hurt you.”

I have known my partner my entire life and had a crush on him when I was younger. Sometimes, I do wonder what it would have been like if he and I had gotten together years ago. I feel as though it would have been better for us because I have experienced a lot of hurt in my relationships which have changed the way I approach our relationship. 

It is actually quite surprising that something like this would come up in our relationship reading. However, I guess that having such a detailed reading is probably down to having the right Tarot spread for the job as I do here! 

The Future: Three of Cups

The final position of this spread looks at the future or outcome of the relationship. As I only wanted to see a short distance into the future (6 months) and set this intention at the beginning of my reading, I know that this is the time frame I am looking at. Happily, I received the 3 of Cups for this spread position. 

When it appears in the Future spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the 3 of Cups card means: 

“In the future, you and your partner have much to look forward to; weddings, baptisms, parties, and births are all predicted. That’s not to say that you will be getting married and having babies any time soon, the card can mean that, but know that the future is fun, bright and rosy for the two of you. If you’re reading on a potential relationship, sometimes the Three of Cups predicts that you will get your chance to woo your lover over during a social gathering.”

Not to blow my own horn, but the above interpretation I previously wrote is so true! Me and my lover will be attending parties, baptisms, weddings etc. in the near future. We have quite a few of them planned in the coming months so time will tell if in that time I woo him (or he woos me!)

If you’re curious what your lover (or potential lover’s) feelings and intentions are towards you, below I have a free Intentions Tarot Guide. The Intentions Tarot Guide includes tips, spreads and meanings which will reveal what your partner is feeling about you and your relationship. This guide is 100% free and downloadable on mobile, tablet and computer!